What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

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Hi! I am from Illinois and own a small business there. I want to know about Workers Compensation Insurance. How can it help me? And is it required in my state? Jeremy

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Workers compensation insurance is now required by most of the states to protect the interest of the employees. An employee is entitled to compensation if he/she suffers injuries in his/her workplace and face temporary or permanent disability. It is designed to save the employers from facing litigations if an employee gets injured while on business. The unique feature of this policy is its no_fault status, i.e. it will pay off the benefits regardless of the fact ‘who is at fault?' Most of the states mandate a minimum percentage of the worker's salary to be paid off as the benefit.

Hope these will clear some of your doubts.


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Yeah! Right Juanita, but it also covers the worker for the work-related illnesses. However, there are some exclusions too. It may not cover you if you suffer injuries while off-the-job. The same also holds if the injuries are self-inflicted or caused by drug overdose or drunk driving. Anyways, the Illinois laws authorized the workers to make the initial choice of physician. Jose :)

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Hi I have used the community search box and discovered these posts >> ampminsure.org/worker-compensation/index.html (I feel these posts might be of use as well!)

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Juanita is right, Jeremy- the biggest thing for our business was that we didn't have to fear the litigation in case of injury. In our state, they have minor emergency centers that handle our workmens comp injuries and treatment. If the employes is more seriously injured, they refer them to the hospital or other doctors., it is also required by law here for a business to have workmens comp.

If you check the pros and cons of this- I think you will find it is a small price to pay to have this for your business.

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