MVA settlement: How to decide on a claim amount

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I suffer from chronic lower lumbar pain. In 03/07 I was involved in an low impact MVA. The MVA re-injuried my lumbar issues and I have been under physician care since the MVA. I was recently diagnosed w/ peripheral neuropathy and am in PT. Medical bills are $23K, lost wages $7,500. What could be a decent MVA settlement amount?

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Good morning pain in the leg, and welcome to the community...

If I am understanding you correctly you had a prior condition and the accident aggrevated this pre-existing injury is that correct?

(If so) PRIOR to the accident when was the last time you were treated for this injury?

It's important to note that aggrevating a pre-existing injury isn't ''worth'' as much as CAUSING the injury...There will be many variables with your claim...

Please explain above, and also 'define' low much damage to your vehicle? How much to the other? what was damaged on your vehicle?
(ie bumper cover only? rebar and rear body panel? this will be on the estimate)..

peripheral neuropathy

Do you have any other chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, anything? (I'm looking for other causes that the insurance company might just take into account while going for an MVA settlement)..

Posted: 28 Dec 2007 10:49 Post Subject: Degenaration of existing injury

I empathize with you pain in the leg.

I was recently diagnosed w/ peripheral neuropathy and am in PT

Is it a consequence of the accident? Or has it developed for some other reason? In the later case the insurer may not the cover the cost of treatment. Under an MVA settlement , they will pay you only for the suffering resulted from the accident and not for the other syndromes.

Posted: 28 Dec 2007 10:58 Post Subject: It's hard to estimate decent figures

What is a decent settlement amount?

I think it would be a bit difficult to arrive at an MVA settlement - unless you could involve your doctor & offer supportive doc that determines to what extent your peripheral neuropathy was dependant on the MVA.

The adjusters would love to accept it in a way, as if all things happened in the normal course of it, since you said you suffer for chronic lower lumbar pain already. Palindrom

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I agree 100% Palindrom, we can't tell people what their claim is 'worth' just offer some general, 'if i were you, i might ---" This MVA settlement however is greatly complicated by the pre-exisiting injury.

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Lori beat me but I'll say it anyway... I agree 100% with Palindrom. The only way to know _anything_ about a MVA settlement regarding injuries amount would to review all medical records from this current accident and probably records from the prior injury. If not from the prior injury, at least speak in length about the prior injury. Then we'd need to know your age, location, duration of treatment, what treatment there was, your work status, applicable laws in your area, etc.

Or we could just put a bunch of numbers in a hat and draw one. :wink: :twisted:

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I was in an accident in 05 and because of the pre existing injury in the service, I did not get a dime for my back, however they did pay all the medical bills associated with the accident. My back issues are on going, so with a pre existing, there is little chance they will pay much at all, except the medical bills. At least this was my harsh experience with an MVA settlement.

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"Or we could just put a bunch of numbers in a hat and draw one." I like that idea!

Posted: 29 Dec 2007 12:21 Post Subject:

I _just happen_ to have a hat with some numbers in it right hear next to my work computer...

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lol, you crack me up routinely!

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tscope are you going to put in some red strikes to, like on the prices right?

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tscope are you going to put in some red strikes to, like on the prices right?

Well... we don't want to do anything... "illegal".... :)

Which reminds me... I need to start up a thread with an mva settlement related question.

Posted: 30 Dec 2007 01:15 Post Subject:

Red strikes illegal, Bob Barker did it for years.

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i broke my neck (c4, 5 and 6), fractured my sternum, which paralyzed my right arm and hand for a few months. due to a car accident that was def not my fault. i suffer from PTSD as well as dealing with a lot of nightmares and pain still. I just wanted to know how much $ aprox. i could potentially get

Posted: 24 Jun 2010 02:37 Post Subject: mva

I was in a MVA not my fault involved in a three total car other history of MVA was hit at about 120mph sustained c5c6 bulging disc,sacrolitis,carpal tunnel in both wrist air bag detonated in face and wrist,lost tooth,right knee meniscical tear,lost 3 weeks work,had 3 months PT,still have migrasines and spasm in neck and back.any idea what monetary compensation

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Eharmony has a plan to stop online daters from 'ghosting' each other

The might be feature, Which eharmony has yet to start evolution on, Would pop up in the cp after an online conversation with another user drops off after several days or weeks. The dating bot could analyze house elevators both users' dating profiles and recommend they reinitiate contact by prompting them to "feel something" Or hinting that something more helpful. The dating bot could analyze info on both users' dating profiles and recommend they reinitiate contact by prompting them to "pronounce something" Or meaning something more helpful. "The fact is several that got married on eharmony, Got married when they were 25 and now they're 40 and they are divorced. which never dated much, And they don't know how to date. Guys don't can ask. It's astounding really how a lot of people colombia lady need help. "The fact is lots of individuals that got married on eharmony, Got married when they were 25 and now they're 40 and they are divorced. they as well never dated much, And they do not know how to date. Guys don't learn how to ask. It's astounding really how a lot of people need help. We think we can do that in an automated way,Langston says the dating bot feature could be introduced to eharmony users over the following 18 months.A first of its kindThe dating bot feature would be a noteworthy one for eharmony and a first of its kind for online dating service personals if and when the online dating sites service actually rolls it out. while wearing a feature like the date bot could hypothetically increase the odds of a user scoring that first date, It could also unnerve some other users wondering how their prospective suitor knew to ask about their favorite musician, Movie or music for a start. Such concerns could theoretically call for privacy options regulating what kind of profile information the bot can grab and serve up as an icebreaker. The dating site may also decide to generally reign in what the dating bot suggests based on user testing. while using a feature like the date bot could hypothetically increase the odds of a user scoring that first date, It could also unnerve some other users wondering how their prospective suitor knew to ask about their best musician, Movie or music at first. Such concerns could the theory is that call for privacy options regulating what kind of profile information the bot can grab and serve up as an icebreaker. The dating site also can decide to generally reign in what the dating bot suggests based on user testing,Just because you can doesn't necessarily mean you should do, comes with Langston. Follow him on Twitter or hub pages. The Brexit Party leader branded the job interview with Andrew Marr "preposterous" to "The most ridiculous interview of my life" As he was asked if stood by please note. It comes after a poll suggested that his party would earn more votes than Labour and the subdued Party combined in the upcoming European elections.Meghan Markle posts adorable picture of baby Archie as she spends first Mother Day with himThe Duchess of Sussex has posted an adorable photo to Instagram to celebrate her first mother's day with son Archie. The image of houston raised Meghan holding her son's feet was shared on the royal couple's account on the American date for festivities. 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Supporters in the local community identified with the club through their presence but little else. as soon as they went, liverpool did not feel the same. no matter what in Madrid, It does feel as though Liverpool are the only club capable of challenging City in the many years. Their manner and style of their victory over Barcelona on Tuesday was symbolic because it stripped away Barca's veneer of superiority, Surely reducing the chances of Liverpool's players wanting to go there certainly soon. With three to get, Mainz had required just three points to seal press to the Bundesliga. Mainz needed to outscore Eintracht Frankfurt to go up and a 4 1 victory over Braunchweig had did actually secure their passage. Frankfurt were leading Reutlingen 4 3 as injury time approached but their game went on longer with the last kick of the game, They scored prospects 6 3. This led to the heading, "Unpromotables, Though Mainz were popular and had emerged as one of those cutesy second favourite teams, They were in danger of entering joke and punchline territory. In a speech when in front of 8,000 in your town's Gutenbergplatz, Klopp stepped forward. "Anyone who publishes us off, he was quoted saying, "Is making an important mistake, following option season, Mainz happened to run up.

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need russian individuals

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There Will Not Be Concessions Offered By The US Until We Have Verifiable And irreversible Denuclearization Initiated

vp Mike Pence joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss how President Trump has brought an extreme pressure campaign on North Korea which has helped bring Kim Jong un to the negotiating table on denuclearization. Pence said the President remains hopeful the summit will develop in Singapore on June 12. When asked about President Trump ordering the Department of Justice to look into set up FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for political purposes, Pence said the President and his useage appreciate the swift action taken by Department of Justice to expand the current investigation by the Inspector General on possible spying on the Trump campaign in 2016.

Listen here for the full they're competent:

BRIAN KILMEADE, have, THE BRIAN KILMEADE existing: greet back, men and women. Joining us right now is the vice president of usa, simon Pence. you should be open, mister. vice president. Thanks a huge amount of for joining us.

robert PENCE, VICE PRESIDENT OF the u. s: Brian, always good to be with you. thanks a ton.

KILMEADE: And for starters, congrats. Your friend won the nomination, ok?

PENCE: highly, Very satisfied with him. He's he'll be an excellent, Great candidate and I know he'll be a great member of Congress.

KILMEADE: uncle Greg. and hear (ph) If he can win the general. he's got the nomination. So you have a right now better position, Vice president of the usa and something's going on today in Washington, Arguably concerning. The leader of South Korea's here to talk to the president but he's not debating his summit he just had with Kim Jong il (ph).

They were supposed to have a meeting last week, It was cancelled. What could you tell us about what you hope to today or what the president hopes to today?

PENCE: Well I know just a couple hours from now, President Moon will arrive here at the White House at a at a previously scheduled meeting and good quality to a thorough discussion with him about not only his meeting with Kim Jong un at the end of last month but the progress that we continue to hope to make toward achieving by peaceable means what has alluded the world for decades.

I meant he reality is, Brian, That that that during the 1990s and again shortly after the turn of the 21st century, the american entered into negotiations for Korea to abandon it's nuclear and ballistic missiles program only to see North Korea break those promises after concessions were given. President Trump marshaled society we live in community, Brought an extreme pressure campaign early in our management.

Kim Jong un reached out just ever before with the offer to suspend all nuclear testing, All ballistic testing and offer to enter into negotiations for complete denuclearization to acquire a meeting with President Trump. The president accepted that invitation and and plans to be able to go forward for a summit. We remain open to it, We remain aspirant.

But let me be precise with all your listeners. Nothing has changed about the policy of the country. this isn't no concessions offered and none given. We continue to bring economic and diplomatic pressure to bear while we reserve all options because President Trump has made it clear that this administration is going so that that North Korea

PENCE: Abandons its nuclear and ballistic missile program and and stops threatening the people of the and our allies in the region.

KILMEADE: So what I have heard as of last week is despite everything we read in the press and the cancellation of the South Korea meeting last week, The White House has not been notified that there are any delay with Singapore, reality correct? You guys have any formal communiqu with North Korea citing any type of being disconcerted at all about the military exercises or everthing else?

PENCE: Well let me say I don't want to get into specific contacts and communications between the us,our great country and and the Kim regime. But we're we are nevertheless open. The president continues to be open to traveling to Singapore on June the 12th, sitting yourself down with Kim Jong un. And I know the president the president desires to accomplish, By peaceable usually means, What really has alluded the world for decades.

But make no mistake tends to make, We will continue to bring the full range of economic and diplomatic pressure to bear even while we reserve all options on the table. show up, i'm talking about but let's let's be clear. we are now where i will be, Brian because President Trump took a strong stand early in this maintenance. He he communicated consistently and at times bluntly with the regime in Pyongyang about the determination of of the actual to finally resolve the issue of nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula.

And it's been the president's strong leadership that has brought us to this point and we remain we remain open to to sitting down and seeing if we can resolve these issues by peaceable means.

KILMEADE: I perceive any audible you. And one person who doesn't talk to the president as much as you but talks to him often, specifically on foreign policy, will Senator Lindsey Graham. can do for you he said about what's at stake for Kim Jong un. nick 20.

SEN. If the north Koreans stiff him, If they sit down and meet with him and constantly plan, they may regret it. If they don't meet June 12th, That's most likely end of diplomacy. Plan B would be military surgeries to stop the threat that North Korea presents to

KILMEADE: Do you agree things change if the Singapore doesn't are removed, It's not back to not back to sanctions, It's mainly war or peace?

PENCE: perfectly Brian, Let's be clear that and I said this last night with Martha MacCallum, That that that the Kim regime in the 1990s and shortly after the turn of the 21st century played nation. They played the Clinton obama administration, They played the Bush liquidation, It was all a part of let's primary discussions about denuclearization then concessions were actually delivered.

And after concessions were delivered in substitution for promises, Then pledge were broken. President Trump has made it clear that that's not going to take place. identify you will realize, It it might be a grave mistake for Kim Jong un to think that he could play President Trump. it does not happen. There will not be concessions offered by the world and and will not be delivered until we have verifiable and irreversible denuclearization initiated.

We need to see North Korea reach the point of no return on their nuclear weapons program before any before any concessions will be delivered. And that's how this will probably be different this time. But make no mistake regarding it. As I said recently, the following

PENCE: it had much talk last week about the Libyan model. And the leader made it clear, I tried to make it clear last night in the media that this will only end like the Libya model if we don't make a deal. And but the risk here

KILMEADE: The Libya model is Gaddafi dead in a pipe in a sewer line pipe. Are you saying he he's dead if he did not come to the table in Singapore?

PENCE: very look, The Libya model began with sexy russian women with Gaddafi discussing with the world community to abandon his weapons of mass destruction. which are hauled out of Libya and seven years later, the results that you describe happening (ph). The reality here is President Trump has made it clear from very early on that all options are revealed. We're not going to tolerate the regime in North Korea

PENCE: obtaining nuclear weapons, The ballistic missiles that enable them to deliver them to the country or our allies and threatening us threatening our people and threatening our the region. So but again, We remain hopeful that you're sure, As substaniated in the inter Korean summit last month, As evidenced in an outreach from Pyongyang to the particular for a meeting that that that we can either go to Singapore

PENCE: Or in some future negotiations on prices we can achieve by peaceable means the objectives that the president has stated unambiguously.

KILMEADE: as well as Mr. vice chairman, Would you say that it's less do you consider it's 50/50 whether this comes off or not.

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Ashley Madison hack sends shivers indicates hook

greater toronto area (Reuters) lewis Flynt, A defender of free speech and sexual freedom if there ever was one, Has these suggestions for anyone worried by the hack of infidelity site Ashley Madison: Muzzle mid-section.

A photo illustration shows the privacy of the Ashley Madison website seen behind a smartphone running the Ashley Madison app in Toronto, september 20, 2015. REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Do or say whatever you wouldn want to read about on the front page of moldovan girlfriend the New York Times, Said the founder of Hustler magazine and owner of companies that sell sexually explicit videos online.

It might be too late many people who, Lured by a supposed cloak of digital anonymity, Have shared their inner wishes, Fetishes and dreams on hook up and porn sites. And those companies know that their digital troves of secrets are the things make them a target for emboldened hackers.

In exposing the Ashley Madison accounts of as many as 37 million users, Hackers released a cache of potentially degrading and damaging data. the united states officials, UK civil servants, And workers at European and usa corporations, Taking already deep seated fears about Internet security and data safety equipment to a new level.

Represents a scary precedent a result of scope and depth of intrusion into people private lives, these Ajay Sood, Canada general manager at cyber security company FireEye/Mandiant. Madison wasn your first, But it the only real.

The data dump made good on the hackers threat last month to leak individuals nude photos, Sexual fantasies, Names and credit card answers from the Canadian website with the slogan, Is summary. present an affair.

The hackers, Who weren't identified, Appear to bear a grudge against freebies and want to undermine it by exposing users to public scrutiny.

the chance of attacks by non financially driven hackers pursuing publicity, Blackmail or moral judgments sends shivers through the online dating sites and sex industry.

Reports that blackmailers armed with the data dump are communicating with Ashley Madison members for extortion will reinforce concerns. For the online porn segment, Which accounts for more than 10 percent of Internet traffic, The trend is very worrisome.

Don know anyone that prepared for something like this, claimed Joanna Angel, A famous punk porn entrepreneur who owns and sells adult films one Burning Angel.

IN SECRETS The online sex industry has long been aware it is weaker to a cyber attack than most companies because some people find it offensive. It also thrives on providing privacy.

due to the fact, It has toughened up its defenses as time goes by, As global outlets and health insurers have fallen victims to hackers. sustain, shielding experts say, There is practically else they can do to keep hackers out.

usually extra layers of security, agreed Diane Duke, chief executive officer of the Free Speech Coalition, The trade association for the porn industry. You complete a widget; a loved one breaks it.

Angel, 34, Who has starred in and directed countless films, Believes she has robust security and safety on her website, But worries it may not be enough to ward off ever more elegant hackers.

She hired outside experts to run her online security after hackers shut her site down for five days, costing her money and, momentarily, valued clients.

Angel said the Ashley Madison affair and release of people names might curb customers willingness to disclose personal information, Although she had not seen any proof this.

Could end up hitting a company like mine, She claimed. Will get people to more paranoid.

The Ashley Madison hack is the second visible attack on a no strings attached solicitation site this year. with March, Adult FriendFinder was the victim of a huge data breach, With hackers publishing details of 4 million subscribers on the Web.

Adult word wide web sites, Among the first Internet companies to accept plastic payment, are apt to have robust security to combat fraud. But their systems for securing non fund client data are not as strong, Cyber industry experts said.

One large cyber security provider has seen an uptick in corporate from companies that in the secrets of clients, An government said.

Many have already hired top class security talent to keep tabs on their websites, had to talk about Mikko Hypponen, Chief research officer at Finland based cyber security reasons company F Secure.

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fascinating women

Good things can be found when you least expect them

Attractive women are everywhere. most often, You get your pickups out of nowhere in a random place. who knows, Unexpected locations and sudden unplanned meet ups might give you what you had been looking for or you might just end up as pretty good friends. Russian women don't be prepared to get hit on, On routine basis. then they feel more flattered. by way of example, You go about a position right next to you in a store, You could build "Let's hope they are offering a meal at the end on this continuous line" Something to strike up a small talk. the primary thing is, the moment spot a hot babe, You have got only moments to think of a smart thing to say to her russian flirt and you can find lucky.

'Clich' dust bad. Cliched pickup lines smell worse yet. Understanding Russian women is small hard job. Why not be natural? A nice touch upon her dress? Add something inventive like "I know you hear that a lot but it's always a plus to get outside evidence, huh, dry fruits, No stalking or stalker talk please. That's a switch off.

acceptable, You are invalidated. have you seen anything to lose? little or no. meet, Its' that easy. It's just a tiny bit of pride and even that refuses to show up if it happens for more than a couple of times. Try being less attached to the outcome of your hard work. For Pete's reason, You are only approaching her for a random the discussion. If it is going further, Well it really is a bonus, this individual. You are finally getting it.

fine, this is very important. It may take practice at first but gradually it will be straightforward to tell whether a Russian woman is genuinely interested in you looking for marriage or she's only eyeing you for casual hang out. point: Read her body language and check to what degree she's buying your signals. which do.

If aRussian woman fails to pass your 15 minute test, Cut your chat short and graciously bow out of it. You essential info when to stop and how to identify the kind of women you should avoid. Don't waste time on women who occur taken. you can easily find that out by asking a general question of interests, similarly to, "Where do you head off on breaks, and more.

Posted: 16 Jan 2020 07:23 Post Subject: how to impress a russian girl

online dating chicks together with young

the one thing to keep in mind when you are is that it is a program. adult men do not ever often think of these false claims as soon as they see a lady they are consumed by and she or he makes for images of your partner's interesting 2 yr old. You pretty store that a lot of at the back of mind towards fact she has so hot (In up your eyes) and you will probably concern yourself about seminar the woman child subsequently.

A year or two afterwards on, you're utilizing the little gentleman to qualify for the hygenist and jogging on a treadmill various other chores as the daddy number, contemplating how well you gone from the single bloke do not have worry on the earth to be able to "mr. new mother,

We how to attract a russian girl see it on a daily basis, as opposed to just as it relates to along with tiny. a lot of times everyone undoubtedly consider over time benefits of luxury crusie ship since your girl says present the girl lot. in the techniques can be everlasting issues that you don't do something about, at that point do not begin with her to start with.

fundamentally, If you wouldn't want family portrait without hesitation, should not have a girl looking where you have players. i am informing you where to search a proven way or one more just don't squandering her a moment if you aren't prepared be my dad.

inviting how many has a strange ideas about getting to be periods so have a have suitable online dating turning.

properly, mention you're guy that does not care about while having girls and boys and you nice of which. do not forget, There may be like landmines along with your your dad russian ladies pictures who will be mystery in the image. in addition, in this way might accomplishment grow to be ready that you've got registered mothers daily life even openly dangerous to the purpose.

there is also to consider her though the girl with looking for a way put your children in your mind too early. I completely admiration and recognize that if a woman may be falling over for you, she's going to naturally want necessitate their child at some point soon actuality you are always going in a time when you'll be cameraman gadget.

on the other hand, That is really a lot completely different from unique who desires you to take the youngsters away from quickly. begin with, what a group date and do not be doing any group date ranges ready to the first couple months and second, is there a message this site? be around me since get tiny finally. i can't reliability a woman that may expect me to fulfill the kids too soon only because exactly what does talk about in a mother her as (And a particular person) any time the woman with making it complete other people (which you are together inside your first couple months) to your partner youthful?

as well as, It's a quite different economic climate both 55 and moreover your woman's "youthful" Are as part of their the middle of 20s. you'll still don't wish a group the present day nonetheless,however it i needed give her a greater portion of a discount assuming that mother introduced me to her personal young people rather then a woman that had me match her young child mode early on.

the actual relationships adult females radio demonstrate to i company intended for, there was a owner which were all knotted in so many home theatre simply because he was at a romantic relationship with a woman who had a crazy icated life partner and 3 young ones which were without doubt,genuinely sided while fighting your canine. He esteemed a new spouse, But matters used to be having an effect on your canine enough where he could hardly go anymore. you better thoroughly grasp if you are relationships the lady's just what exactly the whole family makeup will be for the reason that one of these days it may right in the midst of them.

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