Senior Healthcare Consultants: How safe are they for agents?

by Guest » Thu Nov 30, 2006 02:41 pm

Senior Health Care Consultants provides specialized senior health care plans as well as senior financial plans and a range of other services. They have based their product on the needs of the senior members of the society. As and when you age you need more security. Senior Health Care Consultants strive to provide that financial security with their innovative plans for the senior members of the society.

What do consumers say about Senior Health Care Consultants?

Users in the community have put forth their views about the company. Some seem to be unhappy with the way they handle commissions and advancements when it comes to play as an employer.

Complaints against Senior Health Care Consultants:

Agents are particularly dissatisfied with the way they lay out their daily work. According to them they:
  • Put too much pressure on agents to meet sales targets.
  • Set immense targets for the agents.
  • They are not planned in their working.
  • They have also earned the reputation being the worst payer in the industry.
  • They do not answer calls made by their agents.

However, customers have given good feedback about the service they provide and have a comfortable ranking with BBB. One of our community members says that since SHC hires hardcore salesmen, only those individuals with the toughest mindset can work in this company.

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I'd like to get you guy's take on SHC. The senior healthcare consultants reviews from present and past employees is wide ranging. I'm considering working for senior healthcare consultants .

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Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 09:36 pm Post Subject: New Consultant

Hey, I am brand new or "Green" to the sales and Ins. business, I just started working with SHC and while some of the post here are correct, you do work long hours however I have already started making a lot of money. If you want to get rich without any effort or hard honest work on your part then keep looking. You will be rewarded at SHC for your hard work. The key is just following their progam. It's worked for me!

Posted: Fri May 01, 2009 04:00 am Post Subject: Senior Healthcare Consultants

has anyone had success with this company? do you have to front money?

Posted: Sun May 03, 2009 01:37 pm Post Subject:

Here is a breakdown in startup costs:

$599.00 – SHC start up fees
$149.00 – Third party insurance license training *
$65.00 – License test fee *
$45.45 – Finger prints *
$50.00 – License application fee *

$275.00 – Hotel in Dallas for training
$125.00 – Fuel costs to drive to Dallas
$50.00 – Dinner for the three days of training (they cater lunch)

Total - $1358.45 (I didn’t have to fly to Dallas)

Posted: Mon May 04, 2009 06:44 am Post Subject:

I think SHC works more or less like the famous MLM companies, therefore your failure or success depends a lot upon the line of managers before you. If you have a good mentor, you can be assured of the success.

However, I personally don't like the idea of putting money beforehand for training and like Steven has said believe that it should be employer backed.

Posted: Sat May 09, 2009 10:44 pm Post Subject: I recently went through the interview process with SHC

I went through the recruiting webinar that was set up, and came away impressed with how they explained their business model, so I chose to send them the questionaire and continue the interview process. One thing I did not like was the $599 "start up cost". I'm always leery of companies that charge you money to work for them. They also want you to become "captive", meaning you can't sell insurance for any other company. My feeling has always been that if a company hires you, they feel comfortable that you can be an asset to them, so why charge?

Anyway, in the interview, after all the "personal background" formalities were out of the way, I was told that because I had previous insurance experience, the $599 fee would be increased to $999, because experienced agents have a high failure rate. So you're asking me to go captive, give you MORE money becasue I'm experienced, all this telling me that I'm destined to fail with your company? Needless to say, the interview abruptly ended right there.

That ws my experience, but everyone should draw their own conclusions.

Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 01:20 am Post Subject:

I have had several agents contact me from SHC in the last couple weeks looking for a way out. Like I mentioned, our agency targets the same market...but we DON'T charge any fees to our agents whatsoever. The agents never pay for their preset appointments and can offer any type of insurance they like (as long as they still offer our products). We're in SC, NC, and GA. The more I hear about SHC...the more I would stay away. If you have any questions...PM me

Posted: Mon May 18, 2009 09:20 pm Post Subject: Beware of Senior Healthcare Consultants

Please beware of SHC - Senior Healthcare Consultants. I joined them recently because of the promises to make big buck of over 100K the first year. After I paid my $599 fee, I found out that this company is not honest. There were many misrepresentations. I then canceled my training class in Dallas and requested an immediate refund of my $599. They refused to refund my money. I really think this business just makes false promises and makes their money off agents. For example, the web conference I attended had over 50 interested new agents. If all these agents pay the $599 fee and take one of the weekly classes, SHC would make $30,000 off of these 50 agents just for the 3-day training class. Just imagine how much they would make if they do this 52 weeks a year. $1,560,000 in a single year by getting 50 new agents to take the training class. Also, they charge agents for the leads even if they are bad leads. An agent makes approximately $125 from an average sale. Yet, you have to pay SHC $288 every week just for leads. That means you have to make over 2 sales a week just to pay for the leads. After figuring gas and wear&tear on your vehicle, you really need to make 3 sales per week just to break even. Soon, you find out that it is all a SCAM of making money off the agents. PLEASE LEARN FROM ME, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!![/b]

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 04:34 am Post Subject: SHC

I am glad I googled this company. I just obtained my license and I do like working with seniors, however I do not like forcing anyone (Hard close)especially a senior into something that may not be good for them Like I said I am new to the insurance business and was also impressed by their business model I am not afraid of hard work or long hours but I also don't believe in charging someone to go to work for you. I did ask this question ($599) on my 2nd interview and was told that this was to cover their training and starter material. I guess after reading all the postings I too am going to keep on looking since I don't have $5k to invest or gamble on SHC.
Thanks everyone

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 05:15 am Post Subject:

Hello I was poster anonymous222.

Green Pea – I’m really happy that you didn’t go with SHC.

The supplies they provide you are in no way worth $599. You get a name badge with your picture, 100 print it yourself business cards, and a 3 inch binder full of negative information on competing companies. As far as forms go you are given a few and then told to log onto the insurance companies you write for websites and order the forms there.

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 07:45 pm Post Subject: Senior Healthcare Consultants

I truly appreciated the person who broke down the $599 in "fees" to join SHC. In my opinion, any legitimate company that cares about their staff's success offers training.

When I called to cancel my web apt. naturally I was asked why...when I said it was due to the overwhelming gut feeling that came from negative feedback I got from my independent research I was astonished by their response! The tone of her voice was beyond rude as she suggested I didnt know what I was talking about b/c these reviews were from people paid to write negative comments. Then, she hung up on me!

If that is the way they treat their potential employees objections then I'm not interested to PAY to learn how they train people on senior's objections in a one-call close setting.

Ouch...give the job seeker a wee bit of credit please. Perhaps there are some "out to get this company" however that is truly the beauty of internet...the truth (usually somewhere in the middle) is readily exposed. The only payback I've rec'd from this experience is the bad taste she left in my mouth regarding the company! So much for their objection handling techniques with regard to potential consultants...

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