Any policy for federal technicians?

by Guest » Mon Apr 07, 2008 09:03 am

Hi could someone tell me whether it is correct that US has life or disability plans for the federal technicians?

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Yes, I've heard that theres a tech life plan for the fed. techies belonging to the army or air force officers & their spouses. Such policies do have some aviations exclusions.The beneficiaries of such policies would be entitled to receive the benefits if the policy holder would die in a conflict or while flying.

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A disability for federal technicians would make them eligible for such an insurance only when they have been expelled from their work (technician) by the National Guard. This happens mostly when you fail to qualify for the national guard physical exam. The coverage amount is worth the coverage of your 2 month's basic disability plan. If you get disabled while you are pregnant, then you're covered.


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Payroll-deductions have an effective role in deciding the premiums for this type of coverage!

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