MVA settlement: How to decide on a claim amount

by Guest » Fri Dec 28, 2007 06:27 am

I suffer from chronic lower lumbar pain. In 03/07 I was involved in an low impact MVA. The MVA re-injuried my lumbar issues and I have been under physician care since the MVA. I was recently diagnosed w/ peripheral neuropathy and am in PT. Medical bills are $23K, lost wages $7,500. What could be a decent MVA settlement amount?

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Good morning pain in the leg, and welcome to the community...

If I am understanding you correctly you had a prior condition and the accident aggrevated this pre-existing injury is that correct?

(If so) PRIOR to the accident when was the last time you were treated for this injury?

It's important to note that aggrevating a pre-existing injury isn't ''worth'' as much as CAUSING the injury...There will be many variables with your claim...

Please explain above, and also 'define' low much damage to your vehicle? How much to the other? what was damaged on your vehicle?
(ie bumper cover only? rebar and rear body panel? this will be on the estimate)..

peripheral neuropathy

Do you have any other chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, anything? (I'm looking for other causes that the insurance company might just take into account while going for an MVA settlement)..

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 10:49 am Post Subject: Degenaration of existing injury

I empathize with you pain in the leg.

I was recently diagnosed w/ peripheral neuropathy and am in PT

Is it a consequence of the accident? Or has it developed for some other reason? In the later case the insurer may not the cover the cost of treatment. Under an MVA settlement , they will pay you only for the suffering resulted from the accident and not for the other syndromes.

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 10:58 am Post Subject: It's hard to estimate decent figures

What is a decent settlement amount?

I think it would be a bit difficult to arrive at an MVA settlement - unless you could involve your doctor & offer supportive doc that determines to what extent your peripheral neuropathy was dependant on the MVA.

The adjusters would love to accept it in a way, as if all things happened in the normal course of it, since you said you suffer for chronic lower lumbar pain already. Palindrom

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I agree 100% Palindrom, we can't tell people what their claim is 'worth' just offer some general, 'if i were you, i might ---" This MVA settlement however is greatly complicated by the pre-exisiting injury.

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Lori beat me but I'll say it anyway... I agree 100% with Palindrom. The only way to know _anything_ about a MVA settlement regarding injuries amount would to review all medical records from this current accident and probably records from the prior injury. If not from the prior injury, at least speak in length about the prior injury. Then we'd need to know your age, location, duration of treatment, what treatment there was, your work status, applicable laws in your area, etc.

Or we could just put a bunch of numbers in a hat and draw one. :wink: :twisted:

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I was in an accident in 05 and because of the pre existing injury in the service, I did not get a dime for my back, however they did pay all the medical bills associated with the accident. My back issues are on going, so with a pre existing, there is little chance they will pay much at all, except the medical bills. At least this was my harsh experience with an MVA settlement.

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"Or we could just put a bunch of numbers in a hat and draw one." I like that idea!

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I _just happen_ to have a hat with some numbers in it right hear next to my work computer...

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lol, you crack me up routinely!

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tscope are you going to put in some red strikes to, like on the prices right?

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