"Non Manual Visits" meaning

by Guest » Thu Apr 05, 2007 09:56 pm

I need to know the meaning of the following sentence:
UK and elsewhere in the world in respect of non manual visits.

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You could try adding at least some context to your post. Other then that, I can think of a few hundred meanings.

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I have to agree with tcope on this one. That could have numerious meanings. Where did you find it? What are we talking about here. We def need some more specifics in order to help you out. Looking forward to your response.

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3.4 Territorial Limits
UK [and elsewhere in the world in respect of non manual visits]

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Well Mr. Calogero.. Although I donot know the entire meaning of what you intend to say..It woiuld have been better if you could have briefed d case a little bit more.
However. Non Manual visit may refer to the term in which a party/company providing services do not visit inperson to the site where service is required instead tries to fix the problem in offline mode. may be via Internet/Telephone as suits the customer....
If you specifiy a bit more clear ...May be i can help a lil bit more.

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 10:27 am Post Subject: Non Manual Visits

Tank you very much. I think that is enough. I am not very good in giving a detailed explanation of the context because of my englesh skill. My wife is doing a translation work for a costruction company. But she have some problem with insurance terminology. The document with the sentence I need to undestand is:
"Biological Treatment Facility Contract Agreement - Policies to be taken out by the Contractor and maintained during the Works Period"

Bye bye
Tanks again

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Biological Treatment Facility Contract Agreement..THen its defn the one i explained i hope....
Enjoy buddy....

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well dis logout problem i want to point out again also...d above gueat was me.

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I think there is local cache problem you are facing. I have checked many times and I will be checking again. If there is any problem I will fix it. Thanks for pointing out the problem.


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thanx MAC actually i had pointed dat before too..please take care...tell me

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