Water damages covered by renter's insurance

by Guest » Fri Jul 20, 2007 06:29 am

Hi guys, I have recently rented an apartment and just curios to know about the water damages that are normally covered under a renter's policy. I will appreciate any suggestion from the community members.


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Hi David, the renter's insurance cover the water damages normally covered under the homeowner's policy. That is, damages caused by home appliances or plumbing leakage. Some policies also cover you if you suffer the damage due to another renter's negligence. But not all policies are same. Therefore, acquaint yourself well with the' covered perils' of your policy to avoid any future complication.


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Yeah, insurers turn enigmatic when it comes to water damages. They sometimes do not cover the damages what seems very normal to be covered. Most of the renter's policies do not flood. Also, they may not cover damages caused by leaking water pipes. Normally, the insurer will list the perils they cover and also the perils they exclude. You may need to buy extra coverage for the perils which are not covered under the plan. However, a renter's policy may cover the extra living expenses, if you are unable to live in the apartment during repairing.

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David, I have tried to list the water damages covered and excluded by the renter's policy
The renter's policy normally covers the following:

  • Damages done by snow or ice
  • Sudden and accidental water damages
  • Damages done by rain water if it is caused by storm
  • Freezing of plumbing
  • Sudden discharge of water by plumbing or automatic fire protective sprinkler

The policy will not cover you if -

  • The water damage is resulted out of poor maintenance
  • Water leakage had caused a ‘mold formation' and that has caused the damages
  • Damages caused by ground water seepage
  • Damages caused by flood water

Hope this information will help you.


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I guess the first question would be are you talking about damgaes to your contents or to the structure? Fatman noted above the causes of water damage that may be covered. Normally renters insurance is going to cover contents, and the landlord or building owners policy will cover the structure. On a renters policy, you could also have some coverage for damages caused by you to the structure(liability), but this would depend on your policy and the cause of the damages. You would need to post addtional information to get additional information.

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