what do you do now.?

by liaoyu03 » Sat Sep 08, 2007 07:51 pm

my family has been completely screwed around lately. my father was laid off because his company wasn't making enough money. He recently found a new job (whcih is good), however, it is making much less money than he was before. my medical situation has not been good at all. For some reason i have been getting worse. my breathing is harder and i require more oxygen. my liver and kidneys are not doing so well. my platlets are really high.

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Sorry to hear about whats happening to you. I have these bad periods sometimes also whene everything goes wrong. Eventually it will go away! Do you have any other family members that can help? Any friends? Try to see if you can find a job that you can do from your home to earn some extra money?

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Hi guys,

Dont bother replying to this thread. It was a crap poster who landed up here.


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