Unemployment after disability is covered if you are laid off

by Guest » Sun Sep 24, 2006 10:25 pm

I quit my job because I had a serious illness and couldn't perform at work. I claimed temporary disability for 3 months and now I'm searching for a job. Can I get unemployment benefits while looking for a job in CA? I'm really suffering from this unemployment after disability.

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Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 04:57 am Post Subject: Surely !

Hi there, I'm sure this kind of temporary insurance is available for the workers in atleast 5 states namely Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, California and Hawaii, as well as the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. So you may go and consult with your state insurance department about filing your claim !

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 05:35 am Post Subject: Exceptions are there too !

Let me remind you - if you're a federal, state or any municipal employee or may be partners or say a non-incorporated self employed worker then this coverage may not be applicable for you at all !
Remember, that in order to be eligible for such a policy that covers unemployment after disability you always have to have certain earning requirements and also get medical certifications from a certified healthcare provider clearly stating your inability to work under the circumstances.
Thanx for consulting the community ! Evan

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 05:59 am Post Subject: A lot of infos.... unemployment after disability

Hi, I'm sure you're aware that this TDI is a form of cash sickness benefit that partially covers workers for any wage loss due to short non-occupational disability. It was enacted in California in 1946. The occupational groups which are opted out of this facility are the domestic workers, family workers, govt. employees as also the self-employed(except California law allows elective coverage for self-employed persons). California covers agricultural workers.

In California, its possible that the employers may "contact out" of the public plan (publicly operated disability insurance funds) by offering an approved pvt. plan. This plan is usually insured by any commercial company or may be financed by any self-insurance.

The Railroad workers are not allowed any TDI benefits while they receive any sick leave pay.

In california, the (benefits+paidsick leave) for any week during disability should not be more than the insured's weekly earnings before this disability. Also would like you to note that the waiting period towards payment of the benefits is waived off in California.
Also in California, a pvt. insurance plan must maintain more benefit rights than any under the state-operated plans.

I'm sure these basic infos gonna help you in some ways or the other !
regards, attorney87

Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2009 03:32 pm Post Subject: wife pregnant and collecting unemployment benefits...

Wife pregnant and collecting unemployment benefits and has been looking for work all this time but now that she's getting close for the baby to arrive she has complications due to diabetes therefore her doc is going to allow her to be in temporary disability. The question is how do we go about switching from collecting unemployment to disability benefits and once the doc release her from disability and she still can't find a job go back to collecting unemployment benefits again? how do we do that? we tried going to our local unemployment office here in NJ but the moment that the lady at the help desk show her she told her that she needs to be in disability right away and she was only 6months then. Can anybody help us with this one?

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 05:06 pm Post Subject: unemployment after disability

jersey-curious, did you ever get a resolve to this issue (unemployment-to-disability-back-to-unemployment)? i'm in the exact same situation in california.

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 04:04 pm Post Subject: disability to unemployment

i got hurt at work , 3 months later they laid me off, i just got the ok to go back to work from the dr. it's been 1year 8 months since my injury. now there's no work and unemployment says i can't claim. is this true? p.s. i'm in california...

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:51 pm Post Subject: disability and unemployment

If anyone can answer this, Id appreciate it. I am going on shortterm disability and am sure that my employer will terminate me while I am gone. If that happens and I recover and am off disability, can I file for California Unemployment Benefits?

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 09:13 pm Post Subject: UI benefits after SDI

I have been on short-term disability for < 1yr. My job terminated me back in Dec. 2010 while I was still under dr. care. I have been released to return to work on 3/7/11, ( 3 days from now). Am I eligible to qualify for UI benefits until I find work?

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 09:26 pm Post Subject: job search after RTW

I am a nurse, whose just being released to return to work (RTW) after nearly 1 yr of disability. Does the State UI allow me to look for work in my "respected field" and not any random "unprofessional field" of lesser training and still qualify for benefits until I find work.

Posted: Fri May 13, 2011 02:44 pm Post Subject: WORK RELATED/UNEMPLOYMENT

hello hurt my knee & year later doc released me to go back to 30 minuets on legs per hour & boss says she has no job for me so i was let . can i draw unemployment since i can not go back to type of work i was doing?

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