In California, can I get Unemployment when my disability ins

by Guest » Thu Jul 23, 2009 12:46 am

I completed the 52 weeks of SDI and I'm now wondering if I can file for unemployment after disability.

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If you collected SDI for 52 weeks then you have not recently worked so I doubt you could collect any unemployment benefits. First of all you would have to be willing and able to work but also you would have had to have some recent work since your unemployment benefits are paid according to quarters. They usually go by the last four quarters of work, which is a year, and you stated you were collecting SDI for that time period. I do not believe you would have any benefits payable.

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I completed the 52 weeks of SDI and I'm now wondering if I can file for Unemployment.

Why?? Are you no longer disabled? Has the doctor certified that you can join back the workforce? Can you search for job actively?

Posted: Sat Dec 05, 2009 02:58 am Post Subject: CA Unemployment

A couple of things for those in CA (I am an insider):

1. The interviewers do NOT automatically believe the claimant is lying. We do understand that Employers lie too as they have an interest in lying to us. The employer pays into unemployment, it does NOT come out of your checks.

2. If you are collecting unemployment and are engaging in self-employment or have a part time job, you MUST report your wages as you EARN them, not as they are paid.

-we will find out you are working and we will penalize you for it, it is fraud. We also know if you are working in other states.

3. If you do not have childcare, you do not qualify for benefits.

4. If you are caring for a relative full time, during your normal working hours for your occupation, you do not qualify for benefits.

5. If you are going to school during your normal working hours, you do not qualify for benefits. We do find out if you are in school.

6. We find out about everything you do, whether it's anonymous tips from people that know you, from other states, from your employer or former employers etc.

7. Employers in CA can fire you for any reason (except those protected under Civil Rights Act) or no reason. They do NOT have to give you a reason. The majority of the time, the ER's are the ones holding up your benefits!!!

8. You are more likely to get benefits if you get fired than if you quit.

9. We know when you go on Disability, you cannot collect both.

10. It is not a good idea to miss your interview if you have one! You will most likely be disqualified. They do not have to leave you a message to have you call back.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are available.

-it is your responsibility to make sure your information is correct, that you're reporting correctly, etc. Ignorance is not an excuse when it comes to the law and government money. There is literature that we mail out and there is PLENTY of literature online.

11. If you have a question during your interview, wait until the interviewer is done. **Many interviewers are jaded and impatient, it is not your fault, we deal with many MANY people that do committ fraud and should not be entitled to benefits. So it makes it harder for us to sympathize with those of you that are legitimately out of jobs.

12. The EDD staff do their jobs to the best of their ability, they have deadlines and standards of their own that are set by the Federal Government. They do not make the rules, they just follow them. They do not disqualify arbitrarily, we are trained to follow the letter of the law (the California Unemployment Insurance Code). If you dont' like it WRITE TO CONGRESS!!!!

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What if you are on disability and want to go to school part-time at night? My doctor still has me on disability but I'm so bored at home I need to do something before I go crazy; It's a Spanish class.

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Hi anonymous20

Education is somewhat different story altogether.Even if you are disabled and unfit to work still you could be able to get an online education/offline education as this is not considered as a income generating work.


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This does in some cases raise an interesting point though - if you able to persue a course of study, are you also fit to work? perhaps in a different capacity?

Posted: Sat May 19, 2012 01:05 am Post Subject: Termed while on disability

I was terminated from my job while on disability, when do i apply for unemployment? Before disability terminates or after?

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Everyone needs to remember that in order to collect unemployment insurance benefits one actually must be able to work and must be actively seeking employment.

If you're disabled and can't work at all, it's highly unlikely you'll qualify for unemployment insurance benefits.

InsTeacher 8)

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 09:17 pm Post Subject: Unemployment to disability to unemployment concern..?

If someone can answer this I would appreciate it!, I got laid off for a couple weeks, during which time my arm keeps going numb from multiple previous back and neck problems that honestly peaked during this time. Pending my Doctor app. We're he will tell me if I can work, or need to wait and heel ; If I'm collecting UE benefits I assume I just stop filling the forms out, discontinuing those benefits and begin to file for disability for what will probably will turn into maybe 6-8months. So when I'm better and I'm waiting for my union to dispatch me to a company for a job, or waiting for my previous employer to fit me back in crew( field of construction) will I be able to get back on unemployment ? I have worked steady for 15 years and have more than paid my share into the system, to think it would only be based on the most recent last years quarters would just be disappointing! I thought it would be based on just your last jobs quarterly income? Specially seeing how i have always earned and paid well above to receive max benefits, and being the claims, unemployment-Disability I would be filing are all tied together and of the same time and circumstance..? I really don't know and anyone with knowledge on the matter would be so appreciated!!?

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