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by Scott Patrick Sewell » Fri Nov 14, 2008 03:43 am

I have worked for SHC for going on 7 months. I am making around $700/mo in 1st-year renewals already. My first paycheck was 18 days after I started for $219.23. My 29th day my paycheck was $1738.22. My 37th day was $332.20. My next paycheck was my 58th day and that was for $2022.55. Etc. I average around $1400 or so a week, w. my expense reimbursement bonus points for gas, I net around $1750/wk now. But, it took me literally over 8 weeks to get anywhere near steady income. I was in the hole for almost a month, but came out great b/c I stook to it. Take in my 1st year 3% renewals and and I am doing around $1900/wk, only getting better each month. W/o a doubt this time next year I will work half my hours (currently around 12-14 per day Tues thru Fri avg 3.5 hours on Monday) and make an easy $125K . Yep, it was really tough and I had my doubts, but I just kept going and it all came around eventually. You know, really, I like it more than the money b/c of the camaraderie I have delveloped w. my superiors and now, my 3 subs.... but most of all, I really, truly and honestly, KNOW I am doing a really great things for these sweet seniors I help (although some are not that sweet!). No, we do a super service and after you've past 4-8 weeks, you get the gig and everything falls into place. Look back, now looking in, it all seems worth it. Good luck all!

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OK...I'll be the first.

Who's SHC??

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Sorry, forgot to add something to the last post.

Whoever SHC is, you sound like you have a great work ethic and the understanding of what it takes to be successful in this business. From your post, I got the impression that you are more than likely working with Medicare Advantage, Med Supplement, LTC, or funeral plans. Possibly with a mix of life insurance thrown in.

Many of the people I run into see the numbers of what's possible, get a dream in their head, and simply refuse to put in the work ethic required in order to succeed. I have been in this business for years, on almost any side you can think of, and this problem will never go away.

So, congratulations on your success. Just a thought- why minimize your work days next year? If you keep the same schedule, think of what you can do for the next year. Start kicking back on the residuals, generate a lot of new business over the next 5 years, make sure you vet your contract (if a requirement) and put it on hyper-cruise. Work 30 hours a month on the big biz and servicing the accounts, and make sure you take care of the clients.

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Who's SHC??

SHC stands for Senior HealthCare Consultants. You can read more on them in teh forum, Insteacher.

Scott, I'm happy to hear that you have achieved success with the Senior Helathcare Consultants, since I've heard many negative things about them e.g. senior healthcare consultants scam stories from various people. I'm sure that they were good with you and you will continue tasting success with them.

Best of Luck! and also keep us updated with the future events.

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Ask them to see their audited financial statements and see the stink eye they will give you. Why wouldn't they want to show their financial strength. Hope ScottPatrickSewel doesn't spend years building commissions with a company that is not financially strong.

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A threat has been created in the Insurance Frauds section of this site and has been dedicated solely to the discussion of SHC. Please visit it.

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Funny, I worked for SHC, for 7 Months. paid for all the leads($18.00 if set. $5.00 if not. weather you could make them or not. Weather the senior felt deceived or not.
field training, was always out of state, at my expence. everyday, you,either purchase a tank of gass, or a hotel room.
In their defence, their products are great.
In 7 months, including license,gas, hotels and training, I lost a total of $17,000.00. I would not recomend to anyone.

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