How are the claims adjusters compensated?

Submitted by honestr on Mon, 01/14/2008 - 03:38

Can anyone out there tell me how claims adjusters are paid? Are they on a salary, paid by the hour or paid a percentage of the claim they adjusted or a combination of the said above?

Posted: 14 Jan 2008 06:07 Post Subject:

Most of the inside adjusters, who work for the insurance companies, are salaried. They, generally, don't earn commissions for the cases. Most of them earn fixed compensation, irrespective of the number of cases they handle.

However, the independent claims adjusters or contractual adjuster are paid on per claim basis. They may earn a percentage of the claims settled, depending upon the nature of the claim.

Thanks, Rupert

Posted: 14 Jan 2008 07:07 Post Subject:

Are you aspiring to become an adjuster?

Well, the pay structure of the adjusters varies widely with the companies. And also depends upon the type of claim settlement you are associated with. An auto adjuster may make around $20,000 a year, whereas, the property claims adjusters can make over $40, 000. Do a bit of research on the compensation structure, before joining a company. You can get a fair idea by searching over net.

Posted: 14 Jan 2008 07:27 Post Subject:

Ho honestr, it seems that the other posters have guided you quite appropriately.

It can be any of the three ways you have mentioned. There are many adjusters, mostly the independent ones, who earn on hourly basis. The public adjuster may fall into this category as well.

If you hire an independent adjuster, you may also have to bear their travel expenses, in addition to their pay. Therefore, you need to evaluate the worth of your claim before deciding upon hiring an independent adjuster.

Posted: 14 Jan 2008 10:25 Post Subject:

if some claims adjusters are paid ascertain percentage of what the actual claim is, what or who stops the adjuster from inflating the cost of repairing the damages and lining his pockets? and don't say the homeowner because there more than happy to have their 5 or 10 yr. old big screen t.v. replaced with a brand new one. even though their t.v. was not damaged in any way shape or form from their mishap. ie watr seepage into rec room or small kichen fire

Posted: 14 Jan 2008 10:31 Post Subject:

I think I know what the OP wants from another post...

It does depend...if they work exclusively for one company they are (more than likely) salaried...they may be paid hourly but either way they ARE NOT paid by the claim or the amount of the claim...

Some independent companies pay commission that is a percentage of the total a public adjuster (in most cases) is paid like an attorney, a percentage of the settlement or on a contingency basis meaning they get nothing if they don't collect...remember public adjusters are (usually) hired by a person, (that is generally unhappy with the offer their company has made)....independent adjusters (again usually) are hired by an insurance company that just doesn't happen to have an adjuster of their own in the area...these are usually contracted prices...that the ins company the independent adjuster or appraiser...

If this is an independent adjusting company that has a bad adjuster or one the you think is taking kick backs, not only do you need to notify the owner of the independent company but the insurance carriers that adjuster works for thur that independent company...confusing?

example: ins company 'a', has no adjusters within 100 miles of ''po-dunk, missouri' so they hire, 'abc indepent adjusting company'' that is owned by albert the genius...albert has six adjuster that work for abc, and he assigns claims to them as they come in...albert may pay them by the claim or a flat rate, or even an hourly or salaried rate....ins company 'a' calls abert to have one of his adjusters go look at a car/home whatever and complete an inspection and est that is eventually forwarded on to the supervising adjuster at company'a'.....albert is paid a fee (usually one that has been nego. and contracted for all their claims in the area), by ins co 'a'....but barney the bad adjuster is actually employed and paid by albert........understand?

Posted: 14 Jan 2008 03:13 Post Subject:

I've worked as an independent adjuster and was paid (basically) by the hour. I've worked as an adjuster for a third party administrator as well as directly for the insurance company. Those times 9and there has been a lot of them) I've always been paid a salary. Getting paid based on the size of the claim would involve a conflict of interest.

Posted: 14 Jan 2008 10:08 Post Subject:

i don't see where paying by commission would be a conflict of interest as lori does state that that is one form of payment but i can see where its like having a license to steal especially when in such a trusted position.

Posted: 14 Jan 2008 10:15 Post Subject:

I'd think a "license to steal" _would_ be an obvious conflict. :) As mentioned, this would lead the adjuster to either over or under pay on a claim. A clear violation of the Fair Claims Practice (just the presence of the policy would be the violation, not even getting to the actual act).

I've never heard of an independent adjuster being paid on commision, based on the settlement amount (and I really doubt this is the case). The independents I know of get paid based on the amount of work they do (time spent working, that is).

Posted: 14 Jan 2008 10:33 Post Subject:

have you ever heard of the manager of the restoration firm adjusting a job and no adjuster even setting foot in the place until after the work has been completed. is that common practise because i'v seen that happen many many times.

Posted: 14 Jan 2008 11:50 Post Subject:

The restoration firm would not be "adjusting" as this is the process of handling the claim. It could be seen as this as the restoration company goes in, assesses the damage and then submits the bill to the adjuster. But the adjusters determines the coverage under the policy, reviews the bill to make sure it's in-line with the damages, and then bends over and pays the bill :)

I say that as "restoration" companies really over-charge. In many cases, they don't even do the work. If they sublet out 100% of the repairs, they add 10% onto the bill for their own profit. If they do the work, they charge large fees for the work done... and _then_ jack it up 10%.

That is why you see these companies handling everything for the adjuster. Because they know that they will end up making a ton of money on the claim. Sometimes I think they should send some KY with their bill (my apologies)

Posted: 15 Jan 2008 01:28 Post Subject:

now i understand a little better. my former boss managed the restoration business and owned the painting business. he subtraded all the painting drywalling and insulating from the restoration company to his painting company. his painting business which actually employed only 2 painters was grossing $500,000 a yr.

Posted: 15 Jan 2008 12:36 Post Subject:

It's a terrible risk that any ins carrier takes when they let a third party vendor 'do their job' meaning, just flat accepting, (and paying) estimates for repair without going over them with a fine toothed comb, and 'adjusting' the claim (where need be)...or minimally random audits for pete's sake! I know there are good resto companies out there, but greed takes a hold of some, especially if some company is fool enough to give them a blank check!....yet another reason our rates are thru the roof...

I've never heard of an independent adjuster being paid on commision, based on the settlement amount (and I really doubt this is the case).

Tcope, dude, I wish you wouldn't put it that way, it sounds like you think I'm fibbing :( Not that I can't be wrong, (I am daily, I try to learn something new daily)....

There are some independent adjusting companies that pay a percentage or commission, (couple of items I pulled from different company/edu/government sites below, and there are many many more) What you have to remember is the independent isn't usually 'paying' the claim, (in most cases)...the 'supervising adjuster' is, therefore has total control of the payment amount, and (should at least) reviews the estimates/appraisals, settlement offers etc....I've never worked for an independent adjusting company, I have however been offered jobs from three different ones, thereby knowing how they paid, (one was commission other two were 'by the sheet' kind of pay) and have 'hired' them and been the supervising adjuster many many times over the years..we know for sure a public adjuster is paid by commission percentage/contengency basis as well right, (in most instances)?

What types of pay scale are available?
Generally two types... Fee schedule and a flat daily rate. Fee schedules pay a percentage of the claim, whereas daily rate pay is based on just that, a flat daily rate. Some companies offer both, while others offer one or the other. This is something each adjuster needs to consider before deployment!

(adjuster education)

Competitive commission structures Payroll Every 2 weeks
Liability (E&O) policy Workers' Compensation policies.

(U.S. Staffing Adjusting Services)

An independent adjuster will typically be paid on a per claim basis with the amount paid being a relative percentage of the settlement amount. This is known as a fee schedule

(adjuster pro)

ok one more from the US dept of labor

Claims adjusters and appraisers working for insurance companies tend to earn slightly higher average earnings than independent adjusters because they have a steady income. Independent adjusters receive a percentage of the insurance company's settlement with its clients

I understand they don't all pay that way and perhaps some states have laws/regulations prohibiting it, but some do tcope... :wink:

Posted: 16 Jan 2008 12:48 Post Subject:

please tell me the difference between claims adjusters and an appraiser as the firm i worked for had 3 office people who called themselves appraisers? do you have to have any kind of certificate to be an appraiser because these 3 had no certificates and no training and that i am positive of. and lori i made a mistake when i said the insurance company was state farm. it was actually pilot insurance. three jobs prior to my being fired i was sent to paint a residence that had a chimney fire and no cleaners were sent prior to me painting the home. this homeowner has filed a lawsuit as his house smells like smoke and the smoke has bled through the paint job. i'm not sure if the lawsuit includes the insurance company which is allstate, but it does name the restoration firm and the painting firm. naturally i'm a witness for the complaintant and i do hope they DON'T settle out of court because i would like as many people possible to know how this firm operates. and from the information lori supplied independant adjusters can be tempted to inflate the claim so they make more money. question for lori, how can i tell who is independent adjuster and who isn't. hope that isn't a silly question as there is 5 or 6 adjusters involved and iknow of only 2 that work for crawfords. lori i know for a fact this certain adjuster is dirty and get this, he was at that time the president of the ontario insurance adjusters association. the adjuster that i mentioned that would'nt go look at the clients house when i told her it had never been cleaned was the president of one of the branches of the o.i.a.a. this site has been very beneficial to me and i will continue to try and get these people held accountable.

Posted: 16 Jan 2008 08:26 Post Subject:

Hi honestr, as far my knowledge goes appraisers are the evaluators of the property value whereas an adjuster evaluates the worth of damages.

Posted: 16 Jan 2008 09:58 Post Subject:

question for lori, how can i tell who is independent adjuster and who isn't

An independent does not work exclusively for one company like, state farm, allstate, etc...instead they work for a company like, GAB, Crawford, Frontier etc, I guess they only way to really know is to ask them who do you work for? If it's the company that pays the bill (actual insuring company) then they are not independent.

please tell me the difference between an adjuster and an appraiser

An adjuster can also be an appraiser, an appraiser does just that appraises damage, an adjuster would also investigate claims, coverage etc...not only appraise whatever damage there is.

do you have to have any kind of certificate to be an appraiser

no not necessarily. But you would need to know your topic (be it auto damage, carpentry, restoration etc). Some states may require cerification.

lori i know for a fact this certain adjuster is dirty and get this, he was at that time the president of the ontario insurance adjusters association

I don't doubt it...Perhaps you could let the steering committee of this organization know about sure you have proof (don't want a slander suit).

I appreciate your passion for truth and fairness...

Posted: 16 Jan 2008 04:57 Post Subject:

Hi honestr, as far my knowledge goes appraisers are the evaluators of the property value whereas an adjuster evaluates the worth of damages.

... and some are both. Most of the larger/national companies split the claim in some way, usually the property damage goes to one person and liability and any injury goes to another.

Posted: 16 Jan 2008 05:04 Post Subject:

I'm betting that it's independent property adjusterswho are paid based on the amount of the claim, as this makes sense. The larger the loss, the more work required and the more expertise is needed. But I doubt independent liability/injury adjusters are paid by commission. As an independent, that is what I did... investigated liability and settled GL/auto PD and injuries. This was needed as many companies did not have a presence in Florida and Florida requires an adjuster to have a license to adjust claims. But I'd also negotiate and settle BI claims all the time. That is, the carrier would give me an upper limit and I'd try to settle. If I were paid a commission based on the amount of the settlement, me thinks I'd always settle for top dollar (and I'd have a bigger bank account right now).

(that is what I meant by "doubt"... as an adjuster we know there are two sides to every story :) )

Posted: 17 Jan 2008 10:34 Post Subject:

I'm betting that it's independent property adjusterswho are paid based on the amount of the claim, as this makes sense.

I'm sure that's the case as well.....

that is what I meant by "doubt"... as an adjuster we know there are two sides to every story )

Yeah, no harm/foul...I would be surprised, not shocked (about much anymore :roll: ) if ''BI'' independents got commission,

If I were paid a commission based on the amount of the settlement, me thinks I'd always settle for top dollar (and I'd have a bigger bank account right now).

:D , as you say what would your incentive be to settle under the limit the adjuster gave you!

Posted: 31 Jan 2008 05:52 Post Subject: This is a crime, so the adjuster can make an extra dime !!

My insurance company hired an independent adjuster company to come for my flooded bathroom and kitchen. She came out before the restoration company was finished tearing up the house and is now trying to say that the leak in the wall behind the toilet that caused the flood is a second claim. We haven't yet found out WHY the toilet overflooded and it is expected that something is wrong with the pipes in the wall. This is the SAME wall that the shower in the other bath is connected to, and this wall is or has been wet and is now molding. My house is torn up and nobody can begin repairs until this shower is taken out .. but the adjuster is saying that it needs to be a second claim. I am certain she is doing this to benefit her income even though my home is a mess and torn all apart while my bathroom continues to rot away.

Posted: 08 May 2009 07:18 Post Subject: Your topic

Honest you should watch what you type before you get slapped with a slander suit.

Posted: 08 May 2009 08:12 Post Subject:

Honest you should watch what you type before you get slapped with a slander suit.

I figure anyone who does not know the difference between slander and libel probably does not understand what it is in the first place.

Plus, this thread is 5 months old.

Posted: 09 May 2009 10:24 Post Subject:

I figure anyone who does not know the difference between slander and libel probably does not understand what it is in the first place.

I'm too tired to go into too much detail too...will give quick pointer...'slander'' is spoken work, ''libel'' is written...and never happen on this (that part I'm too tired to explain).. :wink:

Posted: 15 May 2015 06:57 Post Subject: public adjuster

Does a public adjuster get his money up front or does he get a percentage of each check paid by the insurance co

Posted: 03 Jun 2015 12:10 Post Subject:

A public adjuster must negotiate a written agreement with the insured that describes his/her compensation. It is unusual for a pubic adjuster to charge a fee in advance because they cannot guarantee that they will succeed in handling a claims dispute. Instead, public adjusters generally ask for 10% of the amount of claims payment they obtain for the insured. Payment is the responsibility of the insured, who may ask the insurance company to pay that portion to the adjuster.

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Posted: 23 Feb 2017 11:34 Post Subject: kamagra 100mg

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Posted: 25 Feb 2017 03:39 Post Subject: Не получается продвинуть сайт?

Большинство проблем на сайтах с относительно низкой конкуренцией возможно показать за час-два и поправить за неделю.

Задачи которые сейчас я предлагаю уладить:

-Проинспектировать как продвигает сайт ваш специалист и проверить текующую ситуацию по SEO?
-Покажу недоработки совершенные раньше и сформирую сценарий по исправлению ситуации.
-Покажу как проверять деятельность своего SEO мастера.

Желаете взять SEO эксперта?

-Проведу собеседование потенциальногоSEO специалиста. Разберем по каким стандартам оценивать его уровень.
- Вместе рассмотрим различия между нанятым в штат SEO, делегированном SEO и раскрутке собственными силами.

Планируете своими руками раскрутить имеющийся web-сайт. Расскажу все насчет продвижения, после консультирования вам будет понятно:

-Как много будет стоить ваш сайт
-Как долго необходимо будет его продвигать для того чтобы достичь топов
-Из каких именно пунктов сформировывается само по себе продвижение, в целом проанализируем каждый из них.
-Рассмотрим в связи с чем не нужно пользоваться услугами контор, оказывающих предложения по SEO

Желаете создать веб-сайт и начать его продвижение?

-Расскажу а также продемонстрирую как создать весьма бюджетный и хороший вариант вебсайта.
-В какой степени объемным или сложным может быть ваш личный web-сайт для того чтобы конкурировать в топе.
-Сколько вбухивают ваши конкуренты в продвижение.
-в какой мере осуществимо войти в топы с вашим вебсайтом и с вашим бюджетом.

Желаете узнать окупится ли консультация?

Сделайте звонок по телефону либо в скайп - я дам ответ на абсолютно любые имеющиеся вопросы затрагивающие SEO и любого веб-сайта.

Любые вопросы - звоните +7(812)9114848 или по скайпу
Часовая беседа по стоимости 3тыс руб, возможно заключение договора и оплата на расчетный счет.
Оказываю безвозмездные консультации за рекомендации (так как у многих интернет-проектов проблему видно практически сразу)


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