mobile home insurance

Submitted by fireyone on Sat, 01/12/2008 - 18:58

Is mobile home insurance more expensive than say insurance on a regular home. I just moved my double-wide onto a full foundation and need to update my insurance company. I think at some point I remember something about insurance on mobile home being more expensive.

Posted: 12 Jan 2008 07:10 Post Subject: mobile home insurance

Hi fireyone,

Is mobile home insurance more expensive than say insurance on a regular home.

My personal experience is that mobile home insurance usually is more expensive than a traditional "stick built" home.

There are two main reasons for this:
(1) There are fewer insurance companies writing mobile home insurance.
(2) The increased exposure to risk.

This would also depend on the "Protection Class" of the property. Insurance on a traditional home that is 15 miles from the nearest responding fire department might be a lot more expensive than insurance on a mobile home in a gated park in the city.

I guess the answer really would be - "It all depends."

Posted: 13 Jan 2008 01:21 Post Subject:

I live in a double wide, my homeowners is not too awfully expensive, think it runs about $500 a year, I would have to double check, I have it in with my escrow, but I have total replacement insurance on the home and everything. I don't think it is much higher, Pretty sure it is around $500 a year. See what some other people say here and if you want I can dig it out and look.

Posted: 13 Jan 2008 02:40 Post Subject: mobile ins.

thats about what my insurance runs. I thought though once you make it "unmobile' it goes down. I have that same replacement about 430 yearly. Just thought maybe could save a little cash flow from that angle. Hoping to call insurance comp[any this week and check it out but I want to wait until the other porch is on (Mud out there right now...sink knee deep) just in case they would have to pop in. they say no porches, no insurance.

Posted: 14 Jan 2008 11:49 Post Subject:

that is not bad for replacement insurance, if you think about what it would cost you to replace everything. You think about what you pay for car insurance this is pretty cheap for your entire home.

Posted: 16 Jan 2008 10:28 Post Subject: insurance

I didn't think that was bad either. I had to up my inurance for the bank to consolidate my loans. Did that today. Got the value on my home. Came in at $117,000. That upped my spirits. Guess all this aggravation was worth it. Payment is very do-able (692). Beats the amount we was paying before. Hopefully everything is working itself out now so I can enjoy life and calm down. It's been a really long road...and I need some rest now. talk to ya soon

Posted: 19 Jan 2008 07:22 Post Subject:

fire insurance on mobile homes is always higher mostly due to they are made cheap and are a higher risk for fire. also they depreciate quicker some companies will give you more insurance than your covered for because if you do have a fire they depreciate your policy according to the age of your trailor you need to ask these questions when you apply make sure what you will actually get in case of a fire. check the fine print. your not allowed heating stoves in them either or your policy will be void in case of a fire check all this out before you apply.

Posted: 20 Jan 2008 02:36 Post Subject:

I would not use electric anyway, too darn expensive. I see your point dadummy, it does make sense that they would go up quicker, but I think some of the double wides these days are built pretty sturdy, like a house, you can order them to speck when you buy them new. Ours has the 2x6 studs in the outside walls, so it is not your typical mobile home.

Posted: 14 Feb 2008 01:52 Post Subject: mobile home

I know what ya mean erb. I live in one and it is really sturdy built. They changed the codes a few years ago on these types of homes. It really surprises many people the low cost of heating with as well insulated as they are. I see alot more people have been going this way. Now that this is on a foundation my insurance has dropped, guess it stops the depreciation thing.

Posted: 14 Feb 2008 03:03 Post Subject:

That is good, some of them are really beautiful, they are like an instant home, I have seen some that people do a little extra work on like decking and stuff and they don't look like your old time mobile home.

Posted: 14 Feb 2008 12:15 Post Subject:

Don't forget guys mobile and modular homes are totally different, a modular is looked at pretty much like a stick home. btw I'll make you all feel better my stinkin' homeowners ins is little over 1200 a year! yep 100 bucks a month! and I'm in a perfect fire protection class, every discount possible etc.... :evil: :twisted:

Posted: 14 Feb 2008 01:26 Post Subject:

Mine isn't too bad, I think it runs a little less than $600 a year also, It isn't something that I visit often, it is all in my escrow. I have total replacement on everything as well.

Posted: 15 Feb 2008 02:47 Post Subject:

Mine runs about a little under $500. I have the totl replacement thing too. I don't mind it really. The peace of mind from knowing your covered is better than fretting the what if's.

Posted: 15 Feb 2008 05:56 Post Subject:

I don't think that is too awful bad for a year fireyone. Does that include content and property also?
Do you keep an inventory of your personal items just in case something should happen? If not, your insurance company should be able to provide you with an inventory sheet that would make it much easier on you. You should ask them for one and do a personal inventory.

Posted: 15 Feb 2008 10:14 Post Subject:

Yeah it contains all of the above. Must admit I did get the top insurance for my home but like they say home is where you hang your heart. I did have an inventory list before I moved but I'm sure it needs to be updated since I haven't done it in years. I'm really glad you reminded me of that. I hate the thoughts of even thinking about a fire or having to go through anything like that. I just moved back into my own home after living with my sister for 5 weeks while they were setting this one up. Now I know where that old saying comes from "Theres no place like home". Well keep ion touch

Posted: 16 Feb 2008 12:30 Post Subject:

I have taken digital pictures of my higher price items and keep them in a file in my email, that way I can access them from anywhere. If you think about it, you could keep your inventory there too. that way if something did happen you could just email them to your insurance company. Just a thought.

Posted: 16 Feb 2008 05:50 Post Subject:

that would work and like you said they would not only be in the home so you would have access to them in case of this terrible event happening and your home being a total loss.

Posted: 17 Feb 2008 04:22 Post Subject:

wow What a great idea. That way you could have access to them anywhere there was a computer if all your home was damaged. You could even e-mail them to the insurance company. Definately something I will be doing in the near future. If you didn't want to go to that measure you could also save them on your cameras memory card and keep it in your vehicle. Just a thought.

Posted: 18 Feb 2008 03:01 Post Subject:

That would be a good idea too as long as the card will hold up under conditions, heat can get pretty extreme in the summer and it can get pretty cold in the winter, would your card hold up under these conditions.

One other thing, if you are going to store it in your email, make sure that your network is secure so that you don't have anyone hacking in. I don't really have any thing of great value that I would want stored at the US Mint, I have a huge gun safe that I can't even open, LOL, husband does that. It is fireproof and it is not easily moved.

We bought the gun safe more for safety and security, keep the kid safe and keep the thieves out. So far, so good.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008 11:04 Post Subject:

I often times considered buying a safe. One top reason is for its fire safe features. My husband has probaly what most would consider a smaller gun collection. He has a few guns of his own but the most valuable guns are the ones passed down by his father. They are older and look mreally weird to me. Guess they aren't the normal high featured guns but they mean so much to him.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008 07:25 Post Subject:

The big safes are nice, you can pile more than guns in them. We have everything in their, all the important paperwork in the house and etc.

Posted: 20 Feb 2008 01:56 Post Subject:

I have seen some big ones at the local walmart and other stores, how do you move them things around and how many people does it take to move them? I would think you would put it in one spot and leave it there right?
I never really thought about getting one, don't have that much valuable stuff laying around my house. What I do have isn't worth buying a safe for, would hate to lose it, but you get the picture, besides I would not have the room for it, my house is really small. Do you get any kind of break on your premium for having these fireproof safes? Are they covered? If they were in a fire and all the stuff on the inside was okay but the outside was messed up, I supposed the safe itself would be replaced right?

Posted: 20 Feb 2008 03:30 Post Subject:

I'm not sure if you would get any kind of insurance break for a safe but you would think you could. They would have a lot less to replace if it held valuables. I know you get one for being near a fire station and if there is a hydrant near your home. When I moved and had to change my home owners I actually got a little higher rate because I moved to a place that didn't have either when I use to have both. I imagine it would be a pain to move but that part definately put a smile on my face. I never leave anything in one spot and I can picture my husbands face when I would ask him to move it to another location. He is a man of very few words but one look at his face will tell you what he's thinking, although he would do it anyway. I'm sitting here thinking what is as heavy as a safe that I could get him to move so that I can get even for that ticket he got last night. te he he

Posted: 20 Feb 2008 08:29 Post Subject:

I would say so. They probably receive more claims as they generally aren't built to withstand the same amount of damage of an actual home. Can they even be insured if they aren't properly set?

Posted: 21 Feb 2008 02:00 Post Subject:

They probaly have all kinds of guidelines on those things. I imagine you probaly would get replacement value on the safe since it is a content of the house.

Posted: 24 Feb 2008 01:39 Post Subject:

They seem really heavy, I guess if you had a lot of valuables that it would be worth the investment. There are smaller ones also that would be more for me, I don't have a whole lot of valuables around.

Posted: 24 Feb 2008 04:49 Post Subject:

Another thing that I like about the big safe is that it is in a back room, out or sight, out of mind.
We have a smaller one that we bolted in the wall, it holds just some little things that we would need access to quickly, even though it has a code, I use the keys to open it.

Posted: 25 Feb 2008 12:32 Post Subject:

That is the kind I would like to have. I hate carrying around a thousand keys. Plus you could actually hide it somewhere that a theif couldn't find it. These days we all need to think about locking up our valuables. This area is getting really bad. The kids are all dropping out, doing drugs and looking for quick ways to get money. A lot of them never even heard of the word work. I honestly wonder what this world is gonna be like in the next 20 years. A bigger safe would be pretty good if you could hide it in a wall. I watch a lot of those crime shows and seen this idea. I always thought it was pretty awesome.

Posted: 08 Mar 2008 07:07 Post Subject:

Don't forget guys mobile and modular homes are totally different, a modular is looked at pretty much like a stick home.

Amen, sister.

Once a "modular home" is placed on a permanent foundation, it is very hard to tell that it is not a traditional "stick built" home.

The problem I have is that most people want to put a "modular home" on a hill in the country, 18 miles from the nearest responding fire department and the only source of water is the creek.

If you are determined to live in the country, you will pay the price.


Posted: 08 Mar 2008 11:59 Post Subject:

I lived in the country but right off a main route and the fire dept. is a little farther away but not too very far. I imagine it will affect my price on homeowners but it is of little matter to me now that I have left a drug infested town in my past and feel safer in my new area.

Posted: 09 Mar 2008 11:52 Post Subject:

If you are determined to live in the country, you will pay the price.

Boy did I find this out the hard way! and here I am a long time p&c adjuster, felt like such a moron. :oops: ..we bought a beautiful all brick home on five acres, literally half a mile outside the city limits....turned out it was in a rural fire dept zone, whos station was 10 miles away and volunteer, we paid out the nose for h.o. coverage, triple what I pay now! :shock: It was just crazy..As it was in my escrow, it increased my payment (then about 15 years ago) by 175.00 a month!, should I ever decide to move back to the country I know to check that out FIRST!

Posted: 10 Mar 2008 10:52 Post Subject:

Our local fire department is right down the road, they too are all volunteer. Lori, when I purchased my home owners they asked where the fire hydrants were too, to see if there were any real close. When we have a fire around here they usually drain the local creeks, those are our fire hydrants, I have a pretty big creek near me that they use when they are fighting a fire, it is just right down the hill.

Posted: 10 Mar 2008 11:30 Post Subject:

Wow goodnatured! they use the creeks to fight fires? wow.......are your h.o. rates out of this world?

Posted: 11 Mar 2008 02:21 Post Subject:

I am sooo laughing my but off> I can see how big Lori's eyes are imagining pumping water from a creek. Thats what they do here to. I hear of places they actually pay firefighters but thats got to be far far away from hillbilly country.
Hey Goodnatured...How do you know your a redneck????
When they pump water out of a local pond to die out your mobile home fire? I am still laughinggg......Ha HA HA

Posted: 11 Mar 2008 05:27 Post Subject:

Carriers for the most part want the fire department within 5 miles of the house, a fire hydrant within 1000 feet of the house. The type voluntary, paid, partially paid, subscription fire department is also taken into consideration, along with their ISO rating of the fire department (depending on the carrier).

I've actually saw lakes equipped with hydrants where the FD's trucks hook up to suck water.

Most mobile homes or modular homes (even newer ones) and the way they are constructed, the fire department is basically there to save anyone in the house and bring marshmallows to finish watching the floor burn down to the rails/tires. (quote from state fire marshal)

Posted: 11 Mar 2008 10:37 Post Subject:

I'm in redneck central, maybe our creeks aren't plentiful enough around here, cause I've never seen this...have seen the fire pumps at the one lake we have (that is surrounded by trailers..hmmmmmm)...

.the fire department is basically there to save anyone in the house and bring marshmallows to finish watching the floor burn down to the rails/tires. (quote from state fire marshal

Dasfuk, you're killin' me! :lol:

Posted: 11 Mar 2008 08:16 Post Subject:

A friend of mine is a cop in a large city in Ohio. He and the other cops affectionately call the fire department "basement savers". More of a running joke between the two departments and less of a slam.

Posted: 12 Mar 2008 12:43 Post Subject:

I think we have to give the fire dept. some credit. Seriosly I wouldn't want their job. The biggest down fall of being in redneck grand central (and living in a mod. home) is the only hope you have is streams and creeks. That does really make it hard during times with no rain. All in all I wouldn't trade it for in town living unless there was lots of space between my neighbors and myself. These days people are just in other peoples business too much.

Posted: 12 Mar 2008 11:10 Post Subject:

I don't think anyone was trying to be disrespectful to any fire fighter (my father in law is a retired fireman, and husband was fireman first year of our marriage) ..... I'm sure we all have tremdeous respect for the guys that 'run in while others are running out'

Posted: 12 Mar 2008 06:40 Post Subject:

My brother in law is a volunteer fire fighter. He does have some amazing stories to tell. Recently he responded to a car accident where one of the passengers had died. I really think you have to be strong to deal with this kind of stuff. I'm sure with your family having firefighters you know just how tough it can get on them and the family time they give up. I honestly didn't believe anyone was being disrespectful. When I get a chance to put in a good word for those guys I usually try to make sure I do.

Posted: 12 Mar 2008 08:00 Post Subject:

I honestly didn't believe anyone was being disrespectful.

good, i wouldn't want anyone to get that impression! :wink:

Posted: 13 Mar 2008 12:27 Post Subject:

Yeah sometimes things come out the wrong way and I find myself unintentionally putting my own foot in my mouth.

Posted: 13 Mar 2008 01:17 Post Subject:

I was not trying to be disrespectful. Firefighters do a great job at a thankless job. They cause too much damage on a small fire and people complain, they don't cause enough damage and a fire starts back up later and gets worse and people complain. The way I look at it, as long as they save the lives in the house.... that's all that matters.

Posted: 13 Mar 2008 02:02 Post Subject:

Alot of firefighters suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome just like the soldiers at war, I think that these guys and gals are selfless, my hat is off to them, I would not do it.

Now back to the creek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REDNECK, HELL YEAH AND PROUD OF IT!!!!!!! lol. I live in the sticks, the tankers fill pools, put out fires and any other water related issue with the creeks, doesn't every fire department????? seriously :shock: :shock: :shock: not kidding, that is always the way they have done it around here, there are not many fire hydrants, no town water system, we all pretty much have wells, sorry that this just seems so normal to me. :wink: :wink: :wink: :) :) :)

Posted: 13 Mar 2008 02:04 Post Subject:

oh yeah, my homeowners run right around $500 a year and that is total replacement of home and all contents, so I don't think it is too awful bad right?

Posted: 13 Mar 2008 10:31 Post Subject:


me too girl friend, but we apparently don't have enough creeks! ha ha...I'm sure there are some rural fire dept that do this in my area, I'm just unaware....i think they all fill their trucks (the rural ones) from either the one or two hydrants (in the small towns)...i'm right on the bank of the 'big muddy' but never heard of a truck 'filling up' there... :wink:

Posted: 13 Mar 2008 01:31 Post Subject:

No problem with creeks around here..only if we are in a drought. The fire dept. will even fill up swimming pools during summer months out of these creeks for a small price. I must say I am impressed with the fire dept. in this area. When I had to get my sewage permit last fall I had to have the holding tank filled with lots of water for the test. wasn't sure how I was gonna do this but someone from the dept. knew we were gonna have to have this done and actually stopped in and offered to help us out. We didn't even have to ask. They reluctantly took a donation after lots of insisting. Pretty cool huh?

Posted: 13 Mar 2008 01:35 Post Subject:

very cool

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About3869.. Very nice :)

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About3869.. Retweeted it :)

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