How important is medical Insurance

by liaoyu03 » Sat Sep 08, 2007 07:40 pm

Medical insurance is important for people. It can save some money for your hospitalization. And the auto insurance/health insuranc/life insurance are important also. When I buy some insurance, I find some website about insurance. So, I colleted them .Maybe can help you and your family.

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Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 04:47 pm Post Subject:

Medical insurance is critical for people today. Unfortunately, alot of people cannot afford the premiums, due to low wages, pre-existing conditions, etc.

We had insurance about 6 years ago at my husbands job. One day they told us the premiums were going up to $1200 a month-no way could we afford that. We both have pre-existing conditions.

I took out insurance at my job. The payments were free to me, and we paid for my spouse . The benefits weren't great, but better than nothing. I lost my job after 14 years to govt. budget cuts, thus loosing my health insurance.

We now have insurance through my husbands company- benefits not too great yet- but hoping they will get better. I got a prescription the other day that was $130.00, after insurance it was$121.00 :shock:

One thing I do know is, for hospitals it is absolutely necessary. My mom recently got out of the hospital and her bill so far, is over $250,000.00-thank God for insurance..Karen

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 06:57 am Post Subject: You're too bold!

hmm..its quite understandable how important a medical insurance has become in today's life!
Karen you're too bold to face all such hassles so calmly!
But at the same time, I also feel that each time we undergo a major treatment we should keep a tag of some vital factors, which we may compare from time to time with each such treatment in order to keep a check on such huge on bills . These factors would definitely allow us to know the performance under all the hospitals in the vicinity to get the best deal out of them all.
I could summarize these factors in the following way:
The death rate
the duration of treatment of similar nature
the complications encountered
number of steps undertaken
the fees involved
I am sure the next time you'd step into a hospital you'd also note these down and compare!

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 07:16 am Post Subject: some of the important ones that come under it !

Hi Life!
You're quite right at saying that the medical insurance you're talking about is of real good to all of us when it comes to getting benefits -- Allergies, cancers, Cardiac arrests, physical therapies, Mental disorganization, diabetes, body-parts trans-plantations etc. Every year we come to here of so many people suffering from these general conditions. Thanks for picking this one up. Stay in touch,

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Hi you both are quite right in explaining the need of health insurance in one's life. Well it's true that these are often out-of-the-rich of common man but health care costs are also sky rocketing at the same time. I have read it somewhere just the other day that medical bill is the major reason of bankruptcy among the American mass. Although the govt. sponsored Medicare and Medicaid caters to the health related needs of the low income group people the situation is quite tuff for the households with moderate income.
Anyways, what I believe is more important is to use your policy wisely.

  • Don't blindly choose a doctor from the list of health care provider in your policy. Take advices and referrals from your friends and relatives. Also try to explore a little bit on the background of the doctor.

  • Try to avoid filling small claims on your insurance.

  • Beware of insurance frauds. Don't pay for the services you haven't received.

Last but not the least, try to stay healthy. :D

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yes, i absolutely agree with your opinions. anybody will fall sick and the medic fee is very costly, we can't afford it all. so buy some medic insurance very important. we can not go to a police office or court, but we impossible don't go to hospital.

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Coneradicator- I'm not sure what you mean by, I am too bold to face things so clamly-But when you get my age, you learn to face alot of things calmly :lol:

My youngest son was in and out of hospitals for 12 years, and I learned alot in that time.

I not only check out Doctors and Hospitals, but also do the following:

Check out the treaments- are they necessary, covered treatments, and can something else do the same

keep a notebook in the room and write down all procedures, who gave them and also meds given - learned this one the hard way-

If oxygen or breathing equipment is given, ask for the tubes and mouthpieces- they throw them away and charge you

And also, if you have to go to the ER, make sure that they get pre-approval before they do anything, you may be stuck with the costs if you don't.
These have helped me through the years, hope they help someone else..KAren :D

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 05:29 am Post Subject:

in our countery,if you have a job in a normal units factory or company, like working in hospital, school, factory, company,government organization, the unites,factor or company will buy medical insurance for you. if you have on job, you can buy some social medical insurance by yourself, so ,we go to hosipital can use medical card for payment.

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