Senior Healthcare Consultants: How safe are they for agents?

by Guest » Thu Nov 30, 2006 02:41 pm

Senior Health Care Consultants provides specialized senior health care plans as well as senior financial plans and a range of other services. They have based their product on the needs of the senior members of the society. As and when you age you need more security. Senior Health Care Consultants strive to provide that financial security with their innovative plans for the senior members of the society.

What do consumers say about Senior Health Care Consultants?

Users in the community have put forth their views about the company. Some seem to be unhappy with the way they handle commissions and advancements when it comes to play as an employer.

Complaints against Senior Health Care Consultants:

Agents are particularly dissatisfied with the way they lay out their daily work. According to them they:
  • Put too much pressure on agents to meet sales targets.
  • Set immense targets for the agents.
  • They are not planned in their working.
  • They have also earned the reputation being the worst payer in the industry.
  • They do not answer calls made by their agents.

However, customers have given good feedback about the service they provide and have a comfortable ranking with BBB. One of our community members says that since SHC hires hardcore salesmen, only those individuals with the toughest mindset can work in this company.

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I'd like to get you guy's take on SHC. The senior healthcare consultants reviews from present and past employees is wide ranging. I'm considering working for senior healthcare consultants .

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Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2008 08:07 pm Post Subject:

I am sure not all of these places are bad to work for. There seems to be a lot of people working in the home health care business. I can see why you would be frustrasted SD. I have been hearing alot of "I don't knows from proefessionals in other types of business. I don't settle for that answer. I usually follow with "then connect me with someone who does know" or "well can you look into it and I will call you back in a couple hours?"...this way you aren't sitting there waiting for them to call and also they know they will be dealing wiht you again so they need to find you some answers.

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:58 am Post Subject: insurance

When I DO make these phone calls, and I DO ask for someone else ( if I'm NOT getting answers..), most of the time I get, "well I'm sorry but the person you need to talk to is not available at this time." I tell this person that I will call back and when is a good time to do so. I don't take "no" for an answer, either. I just keep calling until I get some kind of answer.

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2008 07:52 pm Post Subject:

I can see your frustartion in this. I have to smile to myself because in a way I have been dealing wiht people like this and Lori's little quote keeps coming to my mind "the squeeky wheel always gets the grease." A really wise comment. Try asking for the persons voice mail and then fill it up.

Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 01:50 am Post Subject: health

I'll tell ya, if THIS can get me frustrated, I just couldn't imagine how frustrated my 'clients' (Elderly) would be if they had to try and 'handle' these types of issues themselves. One of my clients, I KNOW FOR A FACT, would probably just 'die' if he was given the 'run-around' like I get sometimes.

Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 03:33 am Post Subject:

I am thinking about your comment about elderly people getting frustarted and am picturing my ex mother in law...Gosh thats one person feathers no one wants to ruffle. I think it is good that an elderly person has a family member or at least someone to jump at to the plate for them.

Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 03:57 pm Post Subject: New rules from CMS

I just took a test for Welcare. The test involved new rules when contacting senior and most of the new rules seemed like they were framed to counter the marketing practices of senior health care associates. It is a bad company in my opinion anyway and the new CMS rules will probably eliminate their call center. This is good for the seniors that they call on.
I did work for the company and got out when I saw enough to say "this is not right"

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 05:19 am Post Subject: insurance

Good for you, SHANE. 'Our' Seniors have a hard enough time dealing with what they have to deal with ( Health, Life Insurance,etc.) then to get MORE irritated about something else. Sometimes Health Centers,etc. don't make it easy for them, that's for sure.

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 07:25 pm Post Subject:

I too commend you SHANE. I think our seniors are taken advantage of just too often.

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 06:14 pm Post Subject: SHC

I have seen all the talk about SHC. Are there other more reputable or reasonable players out there if I was looking to get into the specialized area of Senior Health Care/Medicare supplemental products sales? Or are they all about the same?

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 07:03 pm Post Subject: other players??

I dont know about other players but the SHC guys have new regulations that I have to abide by if I understand the training I went through with Wellcare (take calls for enrollment). The new training was all about new rules on how to contact and sell to seniors. ie you can only talk about one product which is the product to contacted them about. You have to get written confrimation at the meeting. you also cannot sell another product without setting up another meeting. the telemarketing rules became much more strick which is the primary way that SHC contacted thier prospects.

When i went through the training it seemed like CMS set up rules to stop how SHC does business. I would find out how SHC is getting thier leads before going to work for them

I hope this helps

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