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dear friends!

I'll be shifting back to my New York residence soon, as I'm gonna take up a new profession out there. I'd like to know if the temporary wage earners in the pvt. sector out there are covered by the Temporary Disability Insurance laws!

Also I'd be grateful if someone could inform me whether it necessitates employers out there to offer any form of sickness protection to the employees. Thanks a lot!


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Hi! David,
Yeah, private sector employees in New York are covered by Temporary Disability Insurance laws. New York, is one of the five states, that has temporary disability insurance law. Like the unemployment insurance, it covers the commercial and industrial wage earners.

Temporary disability insurance also called the cash sickness benefits require the employers to provide the workers with partial compensation for their wage loss due to temporary non-occupational disabilities.

This state also requires the employers to provide their workers with a specified amount of sickness protection with privately insured or self insured plans.

Hope you will find this information relevant, if you have any more queries please ask.

Take care. :)

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Hi, although Juanita has touched upon all the facts related to Temporary Disability Insurance laws, I just want to add few more points to it.
• Different states treat sick-leave payments differently. In NY any amount that you will receive from your employer gets deducted from the sick leave payment.
• If you are receiving unemployment benefit for a week, you may not receive disability benefit for that week.
• In all the five states which have temporary disability insurance system, the weekly benefit amount that you will receive is related to your earnings in the covered employment.
• In NY the dependents of the beneficiary may not receive any compensation under this plan.


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Hi David,

The temporary wage earners in the private sector are covered with the Temporary Disability Insurance Laws.

Yeah, I agree that the temporarily disability insurance is also known as the Cash Sickness Benefit. It provides the worker with partial compensation due to the temporary disability. It is available in New York.

It covers industrial wage and salary workers in private sector.

Best of luck for your new job!


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I agree with these guys. You are likely to get the temporary disability insurance in New York. And it covers all the people working in private sector.

Good Luck!

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Wow! That's quite a lot of information. Just one more thing, the duration of the temporary disability benefit normally varies between 26 to 52 weeks, depending upon the total amount of your base-period earning and the length of employment.

Take care

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Hey there!

I would like to add, that in order to be eligible for such coverage you always have to have certain earning requirements and also get medical certifications from a certified healthcare provider clearly stating your inability to work under the circumstances. I will also suggest you to consult an attorney.

All the best for your future and the new job!

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