Senior Healthcare Consultants: How safe are they for agents?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 14:41
Senior Health Care Consultants provides specialized senior health care plans as well as senior financial plans and a range of other services. They have based their product on the needs of the senior members of the society. As and when you age you need more security. Senior Health Care Consultants strive to provide that financial security with their innovative plans for the senior members of the society.

What do consumers say about Senior Health Care Consultants?

Users in the community have put forth their views about the company. Some seem to be unhappy with the way they handle commissions and advancements when it comes to play as an employer.

Complaints against Senior Health Care Consultants:

Agents are particularly dissatisfied with the way they lay out their daily work. According to them they:
  • Put too much pressure on agents to meet sales targets.
  • Set immense targets for the agents.
  • They are not planned in their working.
  • They have also earned the reputation being the worst payer in the industry.
  • They do not answer calls made by their agents.

However, customers have given good feedback about the service they provide and have a comfortable ranking with BBB. One of our community members says that since SHC hires hardcore salesmen, only those individuals with the toughest mindset can work in this company.

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I'd like to get you guy's take on SHC. The senior healthcare consultants reviews from present and past employees is wide ranging. I'm considering working for senior healthcare consultants .

Posted: 01 Dec 2006 06:33 Post Subject: senior healthcare consultants reviews

Stay away! First you should look for senior healthcare consultants scam stories !

Posted: 01 Dec 2006 07:07 Post Subject: anybody heard about Senior Healthcare Consultants Inc.?

Its better you weigh the pros and cons of the feedbacks from the people who have actually worked or are working for senior healthcare consultants . The senior healthcare consultants scam experiences if any should be found over the internet. I found out their official site - Please go through it and see if their site tells you the things that you are looking for.
Also please use the sign up form and be a part of the community so that you can share your experience with the fellow members.
Good Luck,

Posted: 01 Dec 2006 07:26 Post Subject: senior healthcare consultants scam reviews

Stay away!

I think you have had some bad experience with the company, Rick. Did you come across any senior healthcare consultants scam ?
Anyways, could you please share with us as to why you are asking Oldpro to stay away from them.
Lookong forward to your feedback.

Posted: 07 Dec 2006 10:12 Post Subject: beware of Senior Healthcare Consultants Inc.

I think you have had some bad experience with the company, Rick. Anyways, could you please share with us as to why you are asking Oldpro to stay away from them.
Lookong forward to your feedback.

Its simply not a good agency to work for. You have to have some understanding how agencies work to understand what to look out for!

The worst thing about them is the way they set appointments and the time consumption. Second, is the way they handle commissions and advancements, it simply not a good enviroment.

I've known several that tried them out, it basically a agency that throws out appointments like crazy with no attention paid to the agent that will run the appointments. This is meaning they slam appointments, many times agents I knew ran these appointments and many of the prospects didn't have a clue as to why they were there for. Which translates into a lot of Aces or no sales, why run appointments if you have little chance to close a sale? The agency doesn't care, its not their time, gas or stress so they slam appointments with no care for the agent.

They want your day to start at 7 AM, meaning if your first appointment is at 7am and its 50 miles away you are in for a long day, they'll book you three to five appointments spreading you out all over the map and your last apt. may likely be 7 or 8 pm. Now after you get home, expect a nasty message from your upline demanding you fax your daily results, which is another hour of your time.

This is what you can expect, its simply not a friendly enviroment. Plus outside of that, you face a lot of headaches once you decide to leave! Such as I do believe your commission advancements are really nothing more then loans via the Agency, which is really a headache! You don't own your book of clients which means technically the Agency owns your book, and those loans you quickly find out have interest due that seems to multiply once you decide to leave in a most amazing way. Basically these Agencies are out to capture Green Agents that don't know any better! While I never worked for this one, when I was Green I was stupid enough too join another one of these Agencies, name was NAA and never again! It was really a bad joke, just hate to see others fall into these traps that will lead only in one conclusion.

Posted: 03 Jul 2007 06:34 Post Subject: shc

Rick, thanks for the heads up on Senior Healthcare Consultants.
I was set up for an online interview with them tonight and I think I will pass. While no one says SHC is outright evil the general consensus is that there is something better. Any suggestions?
A little back ground- I have 11 years of managing and selling in autodealerships. I am used to making good money, I can close soft or hard, and I dont mind travel. I don't use these boards too much so please respond to my email jmichaelnorris[at]

Posted: 02 Jul 2008 09:39 Post Subject: Is Senior Health care consultant a scam?

Rick, I've seen your suggestions to stay away from the Senior Healthcare Consultants and am interested to know more about them. Are they scammers?

Posted: 02 Jul 2008 09:58 Post Subject: senior healthcare consultants reviews

Hi Keith, I think Rick has spoken from the view point of an agent, who has been working for senior healthcare consultants . Senior Healthcare Consultants Inc. has earned quite a bad reputation in the way they treat its employees/agents. They are very demanding and may be the worst payer in the industry.

Hence, if you're planning to join them at any point of time, be prepare to commit yourself for enslavement.

Posted: 02 Jul 2008 10:44 Post Subject: senior health consultants

Hi All,

  • If you're an agent with the Senior Health Consultants, most of your calls to them will go unanswered.

  • If you are a hardcore salesman and can close the sale at the first go, you may think of a career with the Senior Health Consultant. Otherwise, you may be wasting you time and therefore money.

However, Senior Healthcare Consultant Inc., has received good customer feedback for the service it offers and is ranking at a comfortable position with BBB.

Posted: 03 Jul 2008 09:26 Post Subject:

A little back ground- I have 11 years of managing and selling in autodealerships. I am used to making good money, I can close soft or hard, and I dont mind travel.

Hi michael, have you come across the recent recruitment advertisement, published by Senior health care Consultants Inc. ?

I don't want to dampen your spirit but according to their own survey the experience auto dealers don't make the successful bunch of Senior Healthcare Consultants :(

Posted: 03 Jul 2008 10:00 Post Subject: senior healthcare consultants reviews

Senior Healthcare Consultants Inc. basically, is the marketing outlet of many health care providers, specialized in selling senior health care products. SHC targets only those customers who are more than 65 yrs. of age.

It is based in Irving, Texas and is a subsidiary of RJR Insurance Services Inc., which is a publicly traded company.

The SHC seems to apply stringent rules in appointing its consultants. May be that's the reason why many don't attain success with them.

Hope the information was helpful.


Posted: 08 Jul 2008 09:44 Post Subject: Senior Healthcare Consultants scams are not true

Hi goodwillhunter, you have written,

If you are a hardcore salesman and can close the sale at the first go, you may think of a career with the Senior Healthcare Consultant. Otherwise, you may be waisting you time and therefore money.

that is why, they only recruit people with the toughest mindset. They want only the self motivator in their team, and not the persons, who are shy of hardworks.

Keith, Senior health care consultants are highly legitimate and definitely not the scammers. They also sell very targeted product, tailor made to meet the healthcare requirements of the senior citizens. The supplemental health plan, offered by SHC, is highly recommended for seniors.

However, there were some complaints against Senior Healthcare Consultants , what Senior Healthcare Consultant Inc. is trying to clear-up fast. Hope it'll help SHC to restore back its good image soon.

Posted: 08 Jul 2008 09:39 Post Subject: thoughts??

My boyfriend has just done a few online interviews with SHC and is contemplating going to work for them. I just wanted some additional feedback on working for senior healthcare consultants . He was telling me about the company and he said he has to pay a certain amount of money to get started with the company and then he will be reimbursed for the costs. Also mileage isn't included? At the rate gas prices are now that is almost unheard of to send an employee anywhere without some sort of pay back for mileage. What are your thoughts on working for them?

Posted: 09 Jul 2008 09:23 Post Subject:

Well anonymous, the final decision regarding joining the Senior Healthcare Consultants will depend upon you and your boyfriend. Remember, that you have to perform under mounting stress from SHC to close every deal. Also have to commute extensively for the appointments and that to for five days a week.

The money that they have asked for will cover the costs of,

  • Obtaining license
  • Policy materials and documents
  • Laptops and headsets
  • Miscellaneous

However, you should mull-over all the aspects concerning SHC before taking the final decision.


Posted: 28 Jul 2008 08:48 Post Subject: does anyone here work at SHC

I am thinking of them and would like to hear from someone that actually works with them? Thanks

Posted: 29 Jul 2008 11:49 Post Subject: Senior Healthcare Consultants

I am thinking of them and would like to hear from someone that actually works with them? Thanks

Are you looking to consider working for senior healthcare consultants ? If you are a tough sales person and beat a challenger at every step, you can find this the right kind of opportunity for you. Best of luck!!

Posted: 24 Sep 2008 07:01 Post Subject: Senior Healthcare Consultants INC

Did you go to work for them and if so do you like it so far? What has been your experience? I am thinking about them also

Posted: 13 Oct 2008 07:03 Post Subject: Not a scam...Senior Healthcare Consultants Inc.

I worked for SHC for a little over a month. Let me be the first to tell you that they are not a scam but THEY DO treat you like a slave. I worked consistent 14 / 15 hr. days. Their training program is THE WORST. You have to pay $600 before they put you on the pre-set appointment program. The reason I say their training program is the worst is because they teach you NOTHING. It is a 3 day training course in their headquarters in Dallas and then after 3 days of training they throw you in the field with no preparation or anything. Personally I was "that guy" thinking that this would be a good thing...boy was I wrong. I have never been so pissed at a company for a lack of preparation of an employee. Then when you call them in between appointments they want you to tell them how it went, when you tell them how it went and ask them what you could of done better....all they say is "Just keep up the good work and you'll come around". WHICH IS A ABSOLUTE JOKE!!! Like I said the company is legit but they are a JOKE to work for...I absolutely WOULD NOT recommend them...unless you don't like spending time with your wife or kids....

Posted: 16 Oct 2008 10:40 Post Subject:

Stay away from SHC

Posted: 14 Nov 2008 03:42 Post Subject: SHC is for the right person

I have worked for Senior health care consultants for going on 7 months. I am making around $700/mo in 1st-year renewals already. My first paycheck was 18 days after I started for $219.23. My 29th day my paycheck was $1738.22. My 37th day was $332.20. My next paycheck was my 58th day and that was for $2022.55. Etc. I average around $1400 or so a week, w. my expense reimbursement + bonus points for gas, I net around $1750/wk now. But, it took me literally over 8 weeks to get anywhere near steady income. I was in the hole for almost a month, but came out great b/c I stook to it. Take in my 1st year 3% renewals and and I am doing around $1900/wk, only getting better each month. W/o a doubt this time next year I will work half my hours (currently around 12-14 per day Tues thru Fri + avg 3.5 hours on Monday) and make an easy $125K+. Yep, it was really tough and I had my doubts, but I just kept going and it all came around eventually. You know, really, I like it more than the money b/c of the camaraderie I have delveloped w. my superiors and now, my 3 subs.... but most of all, I really, truly and honestly, KNOW I am doing a really great things for these sweet seniors I help (although some are not that sweet!). No, we do a super service and after you've past 4-8 weeks, you get the gig and everything falls into place. Look back, now looking in, it all seems worth it. Good luck all!

Posted: 15 Nov 2008 02:58 Post Subject: insurance

I work as a Home Health Care Aid, for the Elderly. I actually go into their homes. :D Often, I make phone calls to Dr.'s offices, hospitals, etc., for them. It's frustrating to ask questions to one of the 'professionals' and them tell me, " I don't know."

Posted: 16 Nov 2008 08:07 Post Subject:

I am sure not all of these places are bad to work for. There seems to be a lot of people working in the home health care business. I can see why you would be frustrasted SD. I have been hearing alot of "I don't knows from proefessionals in other types of business. I don't settle for that answer. I usually follow with "then connect me with someone who does know" or "well can you look into it and I will call you back in a couple hours?"...this way you aren't sitting there waiting for them to call and also they know they will be dealing wiht you again so they need to find you some answers.

Posted: 17 Nov 2008 11:58 Post Subject: insurance

When I DO make these phone calls, and I DO ask for someone else ( if I'm NOT getting answers..), most of the time I get, "well I'm sorry but the person you need to talk to is not available at this time." I tell this person that I will call back and when is a good time to do so. I don't take "no" for an answer, either. I just keep calling until I get some kind of answer.

Posted: 17 Nov 2008 07:52 Post Subject:

I can see your frustartion in this. I have to smile to myself because in a way I have been dealing wiht people like this and Lori's little quote keeps coming to my mind "the squeeky wheel always gets the grease." A really wise comment. Try asking for the persons voice mail and then fill it up.

Posted: 18 Nov 2008 01:50 Post Subject: health

I'll tell ya, if THIS can get me frustrated, I just couldn't imagine how frustrated my 'clients' (Elderly) would be if they had to try and 'handle' these types of issues themselves. One of my clients, I KNOW FOR A FACT, would probably just 'die' if he was given the 'run-around' like I get sometimes.

Posted: 18 Nov 2008 03:33 Post Subject:

I am thinking about your comment about elderly people getting frustarted and am picturing my ex mother in law...Gosh thats one person feathers no one wants to ruffle. I think it is good that an elderly person has a family member or at least someone to jump at to the plate for them.

Posted: 18 Nov 2008 03:57 Post Subject: New rules from CMS

I just took a test for Welcare. The test involved new rules when contacting senior and most of the new rules seemed like they were framed to counter the marketing practices of senior health care associates. It is a bad company in my opinion anyway and the new CMS rules will probably eliminate their call center. This is good for the seniors that they call on.
I did work for the company and got out when I saw enough to say "this is not right"

Posted: 19 Nov 2008 05:19 Post Subject: insurance

Good for you, SHANE. 'Our' Seniors have a hard enough time dealing with what they have to deal with ( Health, Life Insurance,etc.) then to get MORE irritated about something else. Sometimes Health Centers,etc. don't make it easy for them, that's for sure.

Posted: 19 Nov 2008 07:25 Post Subject:

I too commend you SHANE. I think our seniors are taken advantage of just too often.

Posted: 20 Nov 2008 06:14 Post Subject: SHC

I have seen all the talk about SHC. Are there other more reputable or reasonable players out there if I was looking to get into the specialized area of Senior Health Care/Medicare supplemental products sales? Or are they all about the same?

Posted: 20 Nov 2008 07:03 Post Subject: other players??

I dont know about other players but the SHC guys have new regulations that I have to abide by if I understand the training I went through with Wellcare (take calls for enrollment). The new training was all about new rules on how to contact and sell to seniors. ie you can only talk about one product which is the product to contacted them about. You have to get written confrimation at the meeting. you also cannot sell another product without setting up another meeting. the telemarketing rules became much more strick which is the primary way that SHC contacted thier prospects.

When i went through the training it seemed like CMS set up rules to stop how SHC does business. I would find out how SHC is getting thier leads before going to work for them

I hope this helps

Posted: 21 Nov 2008 01:00 Post Subject:

Thanks for the info Shane. I am glad for the new rules. It should help protect out elderly

Posted: 21 Nov 2008 01:44 Post Subject: insurance

Yea..SHANE, that IS good news. I mean, I'm trying to look at it as a '3rd Party' point of view. Ya see, I'm a Personal Care Aid and I work with the Elderly. Most of the time, I'm answering their phones for them. So, when I getting a call from a Health agency, etc. , it's up to my 'client' whether or not she wants to take the call. And if she DOES take the call, hopefully he/she will not get 'flipped out' with all that is being said to her. I've had agencies call my clients and talk about SEVERAL 'products' at one time. They ( the clients) get REALLY stressed out.

Posted: 24 Feb 2009 12:30 Post Subject:

This post is depressing..everyone is sooo negative. Appears everyone is looking for a free ride without work..this company may be bad....let's hear from someone that has succed with them..I would like to hear their story..

Posted: 24 Feb 2009 04:40 Post Subject:

his post is depressing..everyone is sooo negative. Appears everyone is looking for a free ride without work..this company may be bad....let's hear from someone that has succed with them..I would like to hear their story..

Certainly we too would love to hear a success story. RR, are you an agent of SHC? Maybe you would like to share your success tale with us on this board.

Posted: 11 Mar 2009 04:18 Post Subject:

SHC, like any large marketing organization is going to receive a lot of bad publicity from people who didn't make it. There are offices in many different states, and the marketers (just like all of us agents) are simply people. They are under pressure to set appointments, so expect a few appointments that may not really be ready for you...and there may be some no shows. However, in my experience their agents receive 4-6 appointments a day and they do try to keep them as geographically close as possible. Most of their sales focus on Medicare-related you will be very busy from Nov 15th to March 31st. There are many new CMS regulations and the payscale has been drastically decreased this year. There is another agency that offers most of the same (preset appointments, etc.) called One Force and I'm sure you can google it.

As far as not paying for mileage, it is a commission only job as are most in this type of insurance. You're not paying for leads, but you are paying for your own travel expenses. You can have a great day and make 400-500, or you can have a bad week and make 200-300. This is true in any sales environment and it may not be right for you.

Although they are setting your appointments, you still have to be a very motivated and driven individual to succeed. You will find that many agents prefer to see the people they choose, and some of the preset appointments are not very well qualified. If you need more specific information about anything, let me know!

Posted: 11 Mar 2009 04:22 Post Subject: insurance

Hello everyone!! I've been away for a while...Military school. Anyway....I'm a bit 'fuzzy' on this Healthcare thing. Can you get insurance, for the Elderly, from this?..or is this just products that the Elderley may need?

Posted: 11 Mar 2009 09:28 Post Subject: Are there really any good places to work out there anymore?

I have my insurance license and was considering working for SHC but it really sounds like the company and products seem to be good but the crazy schedule and mistreatment isn't something I really want to sign up for. I already am selling insurance with large carrier and not doing well. Just what I want to do is quit where I am to get put into a meatgrinder!!!!! I am glad I took the time to research this company.

Posted: 17 Mar 2009 01:44 Post Subject: SHC - Would like some recient information PLEASE!!

WOW...I just found these posting and seen everyone's information regarding SHC. I also just sent them all my paperwork and my $600.00. I'm to new to the insurance industry. I got my adjusters license in Sept worked IKE and realized that I could not take the heart ache and devastation for months at a time. I'm about to take my exam and was headed. I researched different areas of insurance & would like to work with the senior market. We'll now I'm kinda freaked out after seeing this information. I'm a hard worker, have no travel limitations and no kiddo's at home. With that said I just left a company that had some shady practices, 6 figure income EVERY YEAR and ya worked your butt off for it but eventually the bad out wade the good, NOT SCARED OF THE WORK BUT DON'T WANT THE SHADY PRACTICES. I just can't see myself going back into that environment. If anyone works for them now/recently I would be thankful for any insight on SHC. I still can jump ship if everything this forum says is true. I can be reached at deenasmith13[at]


E-mail id deactivate for your safety

Posted: 14 Apr 2009 08:16 Post Subject: Recent Info???

I am in a similar situation to deena...anyone there now or very recently??

Posted: 14 Apr 2009 09:36 Post Subject:

Don't do it...don't do it...don't do it. There is no way a new person can succeed unless you are a hardcore salesperson. Long drives no matter what they say during recruitment and the leads don't pan out.

Posted: 15 Apr 2009 11:02 Post Subject: SHC

I just left them, all they care about is charging for your appointments, $18 each and if you miss one of your 2 Hour a day meetings on line it gos to $24 an appointment, LIE LIE after LIE. They say 5 to 6 appointments a day I had Two at most, One day I had three out of three weeks. If you go to the appointment and they are not there or wont let you in the door because they think you are with medicare, they almost always think you are with medicare, but you are not and that make them mad, you still pay for the appointment. Go to work for someone else, they want to tell you you are helping the senior but by the way, the ins they have is always worse than what you have, not full coverage, owe bad company, most ret ins has better coverage than any supplement can offer but you have to talk them out of that and into your company that is better, the best out there, well until they decide they have to find a new one after a few months and that company finds out what SHC really is about. Run, RUN, RUN......only 2 to 3% make it past 2 months with them....I spent over $2000 of my own money and what I did sell went to pay for appointments and feesz for the shc company, richard dale jr....ass....look at how he got where he is, using all his friends to get rich and they got shit.... :(

Posted: 16 Apr 2009 09:00 Post Subject: On the other side

I sat in on a sale appointment with a 84 year old neighbor lady. I will say the agent knew his stuff, but at the end was the hard sale. When I suggested that the lady would like to talk it over with her son before signing anything. The agent was on his feet, saying he would not have time to come back and she would have to sign up now or not at all. With that attitude, we told him not at all. :( Too bad for him. It was a good product and she probably would have take it out.

Posted: 17 Apr 2009 06:25 Post Subject:

Well, its the attitude of the both parties that matters in a successful sale. I can't actually blame the agent for that behaviour since he had the sales target to meet, nor I can say its the fault of the client, who would definitely think-over before putting her money in it. I agree its bad for the agent that he has lost a business opportunity for impatience. But that is how it is at times. :(

Posted: 17 Apr 2009 10:17 Post Subject:


When I suggested that the lady would like to talk it over with her son before signing anything.

I had been a tele-marketer once...had to push health advantage and came across such tricky situations on a number of occasions. I'd never fixed appointments with senior citizens in the absence of other household members. I must say that it was a bit foolish on the part of the agent to have lost a good opportunity! Steven

Posted: 22 Apr 2009 01:00 Post Subject:

It is VERY important when dealing with the Senior Market to include ALL of the decision makers. Although it may be easy to get poor granny hardballed into signing the app, she will just call and cancel a couple days later when her son or daughter finds out! Not to say that there aren't senior citizens who still handle their own affairs without any input from others, but it can be a very delicate situation.

The agent probably drove a very long distance and didn't want to fool with going back out to obtain a signature. SHAME ON HIM! It is agents like him that give a lot of Insurance Agents a bad name to begin with. I understand that our job is to sell, but high pressure tactics are NOT the only way to be successful.

As far as SHC goes, it is a terrible time to be looking to sell Medicare Advantage plans because a lot of Medicare Beneficiaries are currently locked-in until November. If that is all you have to offer, you will have a very frustrating 6 months.

I had not heard in the past that SHC was charging for leads. My agency PROVIDES 5-7 appointments a day (EVERY DAY) to the agents working the senior market. We would NEVER charge an agent for their leads! If anybody looking is in South Carolina...Contact me!

Posted: 22 Apr 2009 01:14 Post Subject:

I understand that our job is to sell, but high pressure tactics are NOT the only way to be successful.

This is something that drops our conversion rate at the end of the day.

It is agents like him that give a lot of Insurance Agents a bad name to begin with.

There are others who'd rather choose to do simpler things e.g. call up their prospects beyond the business hours as specified by the FTC. They are the ones who'd often help us to get placed in DNC lists.

Posted: 23 Apr 2009 02:44 Post Subject:

All I know is that they're into marketing of senior health care products. They'd pick customers who're in their late 60s. Check out their official site- Steven

Posted: 23 Apr 2009 11:29 Post Subject:

I lasted at total of two appointment days with SHC. I had to leave just because I could not afford it.

SHC is not a scam but they were very smart on creating two streams of income one being from the sale of their insurance policies and two from new consultants.

I’m new to the insurance industry, but I do know the plans they did offer were great and 95% of seniors need the protection they offer.

If you don’t have a second income from a spouse to cover you while you’re not making money and you don’t have around $5,000 set aside to cover you during your “learning curve” you will really struggle. This is where I failed; I couldn’t afford the cost of a hotel and food in the area where my appointments were set. The area was about three hours from home.

The few appointments I did go on I faced several that didn’t answer the door, and two that showed “appointment remorse” meaning after making the appointment they didn’t want me there. This isn’t SHCs fault it’s just the nature of the business.

Note: the people that make the appointments get a monetary bonus if you sell a policy, so they want you to succeed.

Here is a breakdown in startup costs:

$599.00 – SHC start up fees
$149.00 – Third party insurance license training *
$65.00 – License test fee *
$45.45 – Finger prints *
$50.00 – License application fee *

$275.00 – Hotel in Dallas for training
$125.00 – Fuel costs to drive to Dallas
$50.00 – Dinner for the three days of training (they cater lunch)

Total - $1358.45 (I didn’t have to fly to Dallas)

* if you don’t already have a license

SHC does offer to refund these costs based on your sales within a specific amount of time. I do not recall the exact numbers and don’t have the experience to know if the required sales to qualify for the refund was achievable.

You are charged $18.00 per appointment.

If you leave the company and collected advanced commissions you will have to pay that back.
Here is a sample of their required meetings for the first few weeks. Keep in mind you need to travel and conduct sales as well.

Topic: Team xxxxx Monday Meeting
Meeting ID: xxxx
Date: Apr-13-09, 10:00 AM (GMT -05:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Duration: 2h 30m
Topic: Monday Night 30K
Meeting ID: xxxxxx
Date: Apr-13-09, 7:30 PM (GMT -05:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Duration: 2h 30m
Topic: Tuesday Morning Meeting
Meeting ID: xxxxx
Date: Apr-14-09, 6:00 AM (GMT -05:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Duration: 1h 30m

Topic: Wednesday Morning Meeting
Meeting ID: xxxxx
Date: Apr-15-09, 6:00 AM (GMT -05:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Duration: 1h 30m

Topic: Thursday Morning Meeting
Meeting ID: xxxx
Date: Apr-16-09, 6:00 AM (GMT -05:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Duration: 1h 30m
Your sales appointments will run from around 9:00 am until 8:00 pm
The presentation is not for the faint of heart. You will be required to attempt to close at least 5 times. You will state that it may take months to get back into the area. This is a one presentation close type of sale. The presentation is designed to eliminate the following:
Company loyalty
Broker loyalty
“Need to think about it”
“I need to talk to my son/daughter”
To sum this up:
This wasn’t for me, but there are people that have been very successful at it.
Be prepared to spend your own money.
Be prepared to work long hours away from home and deal with pressure of not being home.
Be prepared to be somewhat forceful with seniors.
I hope this helps someone thinking about SHC. I tried to keep it just to the facts. This is and isn’t your own business you will need to put your own money and a lot of your time into it, but if you leave SHC they keep your business.
My suggestion to anyone new into insurance is to look at other companies first. A few days after leaving SHC I was hired by a well known company, and they paid for all of my training and travel associated with my initial training.

Good luck

Posted: 24 Apr 2009 10:42 Post Subject:

I do not recall the exact numbers and don’t have the experience to know if the required sales to qualify for the refund was achievable.

I don't think it's at all a fair practice from SHC. The cost is too much. What if someone fails to perform initially!
Whenever you join a company, you'd at least expect them to give you training regarding their expectations from you. This is something which should be employer-backed. Steven

Posted: 25 Apr 2009 01:50 Post Subject:

Hi Steven,

It's not only about training. An employee needs a lot of compassion and trust during their initial phase. They'd need to go through a lot of hurdles and get accustomed with the work environment.

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