Cinergy health insurance: Are they reliable?

Submitted by lloydwalk on Sat, 11/29/2008 - 14:29
Cinergy Health Insurance is a program provided by Cinergy Health Inc. It is a company that provides novel and reasonable health coverage solutions for families or individuals who cannot otherwise afford health insurance. Their low cost health plans that substitute the costly major medical plans are designed to help everyone afford health insurance.

What services do they offer?

With their Cinergy Health Insurance Plan they offer restricted medical assistance plans. In this they provide first dollar coverage for the known and predictable medical assistance people may need quite often. Beginning with doctor's visit to diagnostics, maternity and surgeries, they make arrangements for all within your budget. According to the plan they set up for you, you can even choose your own doctors and hospitals. They do not restrict your choice of doctors and hospitals.

How does the Cinergy health insurance plan work?

With a view to create and deliver affordable health plan options this plan has been designed as an alternative to expensive health care plans. Cinergy health care insurance does not involve a big deductible. Their benefits include:
  • Visits to physicians
  • Stay in hospital
  • Surgeries
  • ICU expenses
  • Benefits in critical care
  • X-rays
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Regular wellness check-ups
  • Precautionary tests
  • Pregnancy or related issues
  • Medical assistance for accidents
  • Emergency room stays
  • Accidental death and dismemberment coverage

Why would anyone choose Cinergy Health Preferred?

Cinergy Health, Inc. allows you to have the freedom to choose the doctor you would like to visit and also the hospital you would like to go to. All of this facility is available at a price that you can afford. In a Cinergy Health Preferred plan, you can even move from a limited medical plan to a major medical plan, you have the liberty to do so.

When are you eligible for a health plan with Cinergy?

If you do not have health insurance because you cannot afford it, Cinergy thinks you may qualify for their program. They have partnered with National Congress of Employers (NCE) and hereby have designed these plans for all working Americans in every state. Everyone is qualified for these plans regardless of medical history or any pre-existing conditions.

Cinergy states that their plans have been designed mainly for those individuals who:
  • Have no access to major health insurance
  • Have little or no means to afford major health insurance
  • Have health insurance plans with very high deductibles and yet very little benefits

What consumers say about Cinergy?

There are mixed reactions from people when it comes to their views on Cinergy Health, Inc. Members of the AmPmInsure Community believe that Cinergy is quite a popular company because of its innovative plan. But, again there are other members too who are not happy with the kind of service Cinergy has provided.

There have been quite a few complaints about Cinergy Health, Inc. Some of them include:
  • Cinergy is said to be inaccessible when their customers need them.
  • They have been accused of keeping the customers' money beyond the agreed term of payment.
  • They make customers pay way more than what they have advertised.
  • They do not pay the entire money spent on a doctor visit. They pay only a fixed amount and nothing beyond that.
Consumers seem to have little faith on the services offered by Cinergy since there is no accreditation mentioned on their website. Some individuals who have paid for their services have been highly disappointed. It also seems that they have provided false numbers and passed them off as official numbers to their customers.

If you want to contact Cinergy, you may use their contact details and if you want to share any of your experiences (good or bad) with Cinergy Health, Inc. do write your opinion in our forum.

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Do they pay claims as advertised and what does the state know abouth the company.

Posted: 06 Dec 2008 11:33 Post Subject: cenergy health insurance

The best way to find about it is by digging into the report of state insurance department. You'll come to know from the website whether or not your residing state recognizes this company, also, whether Cinergy health insurance is licensed to do business in the state or not.

Posted: 08 Dec 2008 07:17 Post Subject: cinergyhealth insurance

Cinergy health is a known name in the field of health insurance. Cinergy offers affordable limited benefit health plans to people who otherwise may not be able to afford health plans because of financial constraints.

Cinergy plans are low deductible plans covering the costs of basic health care needs, such as

*Physician visits
*Prescription drugs
*X-rays and other pathological tests
*Hospital and nursing home stays, including emergency room visits
*Pre-natal care
*And preventive care

However, I'm not sure whether Cinergy health insurance is licensed to operate in all the fifty states of USA. Hence, you are required to check out their business status in your state before joining their plans. Also, enjoy the privilege of shopping around for better coverage and rates.

Posted: 09 Dec 2008 09:49 Post Subject: cinergyhealth insurance

Cinergy health is pretty 'popular' amoung the nation. I don't have Medical/Health insurance. Is Cinergyhealth more of a 'sub' insurance?

Posted: 13 Dec 2008 09:25 Post Subject: cenergy health insurance

Hey Sd, please clarify what do you mean by ‘sub' insurance? As far I know cinergy insurance offers low deductible health insurance plans for people. Also, I've heard that the cinergy health signature program is for people with no health coverage. It allows them to save on their medical expenses and doctors' visits.

Posted: 14 Dec 2008 09:06 Post Subject: FOUND CINERGY TO SUIET MY NEEDS.


Posted: 25 Dec 2008 06:59 Post Subject: cenergy health care

Cinergy health insurance is an alternative for people who can't otherwise afford major health insurance coverage. However, one shouldn't confuse Cinergy health policy with the traditional health coverage. The plan offered by Cinergy is a discount plan which would help you in reducing cost on prescription drugs, doctors' visits and hospital stays.

Also, the Cinergy plans are available for people with pre-existing health conditions.


Posted: 31 Dec 2008 10:31 Post Subject: cenergy health insurance

I'm not crazy about them. Here's a blog article that hits it on the nose:

system edited-link deactivated

Posted: 16 Jan 2009 04:09 Post Subject: check with Florida State Finance Commission

Cinergy insurance was sued and the State of Florida developed a report on their misuse of terms, promises not kept, and a very high roll over. Most people try to cancel in the first 30 days AFTER the company provides the actual agreement. They are NOT an insurance company. They DO NOT provide a "Policy". They say through membership you "could" save money based on agreements they have with providers. They guarantee NOTHING. When you try to contact them to cancel the cinergyhealth coverage you will find it difficult to find them. They have been known to change addresses and will use that as a ploy to keep you money beyond the agreed term of payment and refund.

Posted: 27 Mar 2009 08:40 Post Subject: cenergy health insurance

I had Cinergy health insurance for about a year because I could not afford anything else.

The commericals are not truthful. I was paying way more a month then was said on TV. When I would go to my doctor and get teste down, no matter what they were, Cinergy only pays for $200 of your whole bill.

DO NOT sign up with them. It will cost you more money in the end.

Pay the extra money by signing with Blue Cross Blue Shield or any other medical insuance. Believe me in the end it will cost you a lot less out of pocket.

Posted: 28 Mar 2009 12:31 Post Subject: cinergyhealth insurance

Read the fine print on their website. If you choose to buy after reading it....Good Luck

Posted: 28 Mar 2009 01:33 Post Subject: cenergy health care

do you know any health insurance that will cover a person who is undectable from the hiv virus. there are some but very expensive ,are there at low cost.

Posted: 28 Mar 2009 09:45 Post Subject: cenergy health care

Sorry, I think you need to rephrase the question :(

What do you mean by 'undectable from the hiv virus. '?

Posted: 28 Mar 2009 09:56 Post Subject: cenergy health care

And TS, you must have read the replies from the other members too regarding Cinergy. The plan offered by Cinergy isn't health plan, rather its a discount plan which would help you in getting medical services and drugs at discounted rate. However, you'd still be responsible for paying the charges. The health insurer, on the other hand, would compensate you for the expenses towards healthcare.


Posted: 29 Mar 2009 03:26 Post Subject: cenergy health care

Cinergy health is only another alternative of a health insurance for people who cannot afford it. however, it only covers a certain amount of your medical expenses.
TS, only if you fall sick frequently, then cinergyhealth is the thing for you.

Posted: 31 Mar 2009 08:28 Post Subject:

Cinergy is also claimed to be great coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. This is the reason that they don't ask many health questions.

Question - I can't find anyone in my state that has heard of them. Is that because they could be new to the state of SC? What about claims? Do you have to file yourself or what?

Posted: 07 Apr 2009 07:39 Post Subject:

It is best go visit their website. If you're is an option to consider.

Otherwise, I'm not a big fan of them.

Posted: 17 Apr 2009 04:34 Post Subject: MS

I have MS and I do have medical insurance. My husband and I are paying almost $700.00 a mouth. Thinking about changing to something cheaper. I have not found any insurance company that will take me. So I was excited to find Cinergy.Now what I read is scaring me. Has anyone had a good experience with this company?

Posted: 07 Jun 2009 03:05 Post Subject: SUSPICIOUS from phone experience with them

This is a company that insists that you purchase their product before they are willing to tell you exactly what you are paying for:

I went on their site and requested a quote; I got a call within a minute and the caller was very agressive and rude. Anytime I started to ask a question he interrupted me and gave me an answer that had nothing to do with my question, or told me that the question I was trying to ask was not important! When I asked him to please allow me to finish even a single sentence, he hung up on me.

I had an experience like this with a similar-sounding scam, about a year ago. Maybe it's the same people using a different name so they won't be recognized. Their sales guy did let me ask my questions, but was nonetheless evasive anytime I asked for real details. He told me there was a non-refundable application fee, so I asked him to provide me with the exact terms and conditions of coverage before I coughed up money I couldn't get back. He told me that the only way to get the terms and conditions was to pay the application fee and the initial premium - but if I didn't feel the coverage was worth the premiums after reading the terms and conditions, I would still lose the application fee.

Has anyone been able to get a full disclosure of terms and conditions without having to risk losing their application fee?

Aside from all that, I was not impressed (from the very little information they did provide on the website) with what I was being offered for $240. It seems that MAYBE I'd save a few bucks here and there, but if something really nasty came up medically, the coverage wouldn't come remotely close to the disastrous bills that could result. Just take a look at what they have on the site, and compare it to the realities of health care costs.

Google them - you'll find more than a couple of MAJOR complaints. I'm considering complaining to the radio station that accepted their advertising.

Posted: 07 Jun 2009 08:25 Post Subject: Is Cinergy Health Insurance a reliable health care provider?

If you ever watch their commercials, they call their product "health insurance".

Now, I guess one hand you could claim it is health insurance , in that it helps to reduce your medical expenses. Which is what health insurance is.

On the other hand, whenever anyone (Insurance Broker or a consumer) hears "Health Insurance" they automatically are thinking "Comprehensive Major Medical/Catastrophic".

That is what is so misleading about companies like Cingergy and AIM Health Plans.

If you do not qualify for "Real " Health Insurance , then I advise you go with Assurant or Companion Life's line of limited medical policies.

Posted: 08 Jun 2009 04:25 Post Subject:

I prefer some of the more well known providers like Anthem, Aetna and United Healthcare - Golden Rule for more traditional health insurance plans and coverage.

Posted: 08 Jun 2009 04:45 Post Subject:

There is often a lot of confusion regarding health plans and savings programs that represent themselves as insurance. Many of these programs are NOT insurance and are simply a discount plan or a pre-arranged care contract.

If the person that is selling you the health plan or discount program doesn't have an insurance license...that is a big clue! We have a lot of people here in SC selling AmeriPlan (which is worthless in our area with little to no providers) and it is simply a discount plan. Even some of the representatives don't understand the differences between their plan and an insurance policy.

Be Careful...and do your research!

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 06:18 Post Subject: maternity

do you guys no if the cinergy will cover the birt of the baby in the hospital and the expenses of maternity for non citizen women?

Posted: 12 Jun 2009 06:07 Post Subject:

Mike, I doubt if health insurance is even an option to non-citizens. The only access to health insurance that they might have is through their employment. Therefore, check with your employer.

And secondly, Cinergy doesn't offer health insurance. What it offers is a discount plan which would allow you to get immediate reduction in the service cost with the network physicians and hospitals when you would still be responsible for the remaining bills.

However, just hang tight the experts might suggest you some options.

Posted: 16 Jun 2009 12:31 Post Subject: about cinergy

I signed up for cinergy because i recently found out i was pregnant. Was that a mistake?

Posted: 16 Jun 2009 05:29 Post Subject:

Hi Smayo, will they cover this pregnancy? I think that's the answer you need to find the answer for.

Normally health insurers consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition and though you may sign-up for health insurance during trimesters but the insurer wouldn't cover the current one. However, you would receive coverage for one in the future.

Posted: 16 Jun 2009 04:06 Post Subject: reply to jorge

Hi jeorge. Thank you for the reply. Are you saying that it wouldn't cover the current trimester or the entire pregnancy? I'm confused.

Posted: 17 Jun 2009 04:04 Post Subject:

Sorry about the confusion Smayo. :(

Health insurer wouldn't cover the current pregnancy but the future conditions would be covered. But since discount plans are not affected by the pre-existing conditions you may get the pregnancy covered alright.

Now, you must understand that what you have from Cinergy is not health insurance but a discount plan. You would receive discounted rate from the in-network doctors, hospitals and other health organisation but at the same time would be responsible for the rest of the bill.

I'm curious to know why you have signed up for Cinergy instead of health insurance and what you have been told by their sale representative during the sign-up.

Are you aware that you haven't purchased a health insurance policy?

Posted: 17 Jun 2009 11:17 Post Subject:

I joined cinergy because I found out I was pregnant and had no insurance. I cancelled when I found out from the insurance commissioner's office in my state that cinergy wasn't worth anything. One of the people from cinergy told me that I wouldn't have to pay for any of the prenatal visits and they would pay 80% of the medicare rate after the baby was born. I called my hospital and they said there was no such thing. But luckly I got my money back. And that's only because I did a stop payment at my bank.

Posted: 18 Jun 2009 04:46 Post Subject:

Hi Smayo,

So, you have cancelled the Cinergy policy. :D You also did a great thing by looking them up with the Insurance Commissioner's office.

Now, have you started looking for a proper health plan?

Also, the states run health programs to offer subsidised health care to pregnant women and infants. You may check out with your state’s health department as well.

Posted: 18 Jun 2009 11:57 Post Subject:

I cancelled when I found out from the insurance commissioner's office in my state that Cinergy wasn't worth anything.

Did you come across any relevant information pertaining to settlements associated with Cinergy?

But luckly I got my money back.

Who did you get this reimbursement from?


Posted: 24 Jun 2009 08:26 Post Subject:

There's only 1 reason to get a Cinergy plan, and it's not the crappy coverage.

Let's say you have the plan for a year, and you paid $250 per month, for a total cost of $3000. Normally, it's not a good deal to pay $3000 for crap. However, Cinergy is recognized by the law to provide "creditable coverage." That means that the law - federal law, plus the State law - requires that a real insurance company SUBTRACT the 12 months you had continuous coverage with Cinergy, from the period of time a real insurance company is permitted to exclude coverage for a pre-existing condition.

Insurance companies typically exclude treatment for pre-existing conditions for the 1st 12 months of coverage. So you can completely wipe out this exclusion if you had a year's worth of coverage with Cinergy. (This example assumes you only get a terrible health condition after 12 months; if you get it after, e.g., 5 months, then the new insurance company can exclude coverage for the remaining 7 months.)

Think of it "pre-existing condition insurance." A payment of $3000 over the course of year could be worth a million or more for treatment of cancer, transplants, etc. with an insurance plan that has robust doctor, hospitalization, and drug coverage.

But if can afford better insurance than Cinergy, get it, as it will give you "creditable coverage" too.

Posted: 25 Jun 2009 05:02 Post Subject:

I had signed up for Cinergy health insurance but when I made a claim to pay for my doctor's visit, they asked me to fax the bill to them. I tried to send them the bill but the fax numbers they have provided doesn't seem to work. They won't take my call properly too. I am very disappointed with them. I don't think they can be trusted.

Posted: 25 Jun 2009 06:53 Post Subject:

They don't have any accreditation do they? I didn't find anything on their site. They have a license but there was no accreditation. I doubt if it is reliable?

Posted: 25 Jun 2009 08:34 Post Subject:

Hi Betty,

Cinergy in its site has displayed the following fax number

Fax: (305) 792-9669

Have you tried contacting in it?

If the people at Cinergy aren't returning your calls you may try to get in touch with the agent who has sold you the plan. He/she may be able to guide you in the right direction.

Posted: 30 Jun 2009 01:59 Post Subject: insu

need a phone number to call about cinergy ins.

Posted: 30 Jun 2009 05:27 Post Subject:

Member Services: (800) 847-1148
Health Insurance Plan Sales: (800) 847-9151
Local Telephone: (305) 792-9996
Fax: (305) 792-9669

Posted: 02 Jul 2009 12:56 Post Subject:

I was hospitalized last year with a severe condition. I had never been diagnosed with this problem nor had I ever been treated for this condition prior. I have not been in the hospital for 18 years, since the birth of my last child. NOW...I am in collections because Cinergy will not pay one bit of my $17,000.00 hospital bill. They are claming it is pre-existing? When I was laying up in the hospital bed for a week, running a fever and thinking I was going to die, I would of never thought I would be up against this enormous bill today. When Cinergy was contacted during my admission, they said everything was fine and that I had good coverage. This is placing me, a single mom into a huge financial burden. I get about 12 calls a day from collections. Cinergy sells you a song and a dance to join. They state they will pay $1,000.00/day for the first 30 days. It never crossed my mind while in the hospital that this WOULD NOT be coming back to bite me months later. When I try to call them to resolve this mess, I leave my name and number and NOBODY has yet to call me back in months. They will answer if you push the button to join, but they are no where to be found when you need your questions answered. I am very disappointed with this "so called" Company and I cannot wait to get out. THINK TWICE about obtaining them...they are not what they crack up to be...I am in the process in communicating with the Better Business B. and my local Congressman. With all the money I pay monthly for this coverage, they now have ruined my good standing credit because of this. Thanks alot CINERGY! What is wrong with our Healthcare System in the United States of America? Shame..Shame..Shame :( :(

Posted: 02 Jul 2009 01:04 Post Subject:

Dear Debbie S:
GOOD LUCK!!!! Cinergy should be reported as a SCAM! I too had a similar situation and I had to pay thousands of dollars to a Lawyer to resolve my issues with Cinergy. You can do the same. It is unfortunate that these Insurance Companies can scandal us U.S. Citizens who are tax paying, hard working citizens in this Country. I was laid off my job and loss my Health Ins and saw the Cinergy add on TV. YES, they sell you a song and dance and you think, GOD forbid, you do need medical coverage, that they would protect you...THEY DO NOT! Keep fighting your issues Debbie. YOU WILL EVENTUALLY get reimbursed back like I did! FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS.......

Posted: 02 Jul 2009 08:10 Post Subject: The 411 on Cinergy HEALTH INSURANCE

it is INSURANCE not only is the agency licensed but so is the agents that work their.
Yes it covers pregnancy and it is not excluded even if u r already pregnant.
It is not a major medical it is a LIMITED MEDICAL.
And every insurance company has comPlaints.
LOL blue cross more than most.
If u can afford major medical by all means purchase it.
But if u can not or if u r not a citizen then this is one of your few options.
It is NOT A DISCOUNT PLAN but like all insurance carriers they have negotiated discounts with providers for their members.
PS they have a diabetic supply benefit that reimburses the member 100% of cost for supplies even for the pumps and insulin.

Posted: 03 Jul 2009 05:15 Post Subject:

Debbie, I empathise with you.

Have you checked with the policy document regarding pre-existing condition exclusion? What does it state?

Have you tried contacting the agent who had sold you the policy? He may help you in negotiating the claim with the company.


Posted: 13 Jul 2009 09:21 Post Subject: Cinergy Health Insurance

I looked it up on the Illinois Insurance Commissioner's website, and Cinergy is listed as "currently registered to conduct business in Illinois as a Preferred Provider Program Administrator (PPA). Illinois registered PPAs are also able to market health care services on a discount-only basis."

Posted: 14 Jul 2009 12:55 Post Subject: cinergy ins.

I made the first phone call and I knew this wasn't an insurance company but a marketing firm. They have called me on a average of 8 times a day. Thank God I gave my cell number not my land line number. How can I get them to stop without answering the phone. The number that comes up on my caller ID is 305-792-9996. Can someone help me? :evil:

Posted: 14 Jul 2009 06:12 Post Subject:

How can I get them to stop without answering the phone.

Well, keep avoiding their calls. They'll tire and eventually would stop calling.

However, IMO you better receive one more call from them and ask them to put you in their 'Do Not Call' list. It'd stop them from calling you. Else you can also let them know that you are not interested in their services and would appreciate if they quit calling.

Hope I was able to help.


Posted: 15 Jul 2009 03:11 Post Subject: avoiding the calls

On Monday the 13th they called 10 time. I finally called my carrier and had the number blocked. Maybe they will take the hint now. :lol:

Posted: 16 Jul 2009 03:47 Post Subject: Cinergy Insurance the "Disabled" and the "Rea

I wish that there was a good and affordable insurance company here in the State of Ohio, where I have
lived since 31-October-1996.

My roommate/landlord/care provider, is "self-employed" (the State of Ohio pays him to take care of me, but does not hold back his taxes, so that makes him an "independent provider", so he has to bill just like a doctor would bill the State of Ohio).

He has Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy (it affects all four limbs, but he can walk without assistance). It affects him by giving him slightly slurred speech, "moderate to severe hearing loss". Otherwise he is in PERFECT HEALTH. His BP, Cholesterol, and other bloodwork are "normal" or better. He has not smoked as long as we have been roommates (over 14 years, I am very allergic to cigarette smoke), He quit cold turkey. He also stopped drinking at the same time (he never drinks any alcohol).

So he is a "dream" to insure. Just "routine office visits", injections for flu annually and Pneumonia every 4 years (a work requirement so I do not get sick if he becomes a "carrier" of it, since he is my only Personal Care Attendant), and to be covered just in case of an emergency (if I were to fall and he were to catch me and "wrench his back", for example). He is 52 years of age, and people in his family tend to live to be in their mid to late 80's except his half sister who died of breast cancer (cancer, alcohol and tobbaco addiction, as well as heart disease were very prevalent on her father's side of the family... but not on either side of the blood line of my PCA's family).

So he is in "perfect health" except for having Cerebral Palsy since birth and "moderate to severe hearing loss", that requires bilateral hearing aids.

My own situation, forces me to stay on disability. I try to survive on $707
a month in Social Security Disability Income. I make too much to qualify for Supplemental Security Income. I get $88 in USDA Food Stamps on an Electronic Benefit Card each month. $600 goes to my rent (including
all utilities, if the gas or electric bill goes up, I do not pay a penny more), and the other $107 goes to my credit card to pay the co-payments for Medicare Part-D drug plan (before Medicare Part D, Ohio Medicaid paid for all of my medications at no cost to me). So I can not afford to live without my Medicare and Ohio Medicaid (no insurance company will take me, my medical history is located at ).

I have a Doctorate of Divinity in Theology and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Counseling (British Equivalent of a PhD in Psychology), Those are wasted skills somewhat. I am a Volunteer Chaplain and Pastoral Counselor, for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Hospices.

My medical care (Personal Care Attendant is $5000 a month, my 15 medications are mostly generics and even those are expensive and come to about $1000 a month if paid for in cash, medical supplies such as bowel and bladder supplies are about another $2000, and those are just my MONTHLY expenses... my visits to my cardiologist once a year, my Internist 4 times a year, and my Ophthalmologist due to my glaucoma 4 times a year, et cetera with a doctor's visit averaging $200 a visit, a "Cardiac Stress Test" each year that costs $2000 cash price).

So I would have to have a job with "full benefits" or make about $12,000 a month to cover things such as my medical costs as outlined in the last paragraph and my "quarterly" and "annual" expenses. To cover my pretty much "monastic" living situation (I have one pair of nylon shorts, a polo shirt, a pair of sweat pants, a sweat shirt, and two pairs of underwear briefs and socks as my total clothing... I bought those about 20 years ago, and I do not know when I would be able to afford to buy any others). I will be 41 on the 22nd of July 2009, and odds are I would celebrate it by sleeping (can not afford to even get a "happy meal" at MickeyD's. I live cutting things "right to the bone", when my food stamps run out, I am out of food until the card refills on the 8th of the next month (or the FOLLOWING business day if the 8th is a weekend or holiday).

So staying on disability and living on Medicare and Ohio Medicaid are my only choice at this point. Sewing clothing anytime there is a hole in them, since I can not afford new clothing (there is more thread than original fabric, I think). I think the clothing I have now originally cost $25 when I bought all of them all those years ago. I have lived "on the cheap"for a long time. At least when I am visiting the hospital and such, they loan me a set of scrubs for my Chaplain work, that I return before I leave, or if I am visiting a nursing home and/or a hospice the same day, I have to return to the the hospital to drop off the scrubs before I go home. Otherwise I do the Chaplain and Pastoral Counseling work on the telephone.

For what it is worth,


Posted: 21 Jul 2009 04:23 Post Subject:

No, they do not, they charge family premium and then will not pay a claim on one of the dependents. When you call they put you on hold for 20 minutes, they come on the line and tell you to cal back in 2 hours then disconnect you. This company is nothing but a rip off. Beware they are only here to take advantage of you

Posted: 22 Jul 2009 03:55 Post Subject:

Hi Anti Cinergy,

What do you mean by 'they wouldn't pay for one of the dependents'? Have you tried calling them back? What was their response?

Hope you have checked the policy document to make sure that the dependent and the cause were both covered under the policy.

Posted: 22 Jul 2009 12:30 Post Subject: health insurance replacement

i have humana insurance and it has gone so high i can no longer afford the coverage. can you replace a plan such as humana

Posted: 23 Jul 2009 11:18 Post Subject:

Is it an individual plan or group plan? Have you tried shopping around for better rates?

Posted: 25 Jul 2009 12:24 Post Subject:

Hi Anti,

No, they do not, they charge family premium and then will not pay a claim on one of the dependents.

Would they choose any one of the dependents? Or is it that they won't settle for the last person remaining to file a claim?

Thanks, Plasticmind

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