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I am insured by the german company krankenschutz24. Altogether I know 13 peoples who were signed by krankenshutz24 too. So far without any kind of trials and tribulations, although some of them had ante-affections.
In the US no one would insure those peoples. Thankfully we Americans can enjoy now one of the worldwide best health-care-systems too.

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Posted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 05:35 pm Post Subject: God bless germans and their insurance.

Even though I am wheelchair-bounded I got an insurance! Finally I can go regular to the physician!! I can´t express my gratidude to!

Posted: Tue Jun 08, 2010 02:44 pm Post Subject: insurance

You're saying you are a US Citizen and have Medical Insurance through a company in Germany? I've never heard of the company that you are speaking of. US doctors, etc, accept 'their' Insurance?

Posted: Tue Jun 08, 2010 11:58 pm Post Subject:

From the Krankenschutz24 website:

Welcome to Krankenschutz24.

Krankenschutz24 is the first German club helping people with no health insurance, and offering to take over their medical costs. As a member of our club, you are secured in case of the essential needs of healthcare, as well as of urgent cases.

The club has been existing for 5 years now, and number of our members counts over 3 million satisfied clients in German only.

Meanwhile, the club has expanded its offering to the territory of America too, so that every citizen of the United States is able to become a member of Krankenschutz24. (emphasis added)

I would not risk my medical payments to this organization.

And why does it even exist in Germany of all places? Haven't the Democrats and Obama told us repeatedly about the "free" health care in Germany, Canada, and other countries in the world? Why do 3,000,000 Germans have a need for "ill protection" (krankenschutz). Could it be that their free health care is not all it's been reported to be?

Looking at the "K24" website, and the terms and conditions of coverage, one pays a one-time membership fee, a monthly dues based on age, and an annual deductible (paid directly to the club! -- this is not a deductible but a premium) of $1000, billed semiannually. Each member of a household must be an individual member of the club, pay monthly dues, and the annual "deductible".

The first year cost before any actual medical expenses for a healthy family of four, father age 31, mother age 29, and children ages 5 and 7, would break down as follows:

Membership fees = $72.00
Monthly dues = "from" $624 (male child)
= "from" $696 (female child)
= "from" $912 (adult male)
= "from" $924 (adult female)
Annual Deductible (family total) = $4000
Minimum Total Cost = "from" $7228 (equivalent to $602.33)

Coverage only for care received in the United States.

Coverage limits include 28 days hospitalization per year + $20 per day copay, and only costs for "basic services will be absorbed"

Expenses for "cures", such as bandages, plasters, casts, inhalation sprays, orthopaedic insoles, syringes, bandages, orthopaedic socks, etc. are "absorbed up to a value of $800 per calendar year"

Physician visits are covered 60% (meaning 40% to the club member)

Pay close attention to the following:

Members need our prior agreement and written approval for CT/MRT examinations, change of hospital, surgeries (also ambulant) and pacemakers (except emergencies). Without a written approval, none of the resulting costs will be absorbed and your protection will not be liable. All costs have to be carried by the member in this case and will not be counted against the co-payment. Every member has to contribute to the costs of a radiograph with 20 US$, a CT scan with 30 US$ and to a MRT with 45 US$. These costs will not be set against the members` co-payment. In case of stationary or ambulant surgeries, an additional charge of 75 US$ is due and will not be set against the co-payment either.

Does the "(except emergencies)" mean pacemakers or all of the preceding? [[ I might read it as referring only to pacemakers because "(also ambulant)" follows "surgeries" ]]


Protections stops at once, if fee-deficits of 0,01 US$ occur and will be continued by the moment the residues are paid. This regulation also takes place in case the money transfer is delayed on the payment-day. You will not necessarily be informed about your protection-stop in a written form by our company. Costs and follow-up costs, which appear during this break in the protection, will be absorbed, even after reinstatement of the payments and prolongation of the membership. Costs have to be paid fully by the member and will not be counted against the co-payment.

Owe the club just ONE PENNY and you lose all of your benefits without notice.


KS24 and the founders/owners reserve the right to sell/dissolve/close their company without notifying the members before. After notarial certification or attestation by the court, the owners/founders of KS24 are no longer responsible for the former members.

KS24 reserves the right to change tariffs, conditions and the general business terms at any time.

Our general business terms apply to the german law

So if you have to sue, plan on taking a trip to Dusseldorf. And if you don't speak German fluently, expect to be taken advantage of severely at every turn of the German legal system, which bears no resemblance to US courts.

As far as I can tell, they are not admitted as an insurer in any state of the US, and any person who becomes a member of the "club" will have no recourse through a state's life and health insurance guaranty association in the event claims are not paid.

As a non-admitted insurer, their solicitation of memberships from California residents is unlawful under the California Insurance Code. Most other states' insurance codes have similar provisions.

I, and other agents like me, can provide legitimate PPO health insurance with a $2000 individual/$4000 family deductible (only payable if care is received) and $6,000,000 lifetime benefit limit for a family of four here in Southern California, and superior benefits without the fear of losing one's coverage just because a payment is a day late for about $600 per month. Other plans from the same or other insurers at lower cost per month are also available.

There is no problem obtaining health care in America. It just takes money, like any other form of insurance.

And it's not all the result of the quest for company profits.
You can chalk up a large portion of the cost to the tort lawyers, some of whom advertise on television across the country, who invite people to sue everyone for everything, just to see if anything sticks. And thanks to technology -- which makes wonderful things like MRI magnets and CT scanners, blood test results in a matter of minutes, life-saving cardiac catheterizations at the drop of a hat in a STEMI center, and so much more -- life is more abundant, but care is also more costly.

Don't think things will remain the same under the Obama/Democrats' plan for national healthcare, because they won't.

But there's no need to turn to a German "club" with only a 5 year track record and the ability to go out of business today, tomorrow, or any other day of its choosing without advance notice.

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