Disability Insurance

Diving insurance: Safety under the sea

Submitted by carol on Sat, 01/28/2012 - 15:24
Diving as an activity, sport or as part of a profession is very common throughout the world. It is an adventurous recreation for travelers as well as a highly rewarding job for professionals involved in deep sea mining or research work. The environment below the surface of the sea is not only beautiful but full of risks and hazards as well. The best way to go scuba diving safely on your next vacation is to get yourself covered with diving insurance. Why is diving insurance important? Diving is risky business. The entire underwater world is full of potential threats.

How to compare different disability insurance offers

Submitted by carol on Thu, 04/22/2010 - 10:46
In order to derive all the benefits of disability insurance you will need to compare different policies, their benefits and prices. Whenever you'd apply for coverage, you'll need to consider many factors apart from the bigger compensations that are non-taxable. If you don't compare, you may start paying more for your coverage benefits.

How to compare disability insurance policies

Submitted by carol on Wed, 04/07/2010 - 07:44
In order to achieve more benefits out of your disability insurance, you must compare different policy options worth a certain premium payment. You may come across lucrative offers in the form of colossal reimbursements and refunds that are not taxable. It's truly important that you understand the cost factor before you sign up. Comparing disability insurance is the best option to have what you need. Going through various disability insurance policies you will obtain the best quote and coverage for yourself.

10 useful tips on ways to maximize disability insurance benefits

Submitted by carol on Fri, 06/26/2009 - 06:57
  1. Group policies: It is always a good idea to purchase a group insurance policy provided by your employers. If you are getting cheaper insurance outside your employer, make sure you read the fine print properly to be clear about the terms of the policy. If you have a working spouse then compare your spouse’s policy with yours and see who is getting better insurance.

Disability income insurance claim denials

Submitted by carol on Sat, 01/31/2009 - 11:45
There are some obvious reasons behind each denial of your long term disability income benefits- Unrevealed purpose An adjuster may turn down your claims request if he is not provided with substantial evidence describing your disability. He would prefer to have medical reports that clearly depict the causes of your mental or physical problem. There are disability income policies that would necessarily demand such medical proofs while others may not.