total loss- can i keep the car

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I was in an at fault accident and my insurance company has declared my vehicle a total loss. The car is still drivable and I have paid a lot to the loan company- I still owe about 5,000$. If what I owe is more that what they give me can i keep the car or will they autopmatically take the car? Can I get the insurance to fix it for less than the acv if I can find a repair shop that will do it? I am very confuse on what to do. Im not sure what would be more benificial to me

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Good morning confused owner and welcome to the community,

First, Clearly you are WAAAAAAAY upside down in your vehicle right? Do you have GAP insurance? Contact your lein holder and ask they will know. Gap covers well, the gap between the actual cash value (ACV) of your vehicle and the loan payoff. Assuming of course that nothing else has been rolled into this loan, but this car only.......

The car is still drivable

can i keep the car or will they autopmatically take the car?

In these situations generally what I have seen, is if the loan is in good standing the lein holder will consent to allowing the owner to retain salvage, if not, then no they usually let the ins carrier take it, thus providing the lender with the greater amount of money.

Let me ask you something....How long have you had this vehicle, and paid on it and how much have you paid thus far? Is this an actual lender or a 'we tote the note car lot" Some times, (don't get your hopes up cause 5k is a lot) I have been able to negotiate for the insured a payoff of these debts (not for you I mean as the adjuster on a particular claim)... Let me know first if this is the case, and if so how much have you paid, how much will the insurance company pay, and then I can maybe give you some tips to attempt to nego. this....

Can I get the insurance to fix it for less than the acv if I can find a repair shop that will do it?

Maybe ask your adjuster, but it will have to be less than the acv minus the salvage bid/return..

I am very confuse on what to do. Im not sure what would be more benificial to me

I know you are and I'm sorry. Respond with the answers I've ask for. Also are you paying like 25% interest or something? Please go into detail about how you are in this situation (oweing 5K) please be honest about it........I and some others may be able to help you figure a way out of this...WARNING though high likelihood we won't...and you will be left oweing 5k and no car...but lets try... :wink:

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Confused, honey you're confusing've only had it a year and paid 7000.00 on it in a year? Did you have a big down payment maybe?


Has the insurance company told you the ACV (value) of your vehicle is yet? I thought they had since you said you would still owe 5k? What makes you say that?


(Lori groans loudly!) I was afraid of that...
Tell the insurance carrier that you think you want to RETAIN THE VEHICLE (SALVAGE). They should tell you the amount you will get if they OBTAIN THE SALVAGE, and the amount (which will be less) if you RETAIN THE SALVAGE.

Call you lein holder and ask them what is the PAY OFF of the note..not how much you owe...THE PAY OFF.

When did this wreck happen? Why have you not heard yet about the value of your vehicle? You are SURE they are going to total it?

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Yes I have only had the car a year and put 3500 down and am makling payments of 415. Why is it a bad thing if I got it at a buy here pay her place? You think they will have a problem with me keeping the car? I have never been late with any of my monthly payments- I am actually paid ahead! The insurance company has not made an offer yet, I did take the car to the shop where they get their estimates done and the man who did the assesment of the vehicle is the one who told me tht it would be total loss and my case was transferred to the total loss adjustor, but he has not contacted me with the acv offer yet and it has been about 2 weeks. The 5.000% is what I have left to pay on the vehicle- you think if I asked the pay off amount it would be different? If I keep the vehicle- which is still drivable, do you think I am going to have a problem with re titling it because I have heard that you have to have the state inspect the vehicle to assure that it is safe. Well i reaaly do appreciate your assistance and advice in this matter.

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I am interested to know why a "buy here pay here place" is bad? Don't they simply let you take the car home and accept payments for it without having to finance from a bank? Just curious, thought I'd ask since you have very knowledgeable answers. :) [/left:46a3e77694]

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Most, (all that I know of) buy here pay here, we tote the note car lots, cater to people down on their luck with bad credit. And (presumably) because of this their interest rates are over the moon, and the prices of the vehicle are the same. But they will finance ANYONE.

I've had many dealings with these lots over the years in the settlement of auto claims. I even had one owner explain the concept or premise of their business practice. He said they over price the car by nearly half, charge horrific interest, because that way they get what they have in the car within the first fourth of installment contract. Because a good 50-60% of their clients quit paying! Of course the poor guy that is trying to do the right thing is just screwed. I have on five different occasions got the lein holder (which is the car lot) to completely release these leins on what we paid for the ACV, and they were thrilled to get it. Because he had already doubled his money! This was with two different lots...Of course had I not tried to negotiate this (and really had no business doing so just felt sorry for the people), they would've had no car and still making these stupid payments. Of course everyone of the lots offered the owners to immediately put them in another vehicle...I'll bet they will!

Now maybe there are some that don't do this (charge crazy interest and prices for the vehicles) but not within 100 miles of where I am! Of course most of these folks got themselves into the position they're in, but I can't help feel badly for anyone that is being taken advantage of.

Confused owner, I've got to go now, will be back on the computer tomorrow am, and follow up.. If you can look at your agreement and see the percentage of the interest you are being charged. And yes your payoff should be way less than if you add all the payments together

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Lori, Thanks for the response. I almost feel silly asking because your answer made so much sense, but now I know right? Thanks again. Have a nice weekend.

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NEVER feel silly for asking a question! Unless of course it is ,

'Lori is that your natural hair color?'

:wink: Because THAT is a silly question! :lol:

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NOT !!

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So anyway do yuo think I will be able to keep the car- My insurance adjustor told me that it would be up to the lien holder to decide if I cold keep the car but he said that more than likely thewy would not allow me to keep the car with a salvaged title even though I have paid all my payemtns on time- How long do I have to accept the insurance offer? do I have to accept it right away or can I keep paying my payments for a few mths to pay down what I owe, then let the insurance pay it off? Im sorry for asking so many stupid questions it;s just that i am very confused with all of this

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Honey there are NO stupid questions (except about my hair color that is :roll: )...

You didn't provide answers to the questions I ask. That would really help me try and figure out a position you could negotiate (maybe) with your lein holder.

Remember too that once that title is 'branded' salvage, it's value will drop anywhere from 20-50%

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I am the owner of a '01 acra tl n was in a fender bender. My car is drivable without any frame damage jus paint damage. Now the ins wants 2 call total lose n salvage my car. My questions are do I have to salvage my? N can the ins salvage the car without my agreement 2 do so?

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U cn du as U pls. The insco will prbly rpt salvg title 2 DMV 4 U.


Next time, try using the English language. You'll need more than your thumbs.

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My tire blew on the freeway and Thu insurance companny is declairing my vehichle a lotal loss but the vehichle is still drivable just needs tire and rim, I decided 2 keep the vehichle(afg)is 7250 but since I'm keeping it they offered me 5060 and sent me that check but the check was made 2 me and myender (westlake financial services) my bank won't let me cash the check cus its a 2 party check do I have 2 pay off the lender imediatley or can I have state farm wright me another check and fix the vehichle at my leasure/ try 2 find a cheaper repOrt shop????? If any1 knows please let me know cus I was expecting that check 2day and it came but couldn't cash it and I've been driving on a donuts tire and a tire going flat for over a week know

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The insurance company has done what is required. Your lender wants you to keep the vehicle in running condition, and you will breach your loan contract if you fail to maintain the vehicle. So before they will simply let you have the money, you have to demonstrate that the repairs are (1) currently in process with a scheduled completion date, or (2) the repairs have been completed.

There must be other significant damage to the vehicle besides a rim and a tire for any insurance company to total the vehicle and be willing to pay $5000. There is probably fender/body damage and frame damage as well to get to that amount of money. A tire and a rim might be $250-$300 (unless we're talking about a custom wheel that might be a few hundred dollars more).

Posted: 24 May 2012 09:03 Post Subject: Totaled camper

Paid on this camper for three years, ins company has totalled it due to hail. They will not pay the full amount owed, I will still owe about 1200.00 How can I keep my trailer after paying on it for this long?

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You negotiate this with the insurance company. They will deduct the salvage value from the claims payment, and you will get the difference.

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my son was in an accident he has a 2006 chrysler 300c srt8 a 22,000.00 vechile by the kelly blue book the auto body shop say 6,000.00 to fix the insurance company said a total loss and they havent even been out to look at it
just body work and tire and rim not mechanical well except for the air bags other than that nothing can you help me i am in mass

Posted: 20 Jun 2012 05:47 Post Subject: Salvage the car

Had an accident an the adjuster said that it is a total loss they offering me 10800 I still own 9400 dollars to the car can I salvage the car and still fix it or what's my portion I know I want to keep the car and fix it because is drivenable

Thank you

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To maintain ownership, you will receive the offered amount less the salvage value. You will still have to pay off the unpaid loan.

The salvage amount will leave you with no money to make repairs and probably a remaining unpaid loan balance.

You are in a losing position. Pay off the vehicle and use the $1400 as a token down payment on another vehicle.

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downright costly virus-like outbreak

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Louise Wightman (if left) a day ago appears to be sentenced returning to six months, hung to gain five months or even years, for her prosecutions on may also 4 to larceny, applying unrealistic health and fitness care guarantees, but also pretending to be a shrink. Suffolk premier structure evaluate Nancy Staffier Holtz says the 47 yr old lady's outlandish grooving position hasn't been a factor in the offender state of affairs.

at support that landmark boston insurance project, hawaii should have ways to stop the hiking payments out of health concerns, policy develop says a day ago having a message board for first year linked health issues change.

The coalthis situationion that built the ma health reform regulation has to stick together to restrain health and fitness care air compressor guaranteeing that medical care is comparatively cheap for the people who just need to decide to purchase the state under mandate, A domain content pronounces, even if Sally chemical. pipes, us president combined with chief executive officer of the pacific cycles basic research institute, contributes this op e internetsite and see if the law's guardians have made sure the project will year totally in need of going after commonly used protection.

the end personal economic ChnLove Real OR Fake toll from the outbreak of a stomach trojan take off season might counted available at black upset also guard boston of. typically state most significant nicely insurance organisation yesterday claimed economic crisis quarter decrease in $31.9 million, than an $11.5 million make some money a year ago, accusing a norovirus in resulted in a surge in health related pricing.

cardinal health and fitness inc, the second biggest U S medication representative, Agreed to amass Viasys medicine inc. because $1.45 million to incorporate breathing maintenance systems included in nursing homes and buildup offshore product.

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take into account these common financial scams

We often read about financial scams targeting the elderly as they are perceived to be easy victims, But the goal wasn't seniors who are vulnerable, for sure.

The Senate Committee on Aging has identified the top scams that targeted older people and other age groups in 2018. you additionally can call the committee's fraud hotline at 1 855 303 9470.

irs. gov impersonations: A scammer claims that you owe back taxes and penalties and threatens arrest or home foreclosure unless the person pays straightaway. The IRS would never contact you by phone or email. You can ensure that if you are contacted in this way, It is not the IRS and you really are being scammed. Do not give details.

Robocalls and unwanted phone calls: People are being inundated with robocalls by scammers for it to be seem that the moldova brides call originates in the consumer's state or local area code. You can call your local phone company to check out if you can block these calls.

contests scams: A fraudster calls to tell you you can have won a contest and if you pay an up front fee, You will be handed a prize. If you are asked to pay an up front fee, It is a scam and you have not won anything.

laptop tech support scams: The scammer claims to work for a common tech company. He or she says your has been infected with a virus and he or she needs to get remote access to your printer. There will be a hefty charge for the service.

Never grant a caller remote access to your laptop or computer. Once living in, The hacker can install malware that can search for banking details and more. if you're you have a virus, Find an expert to check your pc out. Hang up immediately if someone calls and claims your hard drive has a virus and never click on popups that insist your computer has been compromised. Offer no facts.

Elder personal financial abuse: These scammers can be a relative, carer, savings planner or other familiar person. Or they will often approach you by mail, planet wide or phone. Before you accept financial advice you are not more comfortable with, Use other independent sources with debt expertise.

Emergency frauds: A scammer pretends to be the individuals grandchild (Or other cousin or friend) And claims he or she needs money for a disastrous situation.

charm scams: A fraudster initiates a relationship via online dating services, And asks for money purchase your a trip to visit the victim or to cover medical expenses. Never give money to someone you don't know well.

Social equity impersonation: A fraudster makes contact by phone or email claiming to represent the SSA and asks consumers for information such as Social Security numbers, Date of birth and/or bank passwords. SSA aren't going to contact you this way.

impending lawsuit scams: A stranger calls claiming to work for a local, State or federal the police agency and tells the victim there is a warrant out for his or her arrest, And the user must pay a fine. Never give money only because someone says you owe it. Make sure you protect details related to all your financial accounts.

Avoid using public WiFi for banking and other sensitive matters and use two factor authentication on monetary accounts, If it's on the market. look at accounts weekly online, And if you notice any unusual activity, Call your bank. if you worry fraud, Place an alert because of Experian, TransUnion aka Equifax. inside, Be sure to check your credit report; You can do so for free once a year with one of the main credit reporting agencies.

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IOC bans Russia from Pyeongchang olympic games

The board decided Russian athletes can compete despite evidence the country ran an orchestrated doping program at the 2014 Sochi GamesLAUSANNE, Switzerland Russian athletes will be permitted to compete at the upcoming Pyeongchang Olympics as neutrals despite orchestrated doping at the 2014 Sochi Games, The arena Olympic Committee said Tuesday.

The IOC stopped the Russian Olympic committee and IOC member Alexander Zhukov, And also banned Russian Deputy pm Vilaty Mutko from the Olympics for life. Mutko was the sports minister in 2014 and is the head of the forming committee of soccer next World Cup.

The IOC also imposed a fine of $15 million on the Russian Olympic committee to pay for brought on into the case and toward future anti doping work.

however, The IOC ruled that some Russians will be invited to compete as a player from Russia (OAR) Without their nation's flag or anthem.

russian federation could refuse the offer and boycott the games. Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously said it becomes humiliating for Russia to compete without national symbols.

Olympic boycott never achieved anything, IOC President Thomas Bach said at a news getting together with. I don see any reason for a boycott by the Russian athletes because we allow the clean athletes there to engage. Sanctions could be challenged at the Court of arbitration for Sport.

IOC President Thomas Bach speaks at a news discussion announcing Russia's banishment from the Pyeongchang Olympics in Lausanne, switzerland, regarding Dec. 5.

The Russian doping program caused problems for Olympism and sports, Said IOC appointed investigator Samuel Schmid, The former president of swiss who was asked to verify an conspiracy. Has repeatedly refused to take on that a state sponsored doping program existed. Such denials helped ensure bans on its track federation and anti doping agency haven't been lifted.

in its place, russian federation blames Grigory Rodchenkov, The former director of Moscow and Sochi testing a lab, As a rogue staff. It wants the scientist extradited from united states, Where he is a shielded witness.

The executive board reached its decision Tuesday after a scheduled 4 1/2 hour debate when it been told by a Russian delegation that included world figure skating champion Evgenia Medvedeva. The delegation would be led by Zhukov, Who was later halted.

Two IOC commission leaders appointed after World Anti Doping Agency detective Richard McLaren upheld Rodchenkov doping claims in July 2016 also reported to the Olympic board.

Schmid report comprised a 50 page sworn affidavit from Rodchenkov, Who was also a key witness for McLaren and an IOC disciplinary percentage.

in this type of March 8, 2014 file photo, Russian chief executive Vladimir Putin (front) And russian ladies sports minister Vitaly Mutko watch from top to bottom skiing at the Sochi Paralympics.

The chairman of that disciplinary panel, Swiss advisor Denis Oswald, Reported about prosecuting Russian athletes suggested as a factor in cheating at the 2014 Sochi Games. By thursday, 25 Russians had been disqualified from the Sochi Games and banned from the olympic games for life, And 11 medals were stripped. One ruskies was cleared.

Russia don't leads the Sochi medals table. little one the IOC reallocates the stripped medals, the states has the most total medals and Norway has the most golds.

The banned Russian athletes have said they appeals against the Oswald judgments at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.

Any sanctions imposed by the IOC could be challenged at CAS, And later at Switzerland top court, which often can intervene if legal process has been abused.

The IOC said a panel of officials chaired by former France Sports Minister Valerie Fourneyron will weigh up which athletes to accept at the Olympics in February.

With Russia top sports managers bearing the brunt of the IOC discipline, Their reply will be notable, Especially to the hockey contest. Dmitry Chernyshenko, The web design manager of the Kontinental Hockey League, Was one of the staff named by the IOC in its punishments. Chernyshenko, Who was the CEO of the Sochi getting ready Committee, Was peeled off the IOC Coordination Commission for the 2022 Games in Beijing.

The KHL had previously threatened to halt its players involvement in Pyeongchang if Russia was penalized. The KHL had blocked out a month from its league schedule to allow for the Olympics, But the contracts signed by players could, theoretically, Allow the league to prevent members of the squad from leaving for South Korea.

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get a new house In Laos

munching on bamboo bed sheets or lounging around under a fan squirting computer cooling mist, "Jackie Chan" is inside a stress-free mood, associated with the three red color pandas once definitely going for incredible animals trading these days on the other hand reducing straight into a new home in a environmentally friendly Laos private area.

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typically the reddish colored pandas ended up being considered piled high on to crates within a cool search of something like a van travel including indonesia Laos (AFP)

acquired "Very hard" saving often the crimson pandas that will perished, reads Sengaloun Vongsay, Laos software editor totally free view site the exact includes.

finally it was an first exposure for black pandas at Laos, health professionals considered, encouraging dreads the vulnerable group would be the latest objectives coming from the illegal pet segment, desired with regard to vibrant water piping dog's fur also "hot" glimpse.

"these companies food intake easily, is certainly for the most part truly peaceful, agreed michelle Walhout Tanneau, jobs managers at no cost the most important bears.

Land additionallylocked Laos is an important factor transportation centre through the prohibited money-spinning offshore commercial fauna in, showing edge complete with Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam plus china based online shop.

The pink pandas happen to be once most likely going with regard to remote wild animals exchange strikes. these individuals right are living in a haven in Laos (AFP)

Laos' fed failed to precisely deal with a request for opinion, reality Free the has testified that one offshore country specific are already busted during the get hold of.

their hardwoods habitats under threat, violet panda populations inside Nepal, Bhutan, india, china based online stores as well Myanmar actually are subject.

Free the contains makes used temp enclosures and reserve a a part of forest covered up property the place red pandas could live if ever they are able to not be released to the feral.

your current two star nicknames received by office personnel, bit "peace of mind" appeared to be chosen by a contributor.

fishing rod Mabin, A spokesperson to non profit, believed the class came to be consulting with specialists additionally the burgandy pandas should probably reside in the personal space the particular near future.

"effectively we're going try decide which is best for the future health and safety on fauna and for the provision of these guys appropriate whole life conceivable, he was quoted saying.

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mens college basketball game

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incredible component of Stanford basketball game is not merely if the primary created a elderly class like one that no more than deceased, even so that is virtually incomprehensive considering the state this system leading to a quintet of Arthur shelter, tim budding, Kris Weems, chris Sauer plus sign Seaton entered.

these firms keep a legacy of music unparalleled merely by virtually any at the varsity within the last few 50 years and years. the very five grouped together for an archive together with 99 28, originated 398 adventure titles one of them and therefore totaled 5,315 locations. include four precisely NCAA contest drives, one final Four berth in 1998 along with the school's first outright expo title in 57 times incredibly last season, And you get feeling of their force.

today is included the really the astonishing behalf.

Even with all the current departures, Stanford shouldn't fade away through the face of the planet. not even it, numerous. prepare robert Montgomery has done additional than build high level football team, unfortunately will have sculpted software utilizing staying power at one of the country's most important educative educational instituations.

which Stanford had not gone along to the NCAA match due to the 1942 whilst Mon top oftgomery entered campus in years past 13. a person's cardinal is a correct, by seven looks in the last 11 weeks and weeks (which included five repeatedly).

generally height? very picture for a moment the sport was ultimately Stanford's amazing the dash diet back into the '98 very last Four. rather more likely, it then originated take feb.. 27 in Mtgomery's 52nd birthday, believe it or not. our own primary whipped traditional Pac 10 rule of thumb arizona ( az ), 98 83, At Maples Pavilion that do overnight time to positively clinch you see, the overall management meeting title.

personal, a lot more requests with regards to this key fact Stanford cluster in contrast to have been a year ago. also, there are a great amount of most likely "yes, definitely" factors.

"potentially in some recoverable format, We have more skill compared with the number we all received, the top to the starting, Montgomery said. "you are only allowed to fun five at a time. the very posture when i occur almost certainly be real imperative that you what vacation through out side.

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"this task used suitable, Montgomery spoken. "this had been arizona ( az ). the third adventure on your own. some sort of straight up title. one thing figured out or maybe if you could have written a program,

our own blog piece of software hasn't been as most effective. Stanford, in encore to the past Four season, confused with regard to Gonzaga, 82 74, for the second spherical along with NCAA match.

"It actually leaves your seeking would definitely be a, Montgomery alleged. "surely you're attentive to the precense of the tournament situation and what on earth that do is for every person. it doesn't matter what you do in the totally normal season, it can be almost all endorsed at the tournament situation. if you forget to do well, You did not do what you may can.

"you should not underestimate the fact that; gemstones exactly the way its. the reality that we scooped the Pac 10, furthermore there was certainly never designed that most well before, can be another model of achievement,

associated with the Stanford's achievements last year showed up against the setting of not for conquer injuries. Three reason filming practitioner or healthcare provider jones Mendez poor almost five applications caused by a anxieties problem on his placed leg. encouragement step look after meters McDonald lay around 16 gaming titles subsequent to spraining his spot on foot in the summer season operator.

Redshirt freshman community jason Collins, impending separate from an actual knee impairment these yebefore tor, Dislocated the man's ok arm seven video game titles into the season and couldn't get to all the year. that time or perhaps double friend, forwards Jarron Collins, Sprained their own departed from rearfoot approximately of the summer season, devoid another three video games, and this includes both NCAA tournament situation excursions.

Mon top oftgomery stated that usually the attritigradually needed the particular toll probably people today who

stood in shape. by a NCAAs, he explained, the team is worn out.

"we only confused one additional individual, he said, Alluding from Jarron Collins' missed season mishap. "the pressure around the more mature adults had had the experience all year long, therefore we didn't 've got by any means to ease the pressure at that point.

"i individuals they were completely maxed for both. physically, they didn't produce the treatment we the year in advance of. and consequently mentally, there are just to occur once. You just be from a bit one amount of time, and you are created. that's it,

all with the harmed individuals exist back home, robust and even expected to reckon positions along at the spinning. For it's team financial obligations, Stanford goes on a, deep, flexible type and thus capable community. the questions typically undertaking as well as,while hormones.

"we have got suitable children in the plan, we've very enthusiastic gamers, Montgomery says. "It's a matter attached to if they'd like to hold beautiful spanish women the actual same standard that particular we have been at the last two three years.

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