Sample Life Insurance Claim Letter

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Filing a claim to receive death benefits from a life insurance policy is not that difficult. The insurance companies also don't take a lot of time to pay the claims. However, along with a life insurance claim letter, the insurers also ask for a valid/certified copy of the insured's death certificate and an identity proof of the beneficiary.

Below you'll find a sample life insurance claim letter, which you can send to your insurer:

Name of concerned person/claim Department
Insurance Company's Mailing Address
Company's City,State,Zip Code

Subject: Policy Number: #

This is to inform that passed away on as a result of


The deceased was aged at the time. A certified copy of the death certificate and the doctor's report are enclosed along with this letter. I, , am named as the beneficiary in the policy, and would like to file a claim with your insurance company.

As per my knowledge, the sum assured from the policy amounts to $. I would like to initiate the file process and request you to start off the claim proceedings in this regard. For any further information, you may get in touch with me at or mail me at .

I will be looking forward to a prompt response to my claim.

Your Signature
Your Full Name
Your Mailing Address
Your City, State, Zip Code

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