1033 wavier

by Reginarah » Fri Aug 23, 2019 06:01 pm

I took my class passed my exam filled out my application got a letter from La. stating I did not disclose all facts about charges that came back on fingerprints, I had to send in all information from courts and an explanation as to why I did not and why I shouldn’t be fined I did just that (the reason was “ I was a minor when the 2 felonies shoplifting took place it was food when I was 16 and a car seat and diapers when I was 17 got probation and fines) all cases were closed out and fines paid I have not been in any trouble since then I’ve worked where homeland ran my background twice and 3 other jobs that just did background checks never had to disclose juvenile charges with that being said after she got everything she emailed me back and said I had to get a 1033 waiver. What are my chances of getting my life, health, and accident license and do you think they will fine me? It’s been since 98 last charge and everything closed out in 2001. Thank you for your help.

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