Hail damage claim

by WLRickie » Wed Jun 12, 2019 08:35 pm


I recently claimed for damage to the roof after a storm in Virginia. Insurance paid for replacement after deductible. The adjustor that insurance sent out for roof told me that I had hail damage to my siding also. I called and put in claim for siding. The insurance company made it into 2 separate claims, saying that it actually saves me money. if I made it into one claim, I would not be able to get any depreciation.

Roof claim
$5000 deductible
$3700 recoverable depreciation

$5000 deductible
$6,500 non-recoverable depreciation

Because the hail storm happened more than 180 days ago, I cannot recover depreciation. To me, it looks like 1 claim would be better for me since I would only pay 1 deductible, even if I don't get the $3700 depreciation for roof.

Also, can I cancel the siding claim? I cannot pay another $11,500 after paying for roof deductible. If there is another hail storm that damages the siding, can I make a claim then? Not sure I can ask the insurance company and I don't have an agent.


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