How to get the best rental car insurance

by Goodnaz » Thu Jan 10, 2008 01:11 am

What is the best way to get rental car insurance?

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Well, it would certainly depend on a number of things to begin with!
The first thing that you should take care of is to stay clean with your Credit Rating!
Today's Car insurance carriers would make sure that they would peep into your rating & base your rates upon the results. That is why it is all the more important for you check your report from time to time as well as do a bit of window shopping to mark out companies that won't conduct a credit check while offering you a policy. Yes, believe me there are companies who won't conduct credit checks!
Now its up to you :) Candle-in-d-wind-of-Swansea

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My friend,

I'd come across some information in the recent past that suggests that there exist some insurance companies that would offer you a 30-day trial period under a flexi-pay scheme- wherein you'd be protected for unforeseen failure of your car machinery. Such offers would surely cover your legal costs & would also guarantee your claim repairs for 3 years. You could also avail vehicle checks at a reduced price upon quote inquiries.
I'd also like you to go through the following article:
Wish you all the best.

David Flanagan

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Hi Goodnaz,

You'd need to understand the types of Car insurance coverages that are available for you. Yes, you'd find them in three folds- 3rd party, 3rd party theft & fire and the comprehensive coverage. 3rd party fire 7 theft would help cover for damages to any property & bodily injuries done to other people by your car. It won't protect you for the repair works done to your car after an accident. The 3rd party legal liability would cover you for any leagl liabilities that may come as a result of your car accident.

But compared to these, Comprehensive policies would apply to rental vehicles (pre-verifed ones). Thus it would protect you for the damages done to your vehicles. So, do your shopping keeping all these in you would defintely come across a lot of options online. So, don't get confused.

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What is the best way to get rental car insurance?

Think we've missed something here guys...What kind of rental car ins. are you talking about? Do you mean if you wreck your car, under your own auto policy purhasing car rental or rental reimbursement or loss of use coverage? or do you mean you want to rent a car? and you're car is fine...please explain the circumstances under which you need this rental vehicle THAT will determine the coverage you need. We will then have a better idea of how to advise you.

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