Are you a full-time blogger? Perhaps it’s time to get a professional indemnity insurance

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Image removed. The advent of the Internet has ushered us with probably the greatest gift - the ability to work from anywhere you want. With the craze of everything going online, the need for written content for the web has grown rapidly over the years. And all these have led the birth of the modern writer - the professional blogger. A blogger is someone who pens down small write-ups, strictly for the web readers. A professional blogger either works full-time for a single website, or freelance for a number of different websites covering similar or a variety of stories for a living. Such creative professionals, who just write to help and educate others, may not seem that they can carry any risk with them. However, as a matter of fact, traditional journalists and writers of the print media often carry business-related insurance policies to save themselves from any kind of hazards. But do you need to carry an insurance policy as a blogger? Here are some points that you need to consider.

Why do writers need indemnity insurance

Gone are those days when weblogs just served the purpose of personal web-based journals. Time has changed. Today, blogs are considered as vital media having the potential to create and change mass opinion in a significant way. As a blogger, you can criticize or praise a company, a product, a service - the list goes on. Your criticism might be well-founded, but maybe unknowingly you’re defaming someone and playing with his/her livelihood, which is illegal. Ideas are powerful and today it can reach out to anybody in this world in a matter of seconds. Your opinion or ideas can ruin someone’s life if you’re reckless. A blogger is just like a traditional writer. It’s just another medium where he or she publishes. This means that he or she has to abide by the prevailing laws and regulations. If your write-ups cause someone or something losses or damages, you can be sued for slander. Not only this would ruin your reputation as a writer, it’d also cost you more than what you can afford as a penalty.

Indemnity insurance for bloggers

If you’re a professional blogger, there is a way to protect yourself and your work as a blogger. If you have a professional indemnity insurance coverage, it will protect you against lawsuits filed against you by anyone affected because of your work. An indemnity policy will cover both costs of litigation and any penalties you’re charged. Another area where you may face legal troubles as a blogger is plagiarism. Such a thing happen when you put down a theory or idea of another person without adequately crediting the person. Indemnity insurance may save you from these types of losses and lawsuits as well. Blogging has become a mainstream professional in the last couple of years, thanks to the massive rush to the digital media. Nowadays, with blogging, you can make your living sitting in any corner of the world. This is a great earning way for people with exceptional writing skills, but you need to make sure that you don’t cross your limits as a writer. If you do by any chance, professional indemnity insurance is there to save you from any lawsuit, protect your livelihood, and your career.
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