Amica loses a valuable customer because of bad service

by Guest » Fri Mar 24, 2006 06:45 am

Guys !

Surfing through the web exposes you to a number of realities across the insurance world today. I have come across a peculiar case where in the investor had been paying her auto insurance premiums in time to Amica for 4 years. she has also signed up for a Tenant insurance with them just a year and a half back and for both the cases she had never filed a claim.

Just a few months back she has settled in with her husband at a 30s brick bungalow which is in a perfect state for its age and location. They eventually chose Amica to get their new home insured by paying them a year's premium in advance and requested them to get the paperwork reviewed as soon as possible. It seemed Amica was not too eager to reciprocate and its the insured who kept on calling them for a fortnight to hear each time that her papers were still getting reviewed by an underwriter.

At last her call got conveyed to an underwriting manager, who was quite loud and clear in describing the inspection report to be very alarming to get the house insured by Amica. It was suggested by the underwriter to get the roof replaced in order to get it covered by Amica. But according to the insured's contract with her owner, she was about to get it replaced pretty soon. The manager had also complained regarding the minor cracks at the basement. As normally expected, an inspector generally takes a note of all the minute details in a house to create a negotiable space between the buyer and the seller. But the Amica manager did not care to get this bungalow investigated rather behaved rudely with her client. Even though she had described her reviews to be perfect and her judgment to be superior to others, there was no valid explanation from her side as to why it took her such a long time to prepare the report.

As a result of this misdirection, Amica had to lose a very valuable customer who had been with them for 4 years. And this gave the insurer ample to time to go through other quotes and subtly shift to another plan-- one that seems much cheaper and backed by a much better customer service.

Now, I would love to know if its worth relying on a good old insurance brand name anymore !


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Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 08:52 am Post Subject: Harsh on insurance

Like you said, I have always made it a point to get my coverage from one reputed organization only. I was about to buy a home owners' insurance from Amica. Once I applied for that....the insurance agent asked me if my home had one polybutylene piping or not . Since I was unsure of the fact....I had promised to get back to AMica regarding this once I had any information. After I came to know of the house not falling under the settlement for the main PB lawsuit , I got back to the agent and informed him about the same.

I also did not forget to mention that it would be replaced after the transfer of the ownership. Though I had just asked for a flexibility of two weeks, the agent was truely harsh to tell me that they were not willing to work with me . I only have this feeling, that they are not even bothered to lose a good customer like me.

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