Total Loss Car Accident Question

Submitted by Gfoyle on Fri, 09/21/2007 - 15:12

I just had my first ever car accident and insurance claim. The driver for the other car was totally at fault so her insurance company, Gieco, has accepted full liability. I've been dealing with them and I have three questions:

1) The car was a total loss, Gieco's appraisal of the value of the car is $1000 different than the appraisal from my insurance. How should I approach this. I would rather avoid going throught my insurance so as to avoid my rate going up or paying the $500 deductalbe. Please advice

2) Currently Gieco is suppling me with a rental car, but they have only given me 7 days worth of rental. How long can I ask for the rental, especially since I still havent settled the value of the car or given the the lienholder info for payoff.

3) My son suffered some minor injuries, bruised knee and slight whiplash. I've taken him to his doctor and he appear to just be a little sore. Should I only ask for reembursement of for the doctor's visit or ask for a small additional amount incase he doesn't feel better by next week and needs to be seen again. What amount if I should ask for this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Posted: 21 Sep 2007 09:01 Post Subject: total loss car accident

1) You could file the property damage claim under your own policy and ask GEICO to forward your $500 ded to you up front (they are going to pay it anyway). Most adjusters will do this but it's possible they could refuse. If this is done, your carrier will ask for full reimbursement from GEICO, GEICO will offer the $1000 less amount they came up with and most likely your carrier will just accept it. No big deal, it happens all the time and this _difference_ won't change anything (including rates).

I'd recommend seeing where the difference lies. Did GEICO missing something that your carrier did not? This happens often. But also what happens often is that the two carriers use different means to arrive at the value. Neither may be incorrect based on their means. You can also see if GEICO will take a look at your carriers valuation and consider their amount. Perhaps GEICO would be willing to get closer to your carriers amount and you'd be willing to accept this rather then file through your own carrier. To the GEICO adjuster this would mean they could close their claim much more quickly and not have to wait for your carriers bill and then hash it out with them. Adjusters are responsible for closing claims quickly and many times they are willing to compromise.

Your carrier will probably not increase your rates for a "not at fault" accident. You should speak to your agent about this and get their take on the matter as they can let you know specifically how your carrier addresses this situation.

2) GEICO only needs to pay for the rental until they make an offer... which it appears they already have. Anything beyond that time is icing on the cake and not owed. Many carriers will extend the rental payment 3-4 days after they make the offer but no more. Your days are numbered, so be careful.

3) Every state is different and there is _no way_ to even begin to guess as how the medical bills are handled in your state. In several states, the other carrier would not owe 1 cent toward the medical bills (your carrier would address them). Other states, you could seek payment for medical expenses and "pain and suffering". Several states fall somewhere in between. Post what state the accident happen in for a better (and important) answer.

Posted: 21 Sep 2007 09:13 Post Subject: Total loss car accident: Virginia

I'm from Virginia and my son has a bruise and contusion to the knee and a slight case of whiplash (he's 15). Thanks so much for the info and help on this. :lol:

Posted: 21 Sep 2007 09:42 Post Subject:

No No-Fault in VA so it looks like to me that you can collect Special Damages (medical bills/expenses) and General Damages ("pain and suffering") from the other carrier. Should you ask for more then the medical bills? That is up to you... but your son had pain from the injury and inconvenience from the injury and he's certainly entitled to be compensated for this. If they don't know already, make sure the GEICO adjuster knows that there is an injury claim out there. Many adjusters consider this while dealing with the property damage as the last thing they want is a P.O'ed person with an injury claim to be settled.

With the words you used to describe the injury I'll assume that your son went for medical treatment. It also sounds like it is probably a minor injury that will heal itself soon enough. Most injury settlements are made based on the nature of the injury, the age of the injured party and the medical treatment obtained. The GEICO adjuster may even offer to cover the medical bills as they are known at this time and offer a few hundred more on top of that to see if you want to settle right now. My recommendation would be to let the adjuster know you want to settle the property damage 1st and then go from there (nothing like an injury claim hanging over the head of the adjuster to motivate them).

Posted: 22 Sep 2007 10:26 Post Subject: total loss car accident

1) You could file the property damage claim under your own policy

no, Tcope you mis-spoke, you could file a collision claim, NOT a PD claim.

Did GEICO missing something that your carrier did not?

Or, it's possible her carrier added some things incorrectly as well, having an incorrect inflated value.

2) GEICO only needs to pay for the rental until they make an offer... which it appears they already have. Anything beyond that time is icing on the cake and not owed. Many carriers will extend the rental payment 3-4 days after they make the offer but no more. Your days are numbered, so be careful.

In my state (MO), rental is extended 72 hours after an offer of settlement. That doesn't mean you agree with the offer, just that an offer has been made. 72 hours that's all they HAVE to afford you. I have extended it some dependent on individual circumstances, (ie weekend etc).

Many adjusters consider this while dealing with the property damage as the last thing they want is a P.O'ed person with an injury claim to be settled

I agree, although it is actually illegal to 'combine' or even 'consider' them together, Tcope is correct that it is in your mind (as an adjuster), that, ''I still have to settle this B.I. as well" (assuming same adjuster is handling both, which isn't always the case)..

Shouldn't be too hard to figure out, (quickly) the differences between the evaluations of your vehicles ACV (actual cash value) once the evaluations are side by side. Remember, though as I stated above it is just as possible that your carrier errored in their evaluation as the claimant carrier. If there is no error, and other carrier will not budge on the value, I would most certainly use my collision coverage, you will (either now or later) get that 500 back. Also not sure if you understand (many don't) in this instance (total loss) you won't actually be 'paying' that deductible it will just be subtracted from the draft.

As to your boy's injury, I would make sure (wait a week or so) that he is fine, and not going to require any additional medical care. Then I think I would want a little something. Few hundred dollars or so for his (and your) pain, inconvenience, trauma etc.

Good luck, so glad :D your son (and you) weren't injured any worse. Let us know how it turned out, or if there is anything else we can do to assist you ! :)

Posted: 24 Sep 2007 06:14 Post Subject: Can I Seperate the Claims?

Both issurers are seperating the Damage and Medical claims and having me deal with different departmets. I've decided to let my insurer handle the damage claim since Gieco wouldn't up their total loss offer. Does this mean need to go thru my issurance for the medical bills too? or can I go thru Gieco for that if I want. Thanks again for the help, the total loss info came in handy and help me feel more confindent when I was discussing this with both appraisers.

Posted: 24 Sep 2007 06:21 Post Subject: Car Rental

Gieco has been suppling me with a car rental while we've tried to come to an agreement. I'm turning the rental back in today, can I now use the $600 of rental allotment from my insurance or is that not possible.

Posted: 25 Sep 2007 12:18 Post Subject:

Both issurers are seperating the Damage and Medical claims and having me deal with different departmets

They have to (not separate dept. but handle them separately). You cannot combine the physcial damage and injury they have to be handled as two claims.

I've decided to let my insurer handle the damage claim since Gieco wouldn't up their total loss offer

That was a good idea.

Does this mean need to go thru my issurance for the medical bills too?

Your company (if you have med pay) will handle that in ADDITION to the injury claim/settlement you will have coming from Gieco, and the medical bills paid again by them to you.

Generally injury claims are not paid (under the Bodily Injury or liability portion, by the claimant or adverse carrier) until you have finished all treatment and have 'healed' they will pay the medical bills incurred, loss of wage and your pain and suffering all at one time and together (usually). Your company cannot pay you an injury settlement (except in an uninsured motorist situation which this clearly is not).

or can I go thru Gieco for that if I want.

No 'want' to it on this one, if you have an injury claim Gieco is the ONLY one that can pay that.

I now use the $600 of rental allotment from my insurance or is that not possible.

The $600 is the MAX coverage you purchased per accident is is probably $20.00 per day for a max of thirty days (or $600.00). Ask them and see. Have they made an offer of total loss settlement (your company)? If so (generally) they will give you 72 hours after that. It also makes a difference in the coverage, is it rental reimbursement-loss of use-or rental? Also something to think about as well if it is as I mentioned a max of 20.00 per day, you more than likely will be paying an additional $5.00-20.00 per day out of pocket if you cannot get a rental vehicle (all inclusive including taxes etc) for 20 per day. Understand?

Clear as mud isn't it? :? That's the main reason I think these forums are so important. There are so many 'if's' especially in claims!

Let us know if that's what you needed. Again, you will have an injury claim to negotiate and settle with Gieco, your company will (now) handle the subrogation with them regarding your vehicles total loss settlement. You will be out your deductible (maybe), if Gieco won't 'front' it to you.
Until the subro demand has been paid to your carrier by Gieco.

Posted: 25 Sep 2007 12:55 Post Subject: Medical Release Form?

I recieved a form from Gieco which they say I need to sign and send back to them which will allow them to discuss my son's medical info and history with his doctor. Is this ordinary procedure and nothing to worry about? I've already faxed them a copy of the reciept for his doctor visit.

Posted: 25 Sep 2007 01:01 Post Subject: Thanks So Much!

This forum has been the greatest of helps. Lori you are the best! Being a single father, I really need to watch my pennies and something like this is really important. No one in my circle of friends and family have had to deal with this, so I really didn't have anyone to advise me. I'm so glad I did a search for help and found this forum. I'm getting a rental car thru my insurance for 8 days and becuase I'm in Virginia my agent said that my $600 is cumulative and not on a $20 a day basis, so no out of pocket. The medical stuff isn't time sensitive and only a minor injury, so that should be easier to deal with. Now I can just enjoy the fun (sarcastic) of haggling with car salesmen. Thank you again Lori! YOU ROCK

Posted: 25 Sep 2007 01:09 Post Subject:

I recieved a form from Gieco which they say I need to sign and send back to them which will allow them to discuss my son's medical info and history with his doctor

Yes, this is standard, if it says something like, ''authorization to obtain medical information'' or 'release of medical information' as long as it DOESN'T say (and I'm sure it doesn't) RELEASE of all claims' etc. They need this to get all bills, doc reports, nurses and docs notes etc. in order to properly evaluate your son's injury.

This forum has been the greatest of helps. Lori you are the best!
Thank you again Lori! YOU ROCK

Aren't you sweet?! :oops: You are welcome, it is my pleasure, and the whole reason I have joined forums such as these, to try (in some small way), to help take some of the confusion, sting, and trauma out of the claims process for those without experience or personal contacts to aid them.

You made my day!

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Posted: 29 Oct 2008 07:51 Post Subject: Oregon car accident

Hi mydaughter was reared ended a year ago. She has been going to the doctor and pysical therapy. It has not helped. She is a college student and has tried to continue to work but the injury from the accident has made it so that she is constantly in pain. How do you go about seeking wage loss from your job or the insured carrier, that rear ended her. Please help

Posted: 30 Oct 2008 04:24 Post Subject:

If she has been working at the time of the accident and had missed her work for it, she may be entitled for the wage loss. However, a college student can't demand compensation for wage loss if her graduation has been delayed for the accident. However, she work status may also play a role in determining her benefits i.e. in many state the benefit is only awarded to the taxable income.


Posted: 30 Oct 2008 04:25 Post Subject:

The wage loss claim, if any, should be filed under the policy of the responsible driver. The employer has no liability of the wage loss caused in an auto accident, if its not mentioned otherwise in the contract drawn by the employer. I'd suggest you to discuss the issue with the insurance adjuster for clarification.

Posted: 05 Oct 2009 07:28 Post Subject:

I was In A car Accident i Hit A car from behind my wife was in my passenger seat she was injured. this is my First car accident, my car is a total loss i have full cover insurance what do i do from here anyone can help

Posted: 05 Oct 2009 07:29 Post Subject:

I was In A car Accident i Hit A car from behind my wife was in my passenger seat she was injured. this is my First car accident, my car is a total loss i have full cover insurance what do i do from here anyone can help

Posted: 07 Sep 2010 11:32 Post Subject: Totaled Car

My daughter had an accident and she was not at fault. Her car was totaled and the insurance company wants to pay cash value and NOT replace the car. Is that acceptable. I was under the impression that they had to at least replace my car and the amount they are offering will not replace it.

Posted: 09 Sep 2010 07:02 Post Subject:

the insurance company wants to pay cash value and NOT replace the car. Is that acceptable. I was under the impression that they had to at least replace my car and the amount they are offering will not replace it.

Many people, unfortunately, have a misconception (your word is "impression') of what auto insurance is going to do in the event of a collision or other total loss. Unless you have a specially issued policy that places a specific value on an automobile, the standard policy language only promises ACTUAL CASH VALUE which is the same as saying, "We will pay the replacement cost of your particular make, model, and year of vehicle, MINUS all depreciation up to the moment before the event that destroyed the remaining value of the vehicle."

No auto policy promises replacement of the vehicle only. The words of the contract usually permit one of three alternatives: repairs, replacement with another vehicle of like type and quality, or actual cash value. Add to that the other qualifying language: whichever is less. You would probably prefer language "whichever is more", but insurance is not like Burger King . . . you don't get it your way.

Instead, most states' laws allow an insurer to "total" a vehicle when the cost to repair or replace exceeds just 75% or 80% of the actual cash value. Where disputes arise in a claim is over the determination of the ACV. They say it was worth $5000 and you believe it was worth $10,000. One or both will eventually have to agree to some other value.

The insurance company is acting within the law. The only question is: Are they offering your daughter a reasonable amount of money based on the ACV of the vehicle? You don't have to accept their first offer if you think it is too low. You can always make them show you the justification for their decision. If you can provide a different (higher) justification, they may agree to match that or will negotiate somewhere in between. Accepting any offer ends the insurer's obligation to perform.

The course of action you choose to take is up to you. You could even complain to the state's Dept of Insurance if you think the insurance company is abusing you. But it is not a matter at this point for some attorney to handle. That, in my opinion, would be a mistake

Posted: 23 Oct 2010 03:51 Post Subject: total loss vehicle accident

My son was involved in a car accident with another driver who blew and tire and swerve into my vehicle. The other driver has insurance and is taking blame for the incident. The adjuster says my car is a total loss. I have a 2009 passat cc sport 1 year old.
Steal owe on the car. My son was taken to the emergency room with contrusion abrabsion, stiches etc. I also have gap insurance. How can I be compensated for my son injury and the inconvenice of not having a car.
Can I ask for a replacement car or request a comparable replacement. Thanks

Posted: 10 Jan 2011 05:27 Post Subject: purchase total loss car

i want any car for total loss

Posted: 08 Feb 2011 02:27 Post Subject: one time offer

I was in a auto accident 1/05/2011 I was a passanger in a car and we were hit by an mack truck and now GEICO stated that they would give me a one time offer what does that mean I sent them the release form for my medical it has been 1 month now what is taken so long for them to settle I've lost 5wks off school :? :?

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Posted: 25 Sep 2019 02:48 Post Subject:

Woman loses thousands in online dating site scam

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For such a compulsive er, careful person, The bookshelves trace an easy history of his reading life, One kind of perceptive biography. unfortunately, engaged to him, I've become conscious of the alternative biography my books represent, past stray dating in spanish intentions, Youthful dreams, Old interests which has run their course but not quite expired, Since almost always there is that chance I might decide to learn at last about portrait miniatures, or neuroscience, maybe the Battle of the Alamo. (Part of fifty-five that I'm someone who would genuinely like to know more about those subjects but who reads mostly in bed, during the night time, And by then I'm less planning to pursue new information than in a bedtime story.) While I've amassed so much unread novels, It's the failed nonfiction volumes, by their weighty titles and untouched pages, That stand out and reflect back at me the younger selves who purchased them.

The most noticeable of those younger selves is the recent college graduate who moved from the east coast to Texas, Where romantic relationship. live. I was intrigued by this state, Fell fond of its outsize characters and narratives. I read a lot about Texas but surely bit off more than I could chew. The obsession had its boundaries. My shelves will still be crowded with unread Texas history: I wolfed down Robert Caro's biographies of Lyndon manley but never cracked Robert Dallek's; I read the first half of Great River, Paul Horgan's massive book regarding the Rio Grande, although not the second; And I have spent more than 20 years now meaning to read David Montejano's Anglos and Mexicans in the Making of Texas 1836 1986. (these kind books, that brings to mind, All used to cohabit a Texas themed shelf until my partner imposed strict alphabetical order.)

Also present on our shelves are the ghosts of not finished or unstarted writing projects. following the birth of my first kid, When I wasn't regenerating much, I started work on a movie script about holographic bees (easily), And the view of my unread books about bees triggers a nostalgia of the same general type as, If less intense than, What I feel looking at baby pictures in which crazy time, When I was half out of my mind and attemptedto write something insane?

Perhaps in some cases it has actually meant more to me to possess a book than to read it, Because in the event that its contents remain unknown to me, It contains its mystery.

The unread book works as a provocation, A promise of something that might dissipate if I slogged my way through the text. I've read a small amount of Cave, settlement, And Eagle's home: An Interpretive Journey along with Mapa de Cuauhtinchan No. 2, A sumptuous art book about a 16th century pictorial manuscript from Mexico, But the academic papers the ebook contains could never equal the majesty of the map itself, reproduced in fold out pages, Or its deeper suggestiveness. I keep this book around even though I don't wish to make anything of it in a literal sense i don't want to write fiction or nonfiction or a nutty screenplay about a mesoamerican document, But I wish for it to somehow whisper in my ear while I write something not at by pointing out map, For its enigmatic presence to depart some ineffable trace.

alternatives dead young woman picture on the cover of Love and Loss: American portrait and Mourning Miniatures: I open to the midst of the book and learn that her name was Harriet Mackie, A 17 year old from Charleston, south carolina who, one or two days before her wedding, Fell ill one night and died the particular following morning.

A rumor persisted that she'd been poisoned, And her story seems to have inspired at least one novel. i'd guess that this book, furthermore, Stays on my shelf as a source of oblique model. Not so that I can write a mystery novel set in antebellum south carolina, Which I am impossible to ever do, But on account of the Persephone like figure Mackie represents, including the title itself. Love and loss what do we think about, If not too?

As I period I've been chastened, By life and by only a little space, Into buying fewer books sadly enough it's now the "conserved for later" Section of an Amazon shopping cart solution that houses my stray intentions, frankly a zillion novels I haven't made time for, Books in spanish tongue, Math and technology books, some other book of Texas history, Tediously interspersed with socks, Sleep wellness, And toy characters. regarding books not read, Products not ordered: How tedious. It's enough to send me to my local book seller, Though i'll have to go to the bookcase store first.

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and dealing for a Zoo

13Zoo pets Zoos

Zoos, getting mammoth kitten roles, Internships as well thai women Educationby india Arnold 6 a long time ago

researching for grand CAT ZOO KEEPER degree? how to get professional huge puma Internship and after that practical experience. sought after special pussie internships, a good education, plus business opportunities force "rather huge Cat elegant schools, noticing how you can, makes a fresh and additionally pleasing prospect about working for significant most cats!

27Zoo rats Zoos

simple fact the insightful worth of Zoosby Melissa A henderson 5 often

things we study from heading to zoos? do you think of honorable to have zoos when it comes to instruction?

Malabon Zoo in Manila inside your Philippinesby chris Dickinson 8 rice

Malabon Zoo is a common non-public zoo positioned in involving general vicinity Manila. readily obtainable from trhe Manila metro much more a cool substitute for Manila Zoo.

27Zoo family pets Zoos

texas Zoo is very much hugest Zoo into Texasby Peggy bushes 2 years ago

catch sight of artwork instuction videos in connection with largest zoo in colorado front range. the very ample facilities zoo offers not only wonderful spend time and instructs in viewers for endangered type a whole lot more in a wonderful adjusting.

55Zoo predators Zoos

8 SeaWorld but also captive Orca Criticisms may possibly be Completely Misguidedby Melissa A smith 5 years ago

Blackfish evoked judgments while fighting SeaWorld, zoos, so owners associated with attentive wildlife put the lie to.

14Zoo toys Zoos

Internships or maybe a helping out utilizing key character shelter (polk)by way of Melissa A jackson 4 prohibited

you important information for would-be zookeepers yet others all in favour of animal corresponding show good results this may be thinking helping out at the usual big pussy-cat recover within polk, north carolina.

29Zoo toys Zoos

Zoo Misconceptionsby peter Dickinson 2 yrs ago

some people are contra- zoo as a misconceived methods. locate good zoos as well their unique are bad zoos. to this article there can be tons of zoo misguided beliefs outlined truthfully.

0Zoo beasts Zoos

retaining pet animals in Zoos definitely is Cruelby theherbivorehippi 6 rice

learn the best unwashed bit tricks just that zoos want to avoid you to find out. profession animals, will not underpin captivity. rodents work of the countryside.

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