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Hi All,
I've been with American Family Insurance for about 3 years, I'm not sure if their rates are competitive, better or worse in the market... I was wondering if anyone thinks if this is a good deal ? Also, we never had an accident or any issues, we have a 2006 honda accord...$ 135 for renters insurance( live at a apt.) which is for one year and $ 433.80 for the car insurance for 6 months. I have a week to renew, does anyone know a better insurer or lower rate ? would appreciate any inputs, thanks...


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It does not look like a bad rate to me...but where are you from and do you have comp and coll on your 2006 car? The renters Ins is right in the ball park. I see them run 115 - 150 depending on how much coverage and the deductible.

If you want to let us know what state you are in, someone here in the forum may be able to better serve you. I can only help those that live in PA and NJ.

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2007 02:46 pm Post Subject: American Family price

Monique is right. The renter's is in line. The car insurance depends upon your insurance credit score and driving record. For someone in my area with an exellent insurance score and clean record I could probably find them a better rate with one of my many companies.

Seek out an independent insurance agent in your area if you want to get a comparison with more than one company.

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