Do you have diabetes or know someone who does?

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Medpoint Advantage for Diabetics

Has anyone here heard of this? Its zero out of pocket for diabetics. Insurance companies pay for this for the diabetic. The customer recieves a Diabetic kit. The Diabetic Kit each Member receives includes a blood glucose testing monitor, blood glucose test strips, lancet device and lancets, and glucose control solution, and a holder for the monitor. At the end of the day, they plug in the holder, put the monitor in it and the holder calls an 800 numer and transmits the information.

Medpoint advantage is not a diabetic supply company.
The Advantage is they are able to monitor the diabetics daily results. The doctor is able to see the daily results instead of relying on a 3 month average which has been the standard for years. This gives a better understanding of what is going on with your blood sugars. The doctor is able to better treat his/her patient.

If you do not have diabetes or know someone who does it is difficult to understand that high blood sugars can cause blindness, ESRD, loss of limbs, etc. It is something that if controlled and monitored, can be a life saver.

If you are a diabetic or know someone who is... this is a great thing to have. Contact me at for an application and I will email or fax it to you..


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Posted: 18 Sep 2007 05:02 Post Subject: Body Mass Index Calculation before you step into it!

..Or else if you're sceptical of contacting anyone...then before you step into any diabetic monitor company...jus do the needful...just collect some important information using a tool provided by this friendly community!
Well if you're interested toknow about these medifacts switch to the BodyMassIndex calculator at the following url-

Hope it helps you a bit! Fatman

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Yupp! Such an option should be highly appreciated by one and all if it truly provides with an estimate of the current functioning results before we get into any supplier. But when you're talking about controlling it...I'd truly like to know if it can be controlled at all!
Well,I've come to know of an instrument that would just get a drop of my blood to derive the level of sugar in my body. How about that! I'd share the name of the instrument as soon as I manage it. Thanks to all in the community! RickJohnson

Posted: 18 Sep 2007 05:12 Post Subject: about the BMI

My friend, this BMI calculator is also another instrument of great significance...I've often tried it off with a couple of friends n relatives...n if you'd believe me it has indeed yielded great results.
Regards, ArindamSenIndies

Posted: 21 Sep 2007 12:36 Post Subject: Mary... what you are saying is not entirely correct.

The insurance company does not pay for the plan. How can Medpoint pay for a plan that has a $0 Premium? The answer is that it is a special Needs Diabetic Plan (SNP) that is available in all States, and in all Counties.
If the diabetic has Medicare then Medpoint is reimbursed through the Center for Medicare Services (CMS). If the diabetic has medical insurance it works best if the deductable is low since Medpoint will bill the insurance company.
If anyone wants to know more about this much needed Medpoint product either contact Mary at the email she left above or contact me at
Good job Mary.
Thank You,
Ron S

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Hi Ron,

I know this disease management company - Medpoint Advantage is helping lots of diabetics in my area here in Wyoming. Its very nice to know that the doctors can view the patients glucose level on a daily basis via computer. If it is too high or too low they get a call from a care coordinator to let them know to call their doctor. This is the first company of its kind to monitor diabetes. Its a great help for children and their parents and for seniors, or just anyone that has diabetes. I signed my father and my father-in-law up for it, one is in Texas and one is in Ohio. They are both very happy with the plan. The only thing they need to do now is provide the needles and the insulin - but I have heard thru the grapevine that they are working on that as well.

have a great weekend

or call 307-256-7136
you can check out the website at medpointadvantage dot com

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has anyone got paid for the sales on Medpoint Advantage? 8)

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This is a great post with invaluable information, my mother is diabetic and so is my mother inlaw and they manage their disease in completely different ways, one with medication and monitoring and the other does it by diet. I know they both use testing supplies, I will pass this information on to them. Thank you for a great posts.

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I'll have to look at this, my grampa has diabetes, but he hardly cares, the only changes he's made to his life is using sweeteners instead of sugar!

Once every 3 months is far too long, someones blood sugar can go crazy in just a week. But if it gets updated every day, it could save countless lives.

Thanks for posting this.

Posted: 07 Jan 2008 11:12 Post Subject: diabetes

sir can u pls tell me what should i eat

Posted: 15 Feb 2008 08:11 Post Subject: Diabetes Medications

Many name-brand medications for diabetes (and countless other conditions) are available for either $15 or $20 per month. Check out LifelineToMeds for a list of drugs available at low-cost to those without drug insurance or Medicare Part D. If you need a generic diabetes med, most are only $4 at Target or Walmart pharmacies. If your generic isn't available on their $4 list, you will probably get the best price for it at Costco because they don't mark up generics much. You don't need a Costco membership to use their pharmacy. If you need additional advice or help, contact me at or LifelineForMeds@yahoo. Helping is my mission. Peace, health and happiness to all. Diana

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Hi Diana,

Helping is my mission. Peace, health and happiness to all.

Seems you're another composition of a great mind with a great heart.
Hope, you'd keep visiting the forums more & help solving the community problems.

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Diabetes is not a life sentence to a rigid and restrictive menu plan (and that the diabetic diet is mostly myth). Instead, nutritional management of diabetes is a lifestyle change balancing moderation and healthy food choices.

A registered dietitian, preferably one who is also a certified diabetes educator (or CDE) and/or is experienced in diabetes care, is an essential resource for learning more about individualized menu planning and food choices with diabetes.

Food and Diet by Diabetes Type

While food is a factor in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes management, the rationale behind dietary adjustments in each is different. Those with type 1 diabetes base their insulin dosage in part on what they eat. Those with type 2 diabetes often use their dietary choices as a method (for some, the primary method) of controlling their blood glucose levels.

Type 1 Diabetes and Diet

Learning how to calculate carbohydrate grams and account for other important food factors, such as fiber intake, is essential to good blood glucose control for people with type 1 diabetes.

If you are on standard insulin therapy (i.e., your insulin doses stay the same from day-to-day), you need to consume roughly the same number of carbohydrate grams daily to avoid blood sugar highs and lows. People on standard insulin therapy generally use simple carbohydrate counting, which sets a certain number of insulin units for every 15 grams of carbohydrates eaten (15 g=1 carb choice). Your healthcare team can help you determine the appropriate amount of daily carbohydrates for your particular insulin regimen. People who are overweight or obese have weight loss issues to take into account when developing an eating plan. A registered dietitian experienced in diabetes management can help determine the optimal daily amount of carbohydrate and calorie intake. Exercise is anintegral part of any weight loss routine, so patients with type 2 diabetes should work with their healthcare team to create a safe and effective individualized fitness plan.

Those with type 1 diabetes who are controlling their diabetes with flexible insulin therapy are able to adjust the amount of insulin taken before a meal to counteract, or “cover,” the grams of carbohydrates that are about to be eaten, which also allows them to vary their carb intake from day to day. Insulin dose is calculated based on an “insulin to carbohydrate” ratio that establishes a set number of insulin units for a certain quantity of carbohydrate grams. The insulin to carbohydrate ratio varies from person to person; work with your healthcare team to determine what ratio is right for you.

Type 2 Diabetes and Diet

One of the main treatment approaches for type 2 diabetes is medical nutrition therapy (MNT). In simplest terms, MNT is adjusting dietary intake to minimize dramatic highs and lows in blood glucose and keep levels within a safe target range. Carbohydrate counting if a useful tool for keeping diabetes under control.

In addition, as weight and body mass decreases in type 2 patients, so does insulin resistance, so MNT and any medication regimen should be constantly re-evaluated to ensure blood glucose levels stay within a safe range.

Other Considerations

Medical complications of diabetes such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, or kidney disease may require some dietary adjustments (i.e., sodium restriction, low-fat, low-protein). Again, a registered dietitian can help build a meal plan that fits all your individualized medical needs.

Thought this article would be useful to you.

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good post goodnatured, jitu, you could ask your doctors office for a recommended list of foods also or go on any diabetic site and they should define what the foods are that a diabetic person should and should not eat.

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arkansas class atomic electrical power ballistic rocket submarines (SSBNs). england and united kingdom show good results four SSBNs all, by means of this particular language of the 14,300 great deal Triomphant class and england the 15,900 bunch Vanguard grade. portugal and the uk perform well four SSBNs every single and every, by means of France's for the 14,300 mass Triomphant type since u. s,usa Kingdom's the 15,900 avalance Vanguard division. almost u. s citizens, this french language, And caribbean ships are nuclear power consequently are the number one submarines at any time before situated times one own country.

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there are 2 details analysis:

1. there are more women on the inside the ussr that time men. much more guys accordingly discriminating. many different them just divorces unique 30 35 years old her conversation to get married 18 years of age who is only disturbed to put engaged to be married. Many an area of spain remain time-honored and plenty of girls are marriage about 18 and show students caused by growing older 20. we are really not system wide towns and cities, but even oversized areas one can find an abundance of mothers and dads within young 20s. It is really difficult for women around 30 to receive married from italy. incredibly a good amount of breathtaking fshionable young girls are becoming abroad online dating services to gather man elsewhere.

2. Since there are many of stupendous runners locate online dating foreign girls, a couple online dating agencies collect for the reason that picky russian men's.

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