Short Term Disability benefit claim

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I have a short term disability insurance cover, and recently I have been
diagnosed with meniscal tear in my left knee, I have been advised to go for the knee surgery. However I would like to get the surgery/treatment done in India for various family/financial reasons.

I would like to know if I can claim my Short Term Disability benefit, by producing the required medical/surgery related documents? (i.e can I claim STD benefit if the surgery is performed in India(Mumbai) ?

Thanks in advance


Posted: 30 Aug 2008 09:02 Post Subject:

Hi Yogish, you seriously need to discuss this issue with your insurer. Without knowing the exact verbiage of your policy, its difficult for us to comment on it. Depending upon the nature of the policy and coverage type, you may or may not receive the coverage.

However, the disability plan only partially covers your lost income during the phase of the disability, but doesn't cover the medical expenses. Just clarifying ;)

Posted: 30 Aug 2008 10:39 Post Subject:

Hi, we'd need to get more details regarding your issue. But one thing you'd need to remember over here is that, it depends a lot on your coverage whether it would cover you for such surgeries abroad. I understand that it may cost you a lot less if you get treated in a third world country..but still the carrier won't easily get to know whether the hospitalization bills that you'd forward to them would be exaggerated or real. Roddick

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